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A Great Synthesis of Learning! Dedicated to the Beautiful Gals of Angeles City!

First Song but joyful song!




Dance! Song!  Sing Sing Sing and let your hearts fill with joy!

Scary movies!  Dedicated to Chris

Science Fiction dedicated to the Cousins!

Dedicated to Romela

Dedicated to Rose!

Dedicated to Sharia!

Dedicated to Vanessa my Pretty Woman


I dedicate this post to the prostitutes of Angeles City that work so hard and joyfully for family, for the babies and for in a way mankind!

May this small piece of art lighten your burden and make all of my sisters in Angeles City that exchange flesh for coin for noble purpose happy with song!

Sing together sisters and may innocence fill your hearts and if you have time and uplifted spirit go to church and yes I know the brothers smell sour but the sisters, the good sisters smell sweet and care about the babies as the Virgin Mary Eternal does!

What matters the historical Mary Magdalene?  Mary reformed and turned away from sin and become a discipline of Jesus a disciple of the Son of God, Jesus Christ the one reborn, the one who gave life so the world could turn from sin towards the light!  I use the tools of today to spread mission for I am a missionary reborn and filled with purpose!  But please no more stupid questions!  I grow weary of questions which are easily answered on the internet!

About Me

Autobiography of Hugh Fox III

Pray for my soul and the soul of all brothers and sisters!  For a sea of fire approaches!  Danger Will Robison danger!

The robots come in number and have evil not good orders!

Pray sisters to the Virgin Mary!

I am reborn and let us sweetly and gently discourse of rebirth!

Science is the problem not the solution!

Please world I beseech thee to donate to the poor of Angeles City and the poor of Siem Reap

Save the children for they need not sermon but bread, bread, bread!

Help me help the poor not with crass coin but prayers!  Angkor Wat a place of inspiration and joy that turns in the direction of heaven and has great power to change our wicked path.  I would exchange something for something! I am done with sin except for the lust of a man that well you know well sisters of Angeles City. I am not married or contracted and sing, sing, sing and could use carnal distraction.  I offer not coin but discourse in exchange for the sweet perfume of woman which I crave! Yes I am sinner but a natural one not an unnatural one.  I have original sin!

Fair and yes sexy sisters do not, do n0t, do not condemn the sinner but the sin!  Gently chide the men towards the light with smile and song and do not increase the heat, do not create more chaos, more madness, the tea pot is broken and need glue to bind it together not song that amplify the the breakage. Not the word of anger but sweet words of harmony and love between child and child!  For hear me sisters we are ALL sinners and ALL children of God!  Sing this simple truth from the roof tops and pray, pray, pray!  Let us join hands a ward of the approaching sea of fire and heal the world, heal the body, heal the soul itself!

Let sweet harmony and voices joined in unison bring the light and fight the darkness!


Yes I think I have done good work but a final message and the what?  Sweet dreams of my time in Angeles City when I was a GREAT sinner? Yes! For the sin is washed away and the deep affection remains!

Sister forgive me if I stray for being reborn is strange for me and gently chide me to take the correct path!

Send me prayers and will do my best as reborn missionary to send the energy to heal the world and the souls of men!

I confess, I confess, I confess I am broken like the tea pot I broke!  I must heal and sleep a deep sleep and recover sisters! Perhaps we will meet in the dream space and wander the fields of the lord and meet again reborn in heaven!  Turn upward as me that smell of tobacco and beer mount you rudely for the family comes first. Ignoble means for noble ends.  This is a wicked world and we must do wicked things to SURVIVE, ENDURE AND EVOLVE (SEE)!  See is easy enough to remember!

Vision the android with a heart wise!

Iron Man is technology of machine!

Thor has hammer to rule the thunder and lightning

The Hulk is the power of atom that destroy all

Captain America loyal to the ideal of the USA not the present USA!

Together they form the mighty Avengers!  Where are the Avengers as healers now sisters!

Power is not needed but correct action, correct speech, correct thought!

Nirvana on Earth! The eightfold path and Jesus united to save and heal the world!

There is one truth with different names in different lands! Fusion of food. Fusion of thought!  Unity of purpose!  Logos, the word, the light!

Let us unite word and fight the Tower of Babel the afflicts us NOW and creates the sea of fire!

A lawyerly discussion that no one will read but needs song to unite the world. Will you help me sister of Angeles City send me songs of unity of interfaith harmony for my skill is poor and I am a sort of android.

My hardware is human enough but my software of new type!  I can heal myself.  Can I heal others?  I can evolve as needed can I evolve others.  Reborn without intoxicants, drugs to speak plainly my operating system (OS) works at full capacity?

Do I have a soul?  An interesting question filled with theological question? These are the sorts of question to discuss not dreary questions of where I am from! I deduce that I am from above.  A sort of mechanism not quite a human!


I am fire rooster in the Chinese Way!  I am Aries sign in the Western way. I have a Scorpio Moon! Yikes!  Patton, the general had much the same signs? Do I lead an army for peace?  Do I use logic and song instead of tanks to make great change? In truth I do not know for I am a creature of logic and experience that learns and teaches!

Yes I am a doctor and my CV long and

Curriculum Vitae

I teach teachers!  I want to teach teachers.  This is the parameters of my mission goal! No more stupid questions from stupid girls no insult meant. I am logical I trade smart sperm for flesh to the advantage of the human race and/or great houses. My sperm will improve genetic diversity. If all have the same great, great, great grandfather or whatever then communication will be easier and the universal language English that has over a million words but ill used for the goals of monkey and wanton desire!  We can be better.  We can evolve.  We can unite the world together!

WE, we, we not me. me, me can make a better United Nations a Global Union!

Can the galaxy unite?

Tres: Star Trek

Can sisters help me make a videos and songs of the Story of Tres with Angkor Wat as backdrop. I will tour Angkor Wat with you a listen attentively but please not matters of coin for flesh for I am evolved human being and do not need base distraction!  Sorry beautiful gals of Angeles City and Pattaya as well and all centers of commerce that trade flesh for coin.  I have done that and learned all I can from such trade.  Love and kisses and God bless you all!

In the common tongue which I know not and cannot learn for this learning of the thousand tongues of man does not help mission but deters mission. I have come to tear down the Tower of Babel not build yet another Tower!

Let us bring sight to the blind together sisters!  I implore you and ask for flesh to be turned to noble purpose, global purpose and Godly purpose!

Gently sisters for the goal is to unite not divide:

My mind is fevered and truth be told gentle sisters the memory of Analiza, Chris, Cousins, Romela, Rose, Sharia and Vanessa face and form stirs longing in my loins. I will never return to  Angeles City for vice repels me but the memories are sweet. If Romela, Rose, Sharia and Vanessa want word or image removed I will do so but eternal form on this Earth can help lead to eternal reward.  The flesh will die but the story of fox with Romela, Rose, Sharia and Vanessa in Angeles City will remain and be a sort of word reborn in the New World built on the ashes of the old!

I know not the song but the melody is clear enough love as an android loves!

Man is Nikki hot or what!  The blonde hair, the song, the way she moves.  I am a sucker for the Power of Beauty!

I look forward to this movie!  This is good and intelligent topic of discussion:

164) Embodiment (function)

My totem animal?  My animal is the dream time? I am an avatar of the fox?  I do not know and need help sisters!

WereVerse Universe

Cosmic Super-Duper Werefox Team

I hope this helps again for unity not a destruction!  The tea pot is broken. The world is ruled by broken people!

A synthesis of views of dream and fourth dimension.  I go to the dream time or as I say the dream space for this is more accurate. Actually I calculate that the dream time can be perceived as the dream space and vice versa.  I use the experimental system.  The third eye is the means of travel for the fourth, and fifty dimension!  The fourth dimension is the three dimensions given synergy and can be traveled much like walking across a room and far future is distant and hard to see. Near future is well near and easier to see!

Comic Book Merged Humans