Great stories of Brothers!

I remember this story from Childhood at the public library for even young I loved stories.  I am a type of teacher that teaches with stories!

Listen well brothers on one side of the strait and another! This is an affair between brothers and eagles mad are not needed. Porcupines?  What chance does a porcupine want with an eagle.  The dragon eats porcupines easily but shows great restraint for NOW!  Civil war has already started in the Land of the Eagle!  Trump will win and doesn’t even know where Taiwan exists or care!  What then Taiwan!  What then!  Time to evacuate for the sea of fire approaches and seating is limited to those bloodlines that have shown ability of coin, smarts and most of all sagely wisdom.  Foresight and correct action based of foresight is the wisdom of the dragon! Nüwa speaks to her favored children on this Earth and is the intermediary between the God of gods and the humble children! I tire yet again!

Aid to monetize the following story would be make me grateful for even missionaries have bodies and need food, shelter and most of all internet!

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