Great Love Stories!

Free will a burden brothers and sister I say unto ye truly!  I would if I could or should?  I am no lawyer with lawyerly ways, the truth.  I would join fellowship and slip into the gentle arms of Maya (illusion), Shadow (Shadow Lass fair) or the Goddess of Mirrors that graces vanity and the power of beauty.  Why, why, why cannot I be like other mortal men. Why for me are the simple pleasures of tobacco, beer and chit chat again and again of small topics denied to me.  What sin have I done to be denied simple fellowship God!  No, no, no, nay!  I am the messenger and my thorny and bloody path is the path of truth terrible to behold and step!  Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye! First the Old World burns the the voyage across the sea of fire with dome turned to ark and then we arrive at the shore of world healed but much changed and begin again!  Strangers in a strange land but better for the voyage has transformed billions into millions and a better human being.  Shhh for the hunter hunt and the soon to be evolved must be invisible. I? I excel at hiding in plain sight but gentle sisters you are not like me!  Enough my brain is again fevered!  Calm, calm, calm, gentle breath, deep breath oh the memory of gentle sisters the memory of Analiza, Chris, Cousins, Romela, Rose, Sharia and Vanessa face and form stirs longing in my loins. I will never return to  Angeles City for vice repels me but the memories are sweet. If Romela, Rose, Sharia and Vanessa calm me and stir loin for this is how the FOX loves.  Run rabbits, run for I stalk the Earth and my prey is the gentle flame of Eve reborn and apple offered does not deter me but is a perfume that makes me mad!  LOL! Well I write a good lesson you must admit dear sisters of Angeles City! I go not to Angeles City but the roses in full bloom that desire rest and meditation from the dreary work of pleasing intoxicated men come to me to rest, to learn, to evolve NOT coin for that is to be had in the cities of sin!

Yes the rose fades!  The rose always fades!  The gentle sisters the memory of Analiza, Chris, Cousins, Romela, Rose, Sharia and Vanessa face are roses faded that I can see for I have the gift of directed imagination. If they stopped me in the street and said hello with affection I would see and old woman hopefully with smile but who know.  Better not to meet and let me live or die with sweet memories of rose in full bloom and not the truth of faded bloom!  I know too much of this wicked transitory world of illusion, shadows and mirrors? Is this a dream then a dream long!

Does Foxy have a sweetheart that can handle his strange ways?

A vixen and cosmic vixen that helps me spread a message of a sea of fire, a long journey and arrive in the New World built on the ashes of the old in a world healed but much changed! I make better friend than lover!

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