Don’t F-ck with a Missionary Man!

Sorry sisters but I am weary of the attentions of the female hunters that use the power of beauty to ensnare and entrap!  I trade lessons for flesh!  Money a paltry thing for a man of MISSION!  SEE the truth sisters!  My form is plain!

I am here to save not sin but yes I do sin! Gave up beer!  Struggled with the lady weed.  Intelligence unleashed!  Imagination unleashed.  I grow, grow and grow with power!  I use power of tongue and word to clear a path for the evolution of human those in my way well do not bar my path or suffer consequence dire.  You have been sisters and I speak especially to the female hunters!

A master hunter with great skill of the power of beauty that used that power for GOOD of the nation of Argentina!  We now need more hunters with beauty to change the world for the better!

Yes I need an Evita that can help me change the world not some simple rose that soon loses its bloom! Where oh where is my Evita!

The huntress dons armor to change the world for GOOD purpose!  Beauty has power great power! Go away stupid girls and play with your Ken dolls I am no toy of this world but serve a higher purpose! Survival, endurance, evolution is the song I sing and need melody and sweet voice and fair form for the fox is fearsome and no so cute! Enough!  I must meditate!

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