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Kitsune Santa in Siem Reap

Kitsune Santa in 2022

The creator noticed that the Siem Reap people were the nicest people on Earth and decided to give them a new Santa that was part kitsune (fox) and part Christmas spirit. Kitsune is Japanese for fox.  In Japanese folklorekitsune (, きつね, are foxes that possess paranormal abilities that increase as they get older and wiser. According to folklore, the kitsune-foxes (or perhaps the “fox spirits”) can bewitch people, just like the tanuki[a] they have the ability to shapeshift into human or other forms, and to trick or fool human beings.

The Kitsune Santa is slimmer than Hotei and therefore not quite as powerful for the belly is the source of his power and probably Hotei’s. However, the Kitsune Santa is getting a bigger belly daily having wonderful Khmer food served joyfully by beautiful Khmer women. How can Kitsune Santa do his job when constantly distracted by the aspara beauties of Siem Reap? What is the job of the Kitsune Santa anyway? The Kitsune Santa has forgotten for he enjoys the sights, sounds and most of all the food of the paradise known as Siem Reap on this Earth.

The Coca Cola Santa Claus had totally failed to promote the spirit of Santa so the creator decided to use a fox (kitsune) this time.  This is the Kitsune Santa not to be confused with the USA Santa that is quite mad due to an overdose of Coca Cola!  The fox only had one tail but when combined with the powers of Santa was a super Santa or a super Kitsune. I guess this depends on your point of view.

Kitsune Santa with his favorite waitress (Jee Jee Ra) at his favorite breakfast place at Chongkran Sor! Jee Jee Ra is a FRIEND not a wife or a girl friend for Siem Reap Santa must remain single to do his duties. The Chongkran Sor pictures were taken in 2022.

Kitsune Santa in 2023

Apsara’s Kitchen

Apsara’s Kitchen can be found in Psar Chaa – Old Market in Siem Reap Cambodia across the street from Khmer Kitchen. The prices are lower than Khmer Kitchetn. The food is better than Khmer Kitchen. The three sisters are the most beautiful gals in Asia and Asia has more beautiful gals than the West. Not English friendly but just point to what you want and use your fingers to figure out the bill. Two bucks, eight thousand riel, gets you more food than I can eat and I can eat a lot. I go there for the food but let’s face it seeing the three beautiful sisters motivates me to go to Apsara’s Kitchen. I swear the sisters have Apsara blood as do most of the Siem Reap gals. The level of feminine beauty in Siem Reap is unreal but they are all good girls and have a husband or boyfriend so no time for Sir Kitsune, me. I don’t see how guys get any work done with all these beautiful gals packed into a small city. Well is you want to see eye candy then Psar Chaa – Old Market is the place to go.

Interfaith Prayer

Reality is virtual of course of course said the horse and has a hardware/physical component and a software/sprit component more or less and in this essay I try to define the spirit problem and possible solutions. The hardware component of our ages change is describe at Am I Kitsune.

I have recently learned how to pray and want to share this powerful to tool. Prayer will help the split of our virtual reality into one for the evolved more or less paradise and one for the cursed more or less hell. Since one born in paradise tends to develop karma that is good then entry into paradise is more or less permanent. Since to survive in hell one must do hellish things then entry into hell is more or less permanent. The paradises are constructed from higher order programming languages in which inhabitants run the reality but only inhabitants that have been shown to be worthy in this reality. Sloth is a mortal and treating others like dirt while being slothful is a sin even worse. Chilling around the pool while the poor do the cleaning and serving and then treating the meek of this world rudely is sin compounded. If you live badly then bad things will follow. More power will not be given to those who abuse power in this life. The meek shall be raised and the arrogant humbled in our lifetime.

Prayer can be learnt with an acronym. Praise God. Repent before God. Ask God for something other than self needs. Yield to the will of God. I am searching and have not found and think my search of some interest well not as interesting as the bump and grind of TikTok and the homo bars of Sex and the City that are my messages competition but something of interest to those who want to evolve and not bump and grind or travel for the sake of travel. I am a student of life not a teacher perhaps I will become a teacher someday.

The New Land born of the ashes and bones of the Wicked Old World is not a place but a place where the evolved meet and become one! The evolved meet in Siem Reap! The dogs, parrots, monkeys and the whole stinky zoo of the Wicked Old World flees before the light of the evolved even as this same light attracts the evolved. We are the kin of the Angel Gabriel commanded to mate with a mortal woman thousands of years ago contrary to angelic law which forbids such intertwining between mortal and angel.

The hand made of hard wood of course represents the Left Hand of God. The pearl is wisdom born of the filth taken in by the oyster of what? Reality? I am not sure. Just as the Lotus floats above the filth the filth can also create great utilitarian beauty. The evolved watch the old-world flood and burn and do not laugh but smile well a half smile, a Japanese smile of irony and take the pearl and all that is left. Nuclear war would be beyond the powers of the evolved united but the zombies or rather super rabies that will start in the USA born by sweat of shirtless men bumping and grinding in where San Fransisco or New York City or some other den of sin where sex and the city mix, and men mix with men. Yuck! The zombies the evolved can handle and even have fun while letting the zombies eat the animals that walk on two legs. I promise not to laugh but probably will during the day of the living dead and I suppose some nights as well.

I really should add this Interfaith stuff to Am I Kitsune but why bother the animals that walk on two legs do not read and the evolved read my thoughts and have no need for my books. Will the evolved read my five books and 3,000 plus articles not peer reviewed and 20 plus articles peer reviewed. Will the evolved in the New World even read the title of my dissertation? I think not. There will be a story of a man calling himself Kistune and he did what? Played in The Sanctuary Residence of Siem Reap, Cambodia and became logically mad for greater purpose or something like that.

Well, a mad story that serves a social function for hope is born of stories. I fight madness with madness. The truth I suspect is stranger than we can imagine, and I have a quite active imagination. LOL! Logically a world that prays together survives, endures and evolves (SEE) together. Let’s face it the world as we know it is kaput, gone, on fire and now we must do triage and focus on saving what is worth saving not saving the world per se. 8 billion will become 10 million in 20 years that is written and cannot be changed. Let’s make sure that the right people are saved and the wisdom of the old world is saved. In trying to save everyone and all the filth we doom everyone and forego evolution. Can the people of faith at least agree to meet at one place and unite in one prayer. Pray that “The pearls of wisdom of the Old Wicked World survive.

To write or not to write that is the question? The evolved already know my thoughts and the animals will die soon and do not read anyway. The short conclusion is the Christianity is too monocultural to accept other faiths. I think Christianity is an impairment to a world of interfaith. I have met the misfit Christians, the gangster Christians, the false Christians and the parrot Christians and worst of all the anti-Buddhist Christians.

I have now met the Rabbit Christians. Let me explain but conclusion to reasoning. I do not think the Christians can be changed and need to be expelled from Asia along with the Americans and other Westerners for they accept no Buddhas or prophets except Jesus and force their provincial views on the logical Asians causing private and public disharmony. I waste my time in the make shift Christian churches of Asia. Christianity is a private club created to expand Western colonialism and has little to do with God. If you are Buddhist then Jesus is a Buddha. If you are Muslim then Jesus is a prophet.

If you are a Christian then you must reject Buddhas and Prophets.

The Christians are guests in the lands of prophets and buddhas and you ill treat the ways of your hosts with false humility and smiles and little bit of food and the stories are good stories but the price? You make the people ashamed of their own ways in their own lands. Such narrow minded views.

The humble Filipinas accept this con for they have power in the churches of countries other than their own and can shush men abroad while living in fear at home. There are poor in the Philippines and great injustice in the Philippines and charity begins at home logically. I attend the services because they are in English but the women are fat and the Filipinas bossy. Of course the Philippines is flooding for you sold your sisters, children and even mothers for a bit of coin to the Americans and Australians.


The victorious Filipinas, what a joke. The Christian Filipinas know enough Tagalog to understand “basta”. I think the Christian Filipinas do not know they are cursed or why they are cursed. Let me put it plainly. The Filipinos and Filipinas sold their mothers the worst crime of all and now the true God larger than any church or any words of Christ drowns your land with the left hand of God which you know not but will soon learn. The Muslims have a chapter of the Old Testament about the Left Hand of God I would like to read for that is the hand of God I represent. The Old Testament not the mewing nonsense of love and brotherhood that has not worked obviously. If I love all then the word has no meaning. If all are my brother then I have no brothers. Words are like currency and overprinted they lose value. I reserve the word friend to those who have been friends so this word means something well to me at least and if I call you brother then you know you are one of five at the most I call brother for I am logical and careful and thoughtful with my words.

The father of the rabbit Christians knows little about Buddhism in a Buddhist country and talks about endurance and uses exercise as an example but is fat and out of shape. The father of the victorious church at least does not smell sour and is jolly. The man has a few memorized words of wisdom but has not ability to go beyond those words. There are Buddhist temple schools that need basics so why reinvent the wheel? The father knows and states that the victorious church creates social division between families and the poor Cambodians have little but family so what is the purpose of said division? Oh the donations do not pay for salaries then who does? How do you pay for food and building? A foreign paymaster is not better but worse or do you make money from air with magical powers given to you by Christ.

Christian stories on the walls and they are good stories but what of the Buddhist stories and how about a single book about Buddhism in your small library. How about a book or talk comparing Buddhism with Christianity? What do you offer that Buddhism does not? Services in English for sure but I can teach English to the monks and may do just that but need means but am good at finding means when I have purpose for means. The Buddhists can teach the Christians? Oh a foreign concept. Well you are in a foreign land dear sir.

Rinpoche wrote a little about this subject and perhaps you could read this in between your hallelujahs. Buddhism focuses on the human condition. Christianity focuses on one’s relationship with God. Islam adds some stuff about hygiene to the existing message of Moses and Jesus and hygiene is relevant in the age of pandemics. AIDS and monkey pox probably had their origins in Africa but the bathhouses of San Francisco and the bump and grind bars of Greenwich Village did the spreading for Americans back pack and spread disease along with their filthy habits.

The doctrines of Buddhism, Islam and Christianity complement each other and one can learn from all three. However, there is not need for religion or even philosophy to see clearly that out of control individualism leads to disaster for the example of civil war in the USA teaches this lesson clearly. I waste my time for the Christians in Asia want to be less lonely by being in a room together and care not for truth. Well the cookies were good and the wine and I like the songs and the stories on the walls.

But the women so fat and the smell of well we all know about the smell of fat farang, barang, whatever. What is the cause of the foul odor? Is it genetic? Dietary? Lack of showers? Unclean living quarters? What is the cause of the smell? I just know it is a smell worth avoiding. Give me the good clean smell of the fair lasses of Siem Reap anyday who squeeze an arm of a friend and do none of this flamboyant hugging. Hugging in the age of pandemics quite insane. And the men largely absent for what man would stand such a smell and such rudeness and keep self respect? Asian women are fairer than Western women and the sirens of Siem Reap the fairest of Asia. The Kpop gals are more athletic and the Jpop girls sing well but the song of the Siem Reap gals is the sound Sir Kitsune likes. I shall marry one after I create the Asian Union but before creating the Global Union. I will take a break between labors of union and f-ck merrily and have babies that I will teach my yogas and magics and more. Bwahaha or is it LOL? LOL for now. I promise not to laugh when the USA is zombified but reserve the right to smile an ironic smile more Japanese than Thai.

Looking for the church I soon found out none of the natives knew where it was or what it did. Fifty years of existence to no avail. The American asks questions and refuses to understand what I am saying. 8 billion will be 10 million in 20 years and his Filipina wife orders him home like a dog for she has the dog biscuit he craves between her legs. Too silly for words but make an attempt to make words. First the conquistadores to conquer the bodies of the native peoples and then the word of Christ to conquer minds. Christianity is worse than opium but a poison to free thought. Hallelujahs sung loudly makes good song but cannot hide the sounds of disharmony they cause with every breath.

I will meet Americans in pubs not churches for the discourse there is more rationale and sober than the expat churches. Christians heal your own souls before you dare to think you can heal the souls of others. Christians God tells us not we God what is true or not true. Christians stop telling others they go to hell lest you go to hell for hubris. Hubris? Look it up silly rabbits.

Yes the Christians are the rabbits of the zoo. The snakes and peacocks are less amiable but wiser than the rabbits. Just a man of some intelligence and logic trying to make sense of this divided world. The Christians of Asia create division but not so much for they are largely ignored by the wise Asians well wiser than the Christian Asians and that is not saying much. The Middle East is in Asia as far as I can tell. Perhaps a prayer with Buddhist and Muslims joined and let the Asian Christians die in the flood in the Philippines and in fire in the USA,

Well to the one or two people who are so bored of TikTok that they read my Interfaith rant I hope I have amused for in writing this rant I am amused! The gays I guess have the right to spread disease in the dogma of the USA. TikTok spreads ticks in a tic toc manner. The USA a leader in the production of madness and disease and if your do not accept their madness and disease then regime change openly with the marines or via a back door with the CIA or perhaps an economic sanction or two. Will the US succeed in creating a war between Iran and Saudi Arabia? I think so for this manufactured war as tool of state is well practiced and now well honed. It matters not madness and disease now spread through the USA and foreign oil stolen cannot save this evil system.

I prefer the honest totalitarianism of China that is directed for good purpose to the chaotic consumer, mob ruled, based totalitarianism of the USA. Tyranny is preferable to mob rule. Saddam was better than the USA mess that Iraq inherited when Saddam was overthrown by the USA. Organized crime is preferable to disorganized crime. LOL! China is a mafia not a mob and life is a choice between degrees of evil and degrees of good. Good and evil are relative. The USA destroys Muslims with drones. I know not what China does with its own Muslims but leave the Muslims out of China alone except to buy their oil. China is not good but the USA is more evil than China for sure. Grey is real and we live in a world of shades and mirrors and dreams and myths that organize the mirrors, dreams and greys.

Can we pray for something better than the choice between two evils to govern the New World built on the ashes and bones of the Wicked Old World? A better choice of governance? God is infinite and prayer good so the answer is logically “yes” but first we must say “basta” to the bumping and grinding of the homos, and TikTok of the USA and their false Christian churches as well for we must repent before we ask and finally we must yield to a greater wisdom that ours. Greater intentionality in our daily lives would be a gift worth asking from God I deduce. I think this is a task that Islam and Buddhism can agree on but the Christians? The Christians care not of petty things like our daily lives or the approaching darkness for they sing hallelujah and it is a social club not a club for solutions to the now-now. The Christians pray for love and money in mega-churches not truth or so I deduce. If I where God I would filter out the prayers of Americans for they are noise I deduce. The Christians covertly promise the riches of the USA if the Asians join the churches of the USA. Think and grow rich becomes pray and grow rich. Oh the now-now. There are many presents and we decide which present we are in via intentionality. Arcane thoughts that I have discovered after rebirth and found purpose which I define as applied intentionality. Yield with intention to develop intentionality in daily life? Now that would be a miracle worth pursuing!

Beware of Christians bearing gifts!

If a Christian calls you brother then he or she wants to control you for money, sex or most probably have power over you. I finish today’s section of my essay not sermon on Interfaith saying that I reject Christianity but embrace God. Figure that koan out false Christians. If you see Jesus then see a doctor for you are not seeing God but need meds! My casus belli is that the USA is not Christian and the Christians are not Christians. The Americans do not trust in God but whisky and guns and bump and grind rather than go to church. Heal thyself Christians before you try to heal other faiths!

The Christians sin in the name of God so sin squared. When the Left Hand strikes down the false Christians I do not ask for mercy for them God for they insult you every day in every way and if one more of these false Christians calls me brother I will not scream but laugh. I leave this essay with some advice when in doubt lift weights or go shopping with intentionality. Intentionality is the key not belief or love or other such nonsense. A Venn diagram to aid understanding below. Intentionality is more or less mindfulness in my not so humble view. I am not humble and promised God not to lie.

Enough time wasted on the illogical and sinful and stinky Christians.  I turn my thoughts to the logical, good and perfumed ways of the Kitsune of which I am a knight sent to save the evolved and safe guard the pearls of wisdom that exist.  The Bible will be saved but not the Christians I have decided today their fate and pray to God that they suffer the most for they have earned your wrath God.  The worst of the worst are in the Phils and Africa and let the flood cause fear and destroy all of them NOW for the greater good! Let those on the fence see your wrath God and pray earnestly for 99.999% of all humans do not deserve your love but your anger.  Back to my own ET story.

I miss my mother Nüwa but does she miss me? Mom punishes those who insult me but more out of a sense of family honor than love I or so goes my doubt.  Pain?  Not much pain.  I am alone but how can I find fellowship with these inferior creatures called Earthlings. They are beneath me and judge me and teach me things that a Kitsune born knows already and worst of all they call be friend and brother via Facebook.  It is not called Friendbook  but Facebook silly animals.  Facebook an instrument to enlarge face not to make friends and a lie for you call those not friends friends so a double lie.

The Earthlings try to claim false fellowship and insult me in ignorance and insult borne of ignorance is still insult but betrays stupidity. Let the flood and fire erase this species I say to the true God as above the Kitsune as the Kitsune are above humans. Well my hardware is human enough but my software well lets say more advanced.  I have my moment of doubt and pain today.  Why did you send me to this mad planet of madder Christians that smell of milk and meat mom?

I miss my vixen Daiji even more than mom I must confess for I have taken the Kitsune vow of veracity the most sacred vow a Kitsune citizen can take.  For sure mom is jealous of my love of Daiji for she knows the truth that love is finite not infinite for one must choose who to give food and pleasure for resources are finite.  When rice is scarce you give rice to the better child not the child that will die anyway.  I can hear the storms on Kitsune Prime as Nuwa and Daiji battle. I hear their storms from planet Earth well in my mind.  The women in my life have always been creatures of jealousy tis a curse of sorts. 

I suppose I spent too much time making love to Daiji.  For this crime of lust I was sent on this unwelcome posting as a fit punishment but still I miss my home planet and our superior ways of thought and instrumentality. Most of all I miss my body and it’s ability to change shapes. I miss my feet most of all.  I wear strange foot wear in their place but this jewelry does not replace my real feet. My magic feet that allowed me to travel across space and time and even do horizontal teleportation across the many dimensions of the multiverse.  The “what ifs” of a situation, I still have some of this horizontal perception and know that if I do this then that happens and if I do that then this happens.  I suppose a form of elevated logic really.  At night I surmise I do vertical astral traveling and go to the OverVerse and even the UnderVerse as needed.  I recruit the beings there to help me with my knightly goals.  Of course such beings generally care little about the affairs of the Dodecagon.  I wrote a description of this vertical and horizontal multiverse in the WereVerse Universe for money and it was fun to write even if it did not sell.

Well a kitsune powered fight between wife and mom is worth missing.   The one advantage of being exiled on this mudball Earth is that I miss the endless battles between mom and my vixen.  Vixens are trouble wrapped in golden package as every Kitsune knows. Mom gave me lessons of life or wisdom as the humans would say.  Daiji taught me other things such as how to dance while changing shapes which is harder than one would think. I learned the basics from mom and the more advanced katas from my vixen as is our custom in the Kitsune Empire. We are not like the angelic ones born knowing all their powers at birth. The Kitsune are more powerful with age but at birth less powerful than the right side citizens. The angelic one’s have an empire at the right side of the Black Hole in the center of the Milky Way that is how God communicates to the Galactic Union.  A long story but back to lessons of Kitsune dance.

Daiji and I would change shapes and make coitus with these varied shapes.  She a shark and me a dolphin. She an eagle and I a dove. Shape shifting enhances sex for sure.  Will the humans ever enjoy such technologically enhanced love making? Probably not for even their chances of mere survival are slim.  We chased each other across Kitsune Prime the capital of the Kitsunian Empire larger than Jupiter but turned into a large forest for our kind loves forests. Will my mom Nuwa give me a present of an infinity stone when I return having united the planet Earth and saved the evolved and the pearls?  Will my vixen give me the present behind her tail?  I must strive to bring order to this illogical planet for time grows short. Perhaps lives cannot be saved but the pearls can.

Long Live the Kitsune Empire!  Long Live Nuwa!  Long Live the Terran Union or should that be the United Earth?  I love you Daiji from afar very far. A wild story? Less wild than claiming God had a son.  Software was downloaded into Jesus but obviously there was a software/hardware incompatibility issue similar to mine but more serious for we learned from that failed download and improved the technology.  Less power and more control was the large lesson learned.

One more time with passion real! No more martyrs for the Christian cause for animal sacrifice makes the Christians stronger. The victims of Itaewon are laid upon the feet of the Christians in my mind for the orderly ways of the Han tribe named Koreans were replaced by the racous ways of the American GIs and this the true cause of the deaths of Korean innocents. An Itaewon Class so to speak. Monkeys see then monkeys do. Halloween is a celebration of evil and has no place in the lands of the Han. Send the Americans home noble Han for they are the cause of discord in your land! I speak to an empty theater and it is well for I am not invulnerable to a US drone strike. The Koreans drink heavily but learned out of control drinking from the American GIs and who would argue with me. Halloween is imported from the US and out of control drinking is another import and together they killed many innocent Koreans for what a multicultural society? The Americans suffer from homophilia and this disease spreads as a curse from God and those who traffic with them in bars and restaurants. Blame not the Korean government but the true culprits! Seoul Halloween Crowd Crush name it for what it was Gods punishment on Itaewon for tolerating sinful behavior and celebrating heather holidays! Judgement Day in Itaewon would be a more logical name for sure!

The American Way was a path to the Moon and beyond but has morphed into a nihilistic path of mindless consumerism and mindless travel and even more mindless chilling. I propose a new path to membership in the Galactic Union but first the Earth must transcend nation-states and become the Global Union but first the creation of a tripolar global order. The Asian Union first then the replacement of NATO with a renewed European Union and if the Americas survives the chaos of the USA then a United Americas with or without the USA.

Let me be plain if the Asians show up led by China first then I aid them. If the West shows up led by the USA then I help them. If Asia and the West both come then I help both parties and this would be the best scenario. God helps those who help themselves logically. The 40th and 41st ASEAN Summit starts will be from November 8-13 and after that I would suggest a meet and greet at Siem Reap, Cambodia after the summit not before. There are plenty of hotels but I recommend The Sanctuary but think they are booked now. There are many hotels in the area of The Sanctuary Residence. The sister residence Kool Apartments appears to have cleared out the degenerates and has apartment and hotel openings but they are going fast. A visit to Angkor Wat and a prayer to the God for the admittance of the Earth Union into the Galactic Union. I should be ready November 14th to receive guests and hear proposals for an Earth Union. However, first things first. The human race must survive. 99.9 are going to die and that has to be accepted. The weak die and the strong survive obviously. If people use their free will to chill and wait for death then let them. Now those interested in the business of survival may find my advice on this matter useful. Then there will be a period of chaos as power shifts from the West to Asia and those who wish to survive endure. Then there is the business of evolution which is tricky for God and the Galactic Union will not allow humans that stink into their spaces. I would suggest a period where the East and West representatives get to know each other and do not talk politics and religion then after lets say three days a regulated and logical discussion as to how to solve the problems of climate change. memetic infection, technological over dependence and the general ignorance deliberate and willful of the laws of God and nature and perhaps some attempt to differentiate the two. I am a specialist and will attempt to teach prayer and logic as a process and let humanity and its leaders focus on products such as laws and new technologies.

May the Lord aid us in saving those worth saving, letting those who are beyond fixing die in a merciful manner, drowned not burned, and let me show wisdom in silence for I talk too much and let us let the Lord guide us forward into a more evolved state.

New instructions to the Kitsune Empire from God which in turn the Kitsune Empire has downloaded to Sir Kitsune Knight of the Galactic Union, me.

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