Star Trek vs. Star Wars

If there was a war between the Star Trek galaxy vs. the Star Wars galaxy then who would win? 


Funniest site!  And you must check it out even if you don’t care about the debate all that much.


Most technical site


Most comprehensive site


Easiest to understand site and the one that leads me to believe that even putting aside the Republic or Empire encompasses thousands of world vs. the 180 worlds of the Federation the Star Wars guys would win with equal numbers.  There weapons are just too powerful. 


I do think the fundamental way the debate is framed generally Empire vs. Federation is not the best way to frame the debate due to the total inequality of numbers.  The Empire is bigger than the Federation by at least a factor of ten.  Now if you assume all the Star Trek empires unite including the Klingons, Cardassians, Romulans and even the Dominion you still have a huge numerical disparity since as far as I can tell this would be hundreds of worlds but not thousands of world.  But if the Borg unite with all the other empires then you have a different picture.  One Borg cube can take out a fleet and who the heck knows how many cubes there are.  The Borg did unite with Voyager against a common threat so this possibility has already been established.




There are Elder Races in the Star Trek universe that have powers far beyond that of the Empire/Republic or Federation. The Q might be able to shrink a whole fleet of Star Ships to the size of fleas. 


 I am more a Star Trek fan and disappointed but “facts are facts” and even given equal numbers Star Trek is in trouble.


Which franchise is more successful in the real world?

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  1. Wow. A Star Trek vs Star Wars posting with no comments. How can this be?

    I necropost in honor of adding this single, geeky comment: the Trek universe wins this due to vastly superior technology and overall power. Heck, if one strictly adheres to the canon details of both franchises, then the Federation alone has a good chance to do the job.

    • I disagree with you comment that Star Trek has superior technology. Star Trek has transporter technology and replicator technology and Star Wars does not. Star Wars has robots galore! Clones galore! Robot and clone armies beat the advantages of transporter and replicator technology. Data proves that the Federation could create robots and androids. In one episode of TNG a super clone was created by the Federation that was telepathic and had antibodies so powerful he was a menance to regular humans. The problem is that the Federation is technologically conservative at the cultural level. Picard voiced his distaste of cloning in the episode mentioned and did so again in another episode where there was a clone society in a state of crisis. Picard also has voiced his distaste of the extra vital organs Klingons have via genetic engineering in one episode where Worf is crippled. I think Picard represents mainstream Federation thinking. I think this cultural trait is so ingrained that the Federation would be hard pressed to get around this obstacle. The Federation faces doom from the Borg yet refuses to creat their own cyborg army.

      Last but not least, the Star Wars universe is just much more militaristic. Star Wars is after all one giant war story. The Jedi are a warrior class. The Federation doesnt even bother to make a true warship until Deep Space Nine, the Defiant. Except for the last season of Deep Space Nine, Star Trek is much more about exploration than war.

      & yes its incredible there are no comments on this post!

  2. Christer Damsberg

    I would say that the Star Wars would win. Taken in acount I know very little of Star Trek, but as mentioned, Star Wars is more militaristic and have uncounteble numbers of warship classes, further on, a war of this scale would most likely to evolve on ground as well. I havent seen much of Star Trek as I said, but after some episodes I havent seen anything like planetary warfare vehicles nor have I seen any classes possesed by the Federation who match the Jedi of the Republic, due this thread gave a lead to war between the Empire and the Federation. This war would most likely to end after the Empre gets close to Earth with the Deathstar.

    • Its all in the name, Star Trek vs. Star Wars. Trek vs. War. You want clever explorers then get the Federation. You want warriors then go to the Star Wars universe. The Star Wars universe has already been largely explored and what hasnt been explored is assumed to be savage lands best avoided. Most of the Star Wars universe has not been explored by anyone. If you take all the star charts of the Federation, the Klingons, The Cardassians, the Romulans, etc you still have whole regions that are not explored. Basically, one quarter of the galaxy, the Delta quadrant was totally unexplored by any of the Star Trek empires until Voyager. The Empire/Republic on the other hand control just about the whole center of the galaxy at the height of their power.


      I saw a preview of the Star Trek reboot coming out in may and looks like the bad guy with the tatooed face has something like a death star up his sleeve. Actually the scene were a world is destroyed is way tooooo similar to a death star if you know what I mean. The preview is only ten minutes but I get the feeling the new James Kirk is more of a swash buckler in the tradition of Hans Solo and other Jedi. Last but not least the tatooed face reminded me of Darth Maul, the Sith Lord in Star Wars episode I/The Phantom Menace.

      I played Star Trek minis and was thinking of booting some star trek characters into the game but after consideration I realized they would just be cannon fodder. One mediocre Jedi Knight could probably take out a dozen top Klingon warriors. Spock was probably the best warrior skill wise in classic Star Trek with his Vulcan nerve pinch but he would have his arm looped off long before he got anywhere near a Jedi. Even the foot soldiers in Star Wars wear body armor. Federation troops dont even wear a measly helmet. Not even a helmet! The Star Trek characters also dont seem to know anything about seat belts but that is another story.

      The Borg warriors would probably give a Jedi/Sith a run for his money one on one but thats about the only Star Trek race thats at that superhuman level. An army of Data type of androids would also give the Jedi/Sith a run for their money but the cultural conservatism of the Federation would not allow such an event. The Borgs cubes on the other hand are incredibly powerful and can take out fleets so in a fleet battle I would give the Borg extra points. There is a suggestions that the Delta quadrant is absolutely infested with Borg and like cockaroaches, for every one you see there are a hundred you dont see. The population density and therefore levels of population might be in a whole different category. They just sit in a chamber to rejuventate and dont need restaurants, entertainement, sex, whatever. You can probably cram ten times as many of them into a space than the humanoids in both the Star Wars and Star Trek universes.


      How many stories are about war versus stories of exploration? Tons of war stories out there. Very few stories about exploration so I think the focus of Trek on Trekking is worth something from a critical point of view. Star Wars is basicaly a mediavel saga put in a futuristic setting. The Jedi are a type of superhuman knight/samurai. This is a very old story and thats probably why the story works. The Star Trek story of exploration has to be given points for going where very few fiction has gone before. Finally, you actually learn a lot of hard science from Star Trek, especially TNG, and as an educator I appreciate any show that entertains and educates.

  3. So, I’m going to base myself on what I’ve read in the comments and also the movies, shows, cartoon and a whole of bunch of other stuff I’ve seen.

    The Borg will kick anyone’s buts, no mater who is it, Federation or Star Wars, they will adapt to anything, lightsabers, pulse cannon, phasers, whatever you throw at them, and numbers are not known.

    Star Trek has some little advantage because of the whole warp drive system, the can travel a lot faster than Light speed that is use in Star Wars, and most of the focus that has been said is on battle grounds of planets, but to get to them, you’ll have to fight in space, and that is where things get tricky cuz Trek’s starships are more maneuverable, but then you reach on the whole Death Star thing. That is massive, and with a lot of fire power, but Star trek is developing a more war type of story here, (i.e Akira Class Starship, Prometheus class Starship, Defiant Class Starship, Sovering Class Starship).

    Now What I think, If Star Wars reach a planet, The Trekkies are Doomed, if they battle with the Space and use the fore mention ships, well the can give S. W a run for its money, If the Borg are in the battle, the other side will suffer a lot.

    But then Again, The Jedi are very logical, and like rules, like the Vulcans, so I believe that they will get along.

    But that’s my thinking.

    By the Way, I’m a big Jedi fan, specially of Mace Windu, Obiwan Kenobi, and Qui-Gon Jinn, specially the last one .

    • Excellent comments! I totally agree with the space vs. ground war analysis. Jedi and Vulcans? I think that would be an interesting encounter. The Vulcans are telepathic and do the mind meld thing so I imagine they would find the Jedi disciplines “fascinating”.

  4. I think Star Wars would win because they out number Star Trek like most said. I disagree that the Borg is the answer vs SW since Cpt Janeway made them look like babies at the end of Voyager. And the borg have trouble adapting to the Transphasic Torpedoes. Perhaps it would be hard to adapt to the Death Star’s beam. But its hard to measure unkowns to make the argument 100 percent valid. A light saber can cut through anything it is pure energy so a jedi can probably slice down the inhabitants of a Cube and have a good chance of Survival (a high skilled Jedi though a master probably)

    I could make an assumption and say that Star Wars had advance tech for over 1000 years of interstellar space travel while Star Trek only had a few 100.

    But as a fan I like them both =)

    • What you add to the discussion is the fact that the Star Wars universe has had interstellar travel for thousands of years as opposed to the hundred or so years of the Star Trek universe. Vulcans of course had warp drive longer than humans and there are some older star faring civilizations that have come and gone thousands of years ago in the Star Trek universe but Star Wars has the oldest continuous interstellar civilization of the two.
      About the Borg….
      Could the Borg assimilate the force powers of the Jedi? Now thats a scary thought!

  5. Whoever says that Star Wars has superior technology, is ignoring the movies and going with the books… and as Lucas said, film-canon beats book-canon. Mike Wong and his friend are Star Wars cultists, and think that their knowledge of math will make up for their obvious deficiencies in logic– like when Mike Wong goes through ridiculous logical gymnastics to twist actual statements by Lucas and others so that they agree with him.

    From the technology and claims shown in the actual FILMS, however, the Federation would whip the Empire easily, no matter the numbers: it would be like one person against a thousand meal-worms crawling on the ground: they’d just get stomped 100 at a time. The empire uses ion-drive, while the Federation has WARP-drive; the empire uses plasma-weapons and proton torpedoes that move slower than light, while the Federation has phasers and photon torpedoes that movie faster than light, and can be used at warp; the Empire’s weapons are much also much more limited in range. Likewise, the Federation’s sensors are much better and have longer range: for example, a tricorder is able to detect movement at long range, while R2-D2’s sensors weren’t even able to detect poisonous slugs in Padme’s bedroom. Ship’s sensors are even more accurate.
    Federation ships also have better cloaking-devices: while these are limited by treaty, this treaty is not with the Star Wars Empire, so it wouldn’t apply.
    The Federation also has better shielding, like the multi-phasic shielding technology as seen in “Descent,” and which is far superior to Federation shield-technology.
    About the only edge that the Empire has, is the ability to move through hyperspace faster; however this only works for point-to-point travel, not maneuvering: for example, Han Solo wasn’t simply able to fly circles around the Star Destroyers just because his ship was faster in hyperspace, but he could only escape to his destination. In comparison, the Federation can maneuver while moving at warp speed– also their sensors work while flying at warp.
    Likewise, Star Wars ships need a precise map of the entire galaxy in order to calculate their flight-pattern, or else they might fly into a star; these maps are based on thousands and thousands of years of space-travel. If the Empire came to the Federation’s galaxy, then they wouldn’t have those maps. In contrast,
    Finally, Star Wars has telekinesis in Jedi, but it’s not very powerful; Yoda is the most powerful Jedi, and he can only lift a couple of tons with telekinesis.
    In “Plato’s Stepchildren,” the Federation discovered telekinetic power that they could produce in a matter of hours, and which was much more powerful than The Force: it could move the entire Enterprise.
    Also Vulcans and other Federation races have much more powerful telepathy than the Force. While Jedi can use the Jedi Mind Trick, the Vulcan Mind Meld can read a person’s every thought, or make them totally believe everything that Spock wants them believe; it can also work on the most inhuman of aliens, like the Horta.
    As for robots and clones, these aren’t so great: the Star Wars battle-droids were beaten by clones, and clones are all pretty much like Jango Fett, i.e. a human with good battle-skills.
    Cloning is not an advanced technology for Star Trek: in fact, we have already clone animals, and have banned human cloning. The Federation doesn’t need clones, it’s got plenty of extraordinary officers already; and likewise in Star Trek, Earth has banned genetic enhancements since 1996 because it produced egomaniacs like Khan.
    So Star Trek bio-technology is far ahead of Star Wars; for example, in Star Wars they can’t even re-attach limbs, and likewise Darth Vader has a very crude body-suit which doesn’t even look human. In contrast, Data’s body is functionally human in almost every respect; the only part that the Federation can’t reproduce is his positronic brain. However the Federation has living holograms like EMH, who are fully artificial intelligent and sentient. In Star Wars, the only thing that comes close is R2-D2, which is a very unusual robot; most other robots can’t think independently at all.
    The Federation aso has Trilithium, which can be used to destroy an entire star-system with just one small rocket; in contrast, the Empire needs something the size of the Death Star just to destroy one planet– and it can’t even destroy a gas-giant like Yavin.

    Finally, the Federation has time-travel like in “The Voyage Home;” if they lose, they only need to go back in time in order to correct their mistake. In short, they have “infinite do-overs!”
    You can’t beat that. In comparison, Star Wars only allows Jedi to predict the future by a couple of seconds.
    In short, the Federation could crush the Empire like worms.

  6. P.S. As for the fact that Star Wars is about war while Star Trek is about exploration, that doesn’t make them better– it just shows that Star Wars is too primitive and stupid to get along even when they’ve inhabited their entire galaxy. The midichlorians decide everything for them; and they can’t even stop one man from taking over the whole galaxy by using the Dark Side. There’s no way that one human can tak over the Federation: Khan tried, and couldn’t even take over one ship, since Federation society was so advanced that they wouldn’t follow him. In comparison, the Republic’s freedom ended “with thunderous applause;” if they’re that easy to fool, then Khan could have taken over the entire SW galaxy by himself.

    • You know your Star Trek/Star Wars lore! I have stated in the past Star Wars would win but after reading your comments I am not so sure. I guess its quality of technology vs. quantity in your view and Star Trek has the overwhelming edge in the quality area. I do think Desert Shield/Desert Storm showed that in the real world a qualitative edge in technology is decisive. The has always been the US doctrine vs. , for example, the Soviet doctrine that simpler tech that is easy to produce in large numbers is the way to go. You really see this in US air technology and tank technology. One M1 tank would plow through any number of Iraqi tanks because it could shoot while moving and the Iraqi tanks could not or at least this is my understanding. US air technology is much more advanced than any other countries that the US generally has total air dominance and this has been a crucial advantage in any number of military engagements since WW II.

      You earlier comment about the relative sophistication of the two societies is right on! The Federation represents a UN ideal carried to an extreme. The Federation has eliminated money and presumably has created some sort of super sophisticated Marxist system of recompense that is left vague. The idea is that the Federation is not just more advanced than us in technology but at the social level as well. This is in direct contradiction to most Sci-Fi that portrays advanced technological societies that are more simplistic and “primitive” than what we have no. I have to believe that society will have to evolve along side technology or technology will lead to the extermination of that society. I doubt we will survive nuclear proliferation unless there are radical changes in the area of global governance. Global warming, that is ultimately caused by industrial advances of the 20th Century, must be handled at the international level and the current nation-state system in my view is inadequate to the challenge. This is one of the attractions of Star Trek. Star Trek offers a vague promise of some sort of better society in the future. Star Trek is not Space Opera!

      Classic Star Trek of course explored social issues of the sixties and was very much a sixties sort of show. The first interracial kiss on network TV was on Classic Star Trek. The idea that a Russian, Chekov, would be working under an American Captain Kirk was pretty radical stuff for the time period given that Anti-Communish had swept the nation in the fifties, only a decade earlier, this was quite a leap. I am old enough to have seen Classic Star Trek when it first aired as a kid and I knew I was watching social commentary even at my young age. Uhura was a fantastic character who probably did a ton to help the US become a less racist society than in the past. As much as I like TNG, it just didnt have the same impact on society that classic Trek did.

      Star Wars is ultimately a fairy tale with sci-fi elements. I do not write this in a perjorative manner. Fairy tales are a great type of story in their own right. Princess Leia is well a princess. The Jedi are quite literally knights who use swords that are essentially magical despite their SF origins. The knights literally fight giant monsters that are thinly disguised dragons. Darth Vader resembles a dark samurai lord. Star Wars is a simplification of society as are all fairy tales. In this sense Star Wars and Star Trek are total opposites.

      Does a more simplistic society put Star Wars at a military advantage? I think this may be the case. Democratic societies do seem to fare much better in war than authoritarian societies. Certainly the quality of decision making is better in democratic societies. WW II being the foremost example of this. A mad dictator, a mad Hitler, or a mad Star Wars emperor, who does not listen to his admirals and lets a Death Star get destoyed, is more likely to show up in a authoritarian regime than a democratic one.

      Darth Vader is a great warrior but how good a general is he? Captain Picard out and out teaches leadership skills. Captain Kirk is another story but even Captain Kirk is light years ahead of any of the leaders on the good or bad side of the Star Wars universe. I

    • In response to Tulkas, I agree that society has evolved much more in trek than wars. Although just because a society is more evolved doesn’t mean that it wont give up their freedoms in certain situations. For example Julies Ceaser did almost the exact same thing to the Romans. In more recent years Adolf Hitler aslo did it.

  7. What your saying it´s insulting. If you´re trying to say that the Force is a bad joke you are nothing but wrong. Dath Nihilus could consume all forms of life of a planet just to cease his hunger (he would do the same to your Federation ships), Darth Sidious is not a stupid dictator he used the Force to control the senators and was able to hid his identity to the jedi for so long… just get Darth Revan in charge and Darth Sion to a Federation planet and it will be over quickly.

    Moving the Enterprise by telekinesis isn´t amazing, could your vulcan stuff save people from death or destroy a planet?
    Saying that the technology is more advanced is one thing but comparing the Force…
    If I did offend you, sorry I didn´t mean to, I was just defending my point of view and of course the thing that makes Star Wars live, the Force.
    PS: Sorry for my bad English.

    • You are of course refering to the comments by Tulkas not my own comments, just setting the record straight. I would like to point out that the force is a central theme in Star Wars while the Star Trek equivalent, telekinesis, was only prominent in an episode or two including Platos Step Children. Darth Vader does mention that the power of the Death Star is insignificant compare to the power of the force and he should know. The force as shown vs. the potential of the force are very different things.

    • Raul,

      Sorry to burst your bubble….but all “The Q” would have to do (or a Dowd for that matter) is think the entire Empire out of existence…game over. Take away all of the supernaturally powerful beings, then it would be a lot closer of a fight. Now, let’s examine the most power ships from each universe. The Deathstar and Species 8472 Bioship. Without nanite technology for defense, the bioships would be able to destroy the Empire with impunity. The Bioship can also destroy planets with relative ease but are small and maneuverable enough to evade anything the Empire has, although they wouldn’t need to.

      Next, the Super Star Destroyer and the Borg Tactical Cube. There is really no contest here either. The Borg ship has more firepower, better defensive capabilities, and is much more maneuverable. Not to mention, they could just beam over and assimilate the crew. Now, I know what you’re thinking…you’re thinking those aren’t Federation ships! And you would be correct. However, the Federation because of their ability to adapt to new threats, would also prevail. Since the Dominion War, the Federations defensive capabilities have increased dramatically. Shield strength has been increased, ablative armor has been added to the hulls of starships, and starships designed for battle have been added to the fleet (Sovereign Class, Akira Class, Defiant Class, Intrepid Class, and the up-rated Galaxy & Nebula Classes).

      Because of the advantages in weaponry, defensive technology, and maneuverability the Federation would have the advantage. If you’re looking for a more even fight, the Empire Vs. Battlestar Galactica (the re-imagined series). From a technological standpoint, they are very even. In terms of the Federation, a conflict with the Babylon 5 universe would be a better match.

  8. Star Wars would win all they need are the Wookies, Boba Fett with his the Slave 1 and one Star Destroyer because star wreck sucks

    • The Wookies are formidable but remember that Star Trek has some warrior races of their own like the Klingons. Klingons might be smaller than Wookies but their martial arts skill and in my opinion, superior agility would make the contest interesting.

      • Darth Renaeb

        But Boba Fett is the best bounty hunter there is, he is also smart, and he has amazing fighting skills that he got from Jango Fett.

      • Star Wars has superior individual warriors compared to Star Trek. The two top warriors of the Star Trek universe are Worf and Seven of Nine. Neither of them is anywhere near the skill of a Boba Fett or even a middling Jedi. But wars are not just determined by warriors but by soldiers as well. The Jedi themselves fall to the superior numbers and surprise attack of the clone army after Order 66.

  9. me facina que los droides o los nazis y los clones o los jedis mataran como la segunda guerra mundial estados unidos vs republica, federacion del comercio , nazis

  10. Just a little bit of trivia on the “Who would win?” image that adorns your article…

    I created the original image in 2005 for a site I built on

    Over the years since I made that, it has appeared with the original text that isn’t part of the image, and as I’m seeing now, with the text “Who would win?”.

    I’m not angry that the image has been swiped and perpetuated. I’m rather proud of it. The largest rendition is here, if you want it sans-text:

    • Thanks for not being angry.

      I would like to thank you for making this wonderful image!

      This particular post has generated a lot of comments and has been a lot of fun for me. I also think the quality of the comments has been excellent. I started of thinking Star Wars was the clear winner but some later comments have really made me wonder.

  11. I think blowing up a star is a little more impressive than blowing up a planet. I don’t know who darl nihilus is, since he’s not in a movie and we’re only talking regular canon.
    I agree with the “total force on total force” concept and although the SW universe has a larger population as seen, the Q continuum alone wins out on power scale. A destroyer surrounded by cloaked Klingon, Romulan or even Federation ships is simply going to die confused.

    • Darth Nihilus!
      Yesterday before I got your comment I was reading all about Darth Nihilus on Wookepedia! And today you mention Darth Nihilus! The force is at work here. Its not like I read up on this guy everday. What a totally weird coincidence.

      Yeah he is one impressive dude. I do find him kind of a Star Wars anomaly character wise and he is on a Superman even Galactus power level unlike the rest of the Star Wars gang. I think one of the strengths of Star Wars and Star Trek is that its not over the top science fiction like comic books. Its easier for people who normally dont like science fiction, much less comic books, to relate to Star Trek or Star Wars. I go into the mechanics of how to blow up a star in Half Square.

      I posit a device called a gigatrain. You have to figure that advanced space faring civilizations will have outposts and colonies all over their star system not just populations on the home planet and if you blow up the home planet and leave survivors then you have survivors looking for payback big time! You need to take out the whole star system.

      You might enjoy checking out my latest Star Wars related work:
      Hello Kitty vs. Star Wars

      Its not the most absurd thing I have ever written, that honor belongs to Hello Kitty vs. Godzilla

      I am actually kind of proud of the Hello Kitty Godzilla piece. I plan to work on Hello Kitty vs. Star Wars within the week so stay tuned!

      • Foxhugh:
        to blow up a star, you simply need to shut down its fusion for a few seconds; then, the star begins to collapse, and all of its fuel fuses at once.
        Normally, a star operates by a “steady state” fusion process, i.e. it burns at a level that keeps it from collapsing; no faster, no slower.
        By stopping the fusion-process, trilithium causes the star to collapse immediately, and so it sets off a chain-reaction where all of its fuel fuses at once, destroying the star and everything in the solar-system.
        THIS is what happened in “Generations,” when Soren went around blowing up stars.
        In contrast, the Death Star couldn’t even blow up a Jupiter-sized planet like Yavin.

      • Well I hope it isnt easy to blow up stars! I mean blowing up Earth is bad enough but blowing up our own star system? Well that would just be wrong!

      • To Foxhugh I think Your an idiot because i happen to know nearly everthing to do with star trek and the federation actully do make clones for millatary service. And the federation also have made warships before the defiant eg the uss ranger

      • I am curious about your sources. Listing sources rather than using insults would actually add to the discussion. I am going to have to assume you are a teenager around thirteen and this is why you do not yet know the rules of civilized discourse. If you are actually and adult then God help us!

        Your facts of course have no bearing on the actual topic of this post Star Trek vs. Star Wars and even if true, irrelevant to the discussion. If this was an English paper in my class then I would write “irrelevant” on the top of your paper in big red letters and return the paper unread and ask you to rewrite the paper. I assume you get a lot of returned papers in your high school English papers with precisely this comment.

        I am going to respond like and adult since I am an adult. The two events you mention are of course not in any of the movies or TV shows. I assume the events you mention are either from the DC, Dell or Marvel comic books or more probably one of the novels. I have to admit I am not the biggest fan of the Star Trek novels. I have read one or two and thats it. The one or two novels I did read struck me as stuff with the Star Trek name but not the spirit of the TV shows and movies.

        I do think interjecting “facts” from the Star Trek novels is much more problematic than interjecting “facts” from the the expanded Star Wars universe. The “expanded” Star Trek universe, that has never really been defined as such, would include comic books and novels has never been consistent as the Star Wars expanded universe nor as popular. Lucas has made sure the expanded Star Wars universe is consistent with the movies and now TV shows. Rodenberry, the father of Star Trek, died and never had the chance or the power while alive to do what George Lucas did for Star Wars.

        I hope you do realize the mainstream public would consider the person who knows Star Trek minutiae and considers people who do not know this minutiae idiots, a weirdo and the worst example of Trekkie that in turn leads to Trekkie parodies that in your case obviously have an element of truth! I am not saying you are a weirdo but in all probability you are perceived as a weirdo by your fellow teenagers in the high school you attend and if you ever want to talk to much less date a real live girl then you might want to radically change how you think.

  12. When Darth Vader said that the power of the Force was greater than the ability to destroy a planet, he was talking about its influence over weak minds; however The Force is more like a metaphor than a real power, i.e. “The Emperor’s Clothes” in this regard, i.e. that weak minds will believe whatever an authority or con-man tells them, even against the evidence of their own eyes. But people were afraid of Darth Vader’s lightsaber and choke-hold, not his influence; once Palpatine came out of the closet as the Sith Lord, it didn’t take long for planets to turn against him– which is why he created the Death Star, in order to scare planets.
    By this token, Spock could simply travel around to various planet-leaders, and us the Vulcan Mind-meld on them– the Star Wars antiquated system of centralized government, was exactly what beat Khan from taking over the galaxy.
    Khan said that the human race had became stagnant, and he tried to “save” us by taking over; but he found that mankind HAD advanced in a different way, and NOT ONE PERSON WOULD JOIN HIM.
    NOT ONE.
    This showed Khan that mankind HAD advanced– not genetically, perhaps, but SOCIALLY; and this is why Khan and Kirk parted in mutual respect, while “The Wrath of Khan” was a huge travesty which completely destroyed that point.

    Because THAT’S what would happen if Vader or Palpatine tried to turn people to the Dark Side: they’d simply refuse, and tell him to stop waving his hand around. And likewise, if they used telekinesis, then they’d meet the same fate that Plato’s Stepchildren did– i.e. the Federation would LEARN how their power worked, and use it against them. Even Charlie X was far more powerful than Palpatine.

    The Federation didn’t eliminate money in the Original Series; it still used a credit-system. The Next Generation was more Marxist: which proved fallacious in the DS9 episode “The Great Material River,” where they fell to bartering for everything they needed, and ended up creating a huge tangled web of “favors”.

    Instead, the idiots at Paramount tried to turn Khan into Darth Vader: he even hoists Chekov up by one hand, just like Vader does to Capt. Antilles in “A New Hope.” No matter what anyone says, STII was the beginning of the end for Star Trek.

  13. Worf and Seven of Nine are terrible fighters; even a Klingon and a Borg together, would be NO match against Kirk.
    Sisko was far more powerful than Worf or 7, being able to destroy even the wraith-enhanced Gul Dukat using his own powers. And guess who Sisko’s hero was? That’s right: KIRK!

    Do you really thing Boba Fett is a better warrior than Kirk? The Enterprise would DESTROY the Slave One, before you could even see it.
    And even if they had the same ship, I’m sure Kirk could beat Boba Fett.

    As for Jedi, Boba Fett defeated Obi-wan, TWICE– once in the one-on-one fight on Kamino, and again in ship-combat outside Geonosis. Kirk could do better than that. Likewise, Spock was even tougher; during the fight, he could given Obi-wan the Vulcan neckpinch.

    As for Vader using the Dark Side: that’s where Kironide comes in. You saw what the Platonians could do with telekinesis: if he tried his lame choke-hold, Kirk would have Vader dancing the ballet and kissing Palpatine like he was Padme.

    About the only advantage that the Empire has, is that they’re ruthless manipulators; meanwhile, Klingons, Borg and Romulans all have the problem that they announce their intentions from the beginning. The Empire, meanwhile, would try to start a civil war among the Federation, by setting up puppet regimes; like they might go to the “gangster” planet, and “plan a hit on the Empire” etc.
    But this is simply old-school Roman stuff, i.e. “divide and conquer;” so it would naturally fail, once Kirk figured out what they were up to.

    THIS is why Star Wars appeals to dummies, while Star Trek appeals to smart people: the dummies are typically uneducated dorks who don’t spot the age-old morals and dimestore “messages” and historical examples.
    In conrast, the Trek-fans find this preachy and condescending, and realize that it wouldn’t work in a more advanced and evolved society which had LEARNED the lessons of history– and have no use for lectures from those who FLUNKED, like Star Wars fans.
    After all, how does Star Wars end? RIGHT BACK WHERE IT STARTED– they learned NOTHING! They once again have knights, princesses, etc. CYCLICAL HISTORY.

    It’s like “Day of the Dove” meets “Operation: Annhilate!” In other words, the Star Wars galaxy is infested with these “midichlorian” parasites, which make people fight each other constantly.
    Solution: Dr. McCoy whips up a batch of “Midicure,” which destroys Midichlorians without causing any negative side-effects; and he puts it in nanite-form so that every patient becomes a carrier for the cure.

    Result: HAPPY ENDING!

    • I love Kirk! I am old enough to have been raised on Classic Star Trek. Kirk always gets the girl and always wins no matter what the odds. So maybe he is the best fighter to put up against Bobba Fett or a Jedi. Kirk is tricky not just a good fighter and would probably come up with some sort of ploy. Good point!

  14. Gregory:
    you have to realize, that the Star Wars cult thinks that the books ARE “regular canon.” They will quote EVERYTHING from books: power-figures, technology, hyperspace-speeds etc. When they DO quote the movies, they will calculate the most ridiculous calculations from them: for example, they’ll say that Jango Fett’s “Seismic charges” caused the asteroids to VAPORIZE– which is rather strange, since I could have SWORE that it blew them into visible fragments: and last time I checked, fragments aren’t vapor.
    So basically, the charges simply SHATTERED the asteroids– and in only 2 dimensions.
    Likewise, they say that each shot from the Slave One’s laser-cannon was 66 MEGATONS!
    That’s funny: when Boba shoots Obi-wan on the Kamino platform, it doesn’t look anywhere NEAR the equivalent of a 66-megaton blast– more like a few M-80 firecrackers and a cherry-bomb.
    And Jango Fett DOES hit Obi-wan’s ship– and all it does is BURN THE PAINT! I would expect a 66-megaton blast to do more than that.

    As for the Death Star, FORGET IT! They make power-claims that are COMPLETELY off the scale for even the planatary explosion we see on-screen; for example, they claim an energy-figure of E+38J, which would VAPORIZE the planet about a quadrillion times over; and yet, we SEE that the planet is not vaporized, but simply blown into solid rock-like fragments.

    In short, the Star Wars-favoritists are COMPLETELY out of touch with any rational objectivity; they’re basically like the guys on on SNL who say that “DA Bearssssss!” could beat God and his legion of angels at football.

    • Constasting the book figures with the physical effects of the weapons demonstrated in the movies is a good idea. The movies have to take precedence over the books. So if a physical effect seen in the movie does not match up with the book the bye, bye book.

  15. Boba Fett would kick the The Borg’s a$$! The Best And Most Feared Bounty Hunter In The Galaxy would have the Borg sussed and even get it to work for him. Now that’s class. ;o)

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  17. star wars, not much could stand aginst the death star. throw in the malovence, some super star destroyers, and the eclipse 1 and 2? earth would be luckey to survive. vulcans would be a bit of challenge, but, with jedi and madalorians working together? no chance. immagine, the enter prise vs. a star dertroyer, as shown above. with the TIEs , enterpri

    kilgon vs. woookie would be interseting though.

    • This is a key issue. Are we talking the Star Wars empire vs. the Federation of Star Trek or a unified Star Wars galaxy ( Rebels and Empire united) vs. a unified Star Trek galaxy with Borg, Klingons, the Dominions, the Federation etc working together? It makes a huge difference. Arguments need to be defined at the start.

  18. also, if its just the universes vs. eachother, itd be all of star wars vs. star trek, so thered be sith, clone, battle droisd, everything against star trek

    also, you have to account for differnt technology. trubo lazers might not get stoped by star trek sheilds, and the same for… whatever weapons the star trek ships have. and star wars has a big advantage in ground combat. with both jedi and sith working together, nothing could stand against them. plus star trek dosn’t have any real fighter craft. theres no end of them in star wars. even travels differnt. hyperdrive and warp both work differntly i think hyperdrive is faster, but star trek uses worm holes, so noone will have a real speed advantage

  19. if species 8472 joined in star wars would definitely lose. one borg ship can take out a fleet of other ships but one spieces 8472 bioship can take out a fleet of borg ships,and theres about 10 ships in a fleet so thats 100 times the power of most ships. alsoo the only way to defeat them is touse modified borg nanoprobes wich star wars doesn’t have anything close to.

    • I love the episode where species 8472 recreated the Federation Starfleet Academy. They took Sun Tzus advice about knowing your enemy to the next extreme. They would probably take a similar approach to fighting the Empire and the Empire while big has key weaknesses as demonstrated in the destruction of the death Star.

    • ya and 1 death star can destroy each one of there ships, one by one and wouldent even be harmed.
      and whats so good about the borgs there numbers are way too low to even take on the rebellion in star wars.

  20. It also depends on the time period. Darth Nihilus is about 5,000 years before Darth Sidious, and Kirk is about 80 years before Picard. And without timetravel on either side the battles would be even. Hasn’t anyone heard of the Star Wars Suncrusher? It destroyed an entire star system, well at least the sun and a neiboring planet

    • You bring up an interesting point. There is a fair amount of time travel in the Star Trek universe. As far as I know there is no time travel in the Star Wars universe period! You are dead if you fight an opponent that can do time travel and you cannot. They can go in the past and destroy you before even begin to battle. In theory, the Star Trek universe could do this to the Star Wars universe although in the Star Trek stories the goal of time travel is generally small and personal rather than military although the Borg do try to destroy the Federation before it begins in the TNG movie – Star Trek First Contact.

      Below is a list of stories in Star Trek with time travel.

      Star Trek: The Original Series The Naked Time · Tomorrow Is Yesterday · The City on the Edge of Forever · Assignment: Earth · All Our Yesterdays · Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home · Star Trek

      Star Trek: The Animated Series Yesteryear

      Star Trek: The Next Generation We’ll Always Have Paris · Time Squared · Yesterday’s Enterprise · Captain’s Holiday · A Matter of Time · Cause and Effect · Time’s Arrow · Tapestry · Timescape · Firstborn · All Good Things… · Star Trek Generations · Star Trek: First Contact

      Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Past Tense · Visionary · The Visitor · Little Green Men · Accession · Trials and Tribble-ations · Children of Time · Wrongs Darker than Death or Night · Time’s Orphan

      Star Trek: Voyager Time and Again · Eye of the Needle · Future’s End · Before and After · Year of Hell · Timeless · Relativity · Fury · Shattered · Endgame

      Star Trek: Enterprise Cold Front · Shockwave · Future Tense · Twilight · Carpenter Street · Azati Prime · E² · Zero Hour · Storm Front

  21. Star Wars would win 🙂

  22. you people are so idiototic the star wars galactic empire would beat the crap out of any star trek nation, because there 100% more advance i mean does the star trek galaxy have cloning devices that make your army immortal, ya thats right NO. and the galactic empire had about 5 or more super star destroyers and the empire also had a super star destroy that was as long as the death star 2 being planed out and getting to build it, plus it had cloning devices in it, 100000 of tie fighter and assault ships it also had imperial star destroyers docked inside it. and star trek has no super star destroyers or 10000s of cloning devices that i know so the empire wins hands down. oh ya and i for got to say that it had the same power as the death star

    • As I stated before there is a problem of numbers in this debate. Star Trek does not have a galactic empire but many empires and many worlds that are often antagonistic towards eachother. The Klingons, Federation and Romulans of one quadrant, the Alpha quadrant did unite to fight the invaders from the Delta Quandrant, the Founders in Deep Space Nine and that is a big as an allianship that has existed in the Star Trek universe and is nowhere near a galactic empire.

    • Jackass did you just pull numbers out of your bum? It sounds like it, first of all the Empire didn’t have 5 star destroyers they had THOUSANDS, they also had hundreds of superstar destroyers all but 1 was made after the destruction of the second death star. The Death star also did not have docking for star destroyers and the super star destroyer is 52452 ft long and it looks like a pin prick compared to either death star here is a good link to check out the visual diffrence

      Also yes star trek has cloning but doesn’t use it, they can also do genetic manipulation but don’t use it either.

      I can tell you don’t know much about star trek so if you learn anything just know that the lasers star wars uses is too weak to get through star trek shields so one galaxy class (which is smaller than a star destroyers bridge) could destroy all the empires space craft, save for the death star, albiet it would take several weeks to do.

  23. tbh in star wars expanded universe i think it was dark apprentice. the ship the sun crusher could destroy entire star systems in one shot it is also indestructable =S i assume that not even jem ha’darr could teleport through it’s ray shields

  24. In my opinion, one single Star Trek ship (ie: Intrepid, Galaxy, etc..) could whipe out the Empire’s space armada.
    Federation’s ships has superior shielding technology. But even with disabled shields, it wont get a scratch, because their hull is from a material (i don’t remember the name) that is immune to laser type (SW) weapons (as it was mentioned in an episode).
    We also know, that phasers inflict much more damage, as big, that we can’t even compare them to lasers.
    And of course, the crew! They have science officers and chief engineers whose always have one-or-two life saving ideas.

    For the record: SW is the best! But face it… Trekkies has the techology advantage (But it’s unreal compared to SW tech)

    • Federation ships one on one are probably superior to what the Empire has mostly in the area of warp drive. The very difficult question is how important this qualitative edge would be vs. the quantatative edge of the empire.

      During WW II the US made the conscious decision to make tons of Sherman tanks that were inferior to their German counter parts but two Shermans in the space on a ship rather than trying to make a bigger better armored tank. This turned out to be a good decision. On the other hand, the M1 tank during Desert Shield and Desert Storm could aim and move at the same time and the Iraqui tanks did not have this capability. The Iraqui tanks got slaughtered.

      In air combat the qualitative edge seems to be even more important. A plane with even a small qualitative edge will win again and again in a dog fight and this having that qualitative edge even at great expense and at the cost of quantity has been US doctrine since at least WW II.

      I think space combat is more like air combat!

  25. u guys r all clueless i am a big fan of both but when it comes to star trek and star wars star trek wins and day because in a n episode of star trek:TNG two ships with laser cannons lock on to the enterprise and picard says they can’t even peirce the navigational shields that they use to repel space dust!!!!!!! and the reason the star trek universe does not have ground units is because its all orbital bombardment think about it y would u have so many people land on the planet and die when u can just bomb it from above the skys. Cloning was actully discovered in the late 21st centry of star trek and these r not ordinary clones their super soldiers called augments. plus acording to the galaxy map of the galaxy far far away it only contains sveral thousand stars and is only 18 light years across verses the millky ways 70,000 yeah thats a little harder to explore. Also thiers a wide beam setting that u could use on a phaser that can’t be blocked by a lightsaber. could it be blocked by the force? Probably but in the milky way their r no mediclorens or watever so the force can’t work so yeah u get my point….

  26. Star Wars VS Star Trek…..well I’ll start my opening by saying that I like Wars for it’s fairy tail fantasy depiction and Trek for it’s positive outcome for human society depiction.

    That said Here I go……when I see the title “Star Wars VS Star Trek” this is a very general broad discription but we all assume it means a fight in general but a fight of what? Also keep in mind this is not The Empire vs The Federation but again all of The Wars substinance VS all of The Trek substinance down to all it’s Franchise core. That being said it would be so bias, prejudice and or even to a certain point of racist to choose one over the other simply based on preference. We might as well be running a presidency voting based on ones color, well enough of that. Given their pros & cons for each francise I just don’t see Trek going to war based on bragging rights, simply their just so intelectual in that area to let egos make decision for them. However for argument sakes they did and the outcome would be unbearable and unforseen to the point that both franchise would seize to exhist!!!!!

    Then other francise would step in after all is said and done while they were watching with popcorn in hand…ie: Battle Star Galagtaca, Babalon 5, Andromeda, Star Buck ect…

    So much for egos, Star Trek & Star Wars are out of the picture…..there said it now let’s move on!!!!!! 😀

    • You make some good points. Its interesting that you mention Andromeda and Babylon 5. I live in Thailand. I have the Sci Fi channel. Its Sci Fi not Sy Fy out here and they got a daily 3 hour block of shows weekdays. The block is called Spaced Out and is one hour of Star Trek TNG, which is just called Star Trek out here, followed by one hour of Andromeda followed by one hour of Babylon 5. You cant help but compare the three franchises.

  27. If you liked this post then you will probably like the latest piece I have written about Star Trek vs. Warhammer 40K at:

  28. I will start by saying I prefer star wars to star trek. Now since this is a general question of who would win then it stands to reason there will be two parts of the war space and planetary. There is also no limiting factor on what factions or races from either franchise can participate. Per those rules then star trek would win hands down.

    The reason is a simple one letter answer Q. Since there has been no concrete limit to the Q’s power then it is reasonable to think he could simply snap a finger and the entire star wars franchise is gone, war over.

    If you want to discount Q because of unfairness then it will be a little tougher to answer. Star Trek has weapon and shield technology advantage, while star wars has faster travel speeds, numbers, and superior ground fighters such as jedi.

    Space goes to star trek. Star wars uses lasers on all ships, which is much much weaker than a phaser. It has been established several times in star trek that lasers pose NO threat to star trek ships, which means that even the nebula class starship could take out the superstar destroyer. Although it could take quite some time depending on where the nebula shoots the superstar destroyer. The only two ships star wars has that can challenge star trek in space combat is the death star and a ship whose name is eluding me at the momment, although it has the power to destroy a star (not a stardestroyer although it does do that). Star Wars does have one big advantage they can go around the star trek ships to engage into planetary combat. Hyperdrive is several times faster than warp, this is easily demenstrated with voyager. For voyager to make a trek from one side of the galaxy to the other it would take several decades. In star wars a ship doing a similar trek from tatooine to alderaan took only a handful of hours.

    Ground combat goes to star wars. Star trek has nothing that can counter the Jedi save for Q. The borg are too slow and cumbaring to pose a threat to a being that can move as fast as a laser bolt (Jedi). Although it is unclear how a lightsaber would stand up to a phaser (which is far more powerful than a laser bolt) the jedi would have no problem dodging if need be mixed with the use of the force no land force I have seen or read in star trek could stop that kind of force (pun intended). Even the personal cloaking device would’nt be able to hid someone from a jedi or sith since they can sense the presence of people through the force. Although star trek shuttles would be able to take out all land and air vehicles from star wars, that still leaves ground troops and jedi.

    So without Q star wars could win if they avoid space battles and take out planets quickly.

  29. Anyone pose the idea of either the “star wars galaxy” or the ” star trek galaxy ” learning from each other and using the opposing fractions technology? like say reverse engineering, studying tactics (from the enemy), or simply just taking into account that they each have weapon systems based at killing/ neutralizing a particular foe ; and that by encountering a new enemy both the “star wars” and ” star trek ” would greatly have to change their approach to warfare” . I mean no jedi thinks of fighting on a planet called earth, and what federation officer would know how to deal with a sith lord?


    I doubt all the empire (in the shambles it was left in), new republic, federation, clingons, etc would unite with their respected home galaxies to fight against one another.

    and… who cares about fighting, think of all the disease! These people (or life-forms) would be so ill from all the new exposure to new sicknesses. War would be a minor issue.

    • I have not run into the idea you propose. I do think its a great idea and would make for some good fiction! I do think the Federation is much more likely to figure out Star Wars technology rather than the reverse. The Federation after all spent a lot of time trying to figure out what makes the Borg tick in order to defeat them. The Yuuzhan Vong used a biologically based technology that was radically different than that of the New Republic that they attacked and there was almost no attempt by the New Republic to figure out Yuuzhan Vong technology.

  30. saulo de tarso

    Star Wars is War! Star Trek is Trek! One shows a galaxy in fight. Other shows the exploration of universe. Impossible make comparissions.

  31. Star trek. Star Wars star ship technology is crap. They can barely even lock on a weapon if the enemy ship is moving around too much.

  32. Also I know some will argue Star Wars has the Force. My reply is simply…Q.

  33. I believe the scimitar alone could do mass damage to the Empire. one vessel that can destroy worlds vs a huge hard and not cost effective sphere with a major weakness that could easily be pin pointed with sensor tech. from Star Trek. I actually believe the Romulan Empire alone would stand a great chance against the Star Wars Empire in a test of Stellar Military.

  34. I have given it some thought and i will meet you half way. Yes on the ground between fighters Star Wars would win against Stat Trek. But in stellar combat Star Trek all hands down.

  35. There seems to be a lot of debate about ground versus space battles. In order for the Empire to make a ground assault, they would need to get through the planetary defenses of the target planet. Now granted, some planets are better protected than others, but any high value target would be extremely hard to invade. But, if the Empire did manage to defeat the planetary defenses, they would still lose. Another advantage of phaser technology is its range through an atmosphere. With the Federation having the ability to scan life forms from space, it would be easy to target the enemy and obliterate them from orbit.

    And if a Deathstar did show up, a few well placed quantum torpedos and it lights out.

  36. I know it’s off subject but this got quite a bit of opinions. I don’t have my own account here but I think another one that would be good is Terminator vs Predator. That ones been swirling in my head for years and I still can’t determine a winner. I like to here opinions on these kind of things, I think a blog dedicated to interesting sci-fi and fantasy VS would be a lot of fun.

    • Hey, I might do that post! I did some quick research and there is no detailed post about Predator vs. Terminator to my surprise. The Grudge Match site had the Terminator winning but just a vote and zero rationale. I don’t think its obvious at all. Terminators are formidable at close range bring more muscle and invulnerability to the battle but lack four crucial advantages that Predators have.

      1) Predators study their prey from afar before attacking. Terminators rely on historical records and have not shown any special stalking skills beyond accesing computer records. There are no computer records of the Predators except maybe some at global intelligence agencies that will be scant. This means the Predator will know alot about the Terminator but not vice-versa.
      To quote Sun Tzu:
      If you know the enemy and know yourself you need not fear the results of a hundred battles.

      2) Predators play hide and seek. They have high tech Yautja camouflage. Terminators aren’t subtle at all and engage in public brawls even when unarmed, they attack police stations and don’t even bother to wear a disguise! They are used to fighting puny humans and have lost all caution. Heck do they even have emotional matric subroutine that mimics “fear”? That means the Terminators are big easy to find targets for the Predators and not vice versa.

      3) Predators can bring their own futuristic high tech weapons to the game while terminators are limited to the weapons of that time period. The Predator weapons are probably made of some metal beyond human means. Their weapons are resistant to Alien acid. Even in the future, human metals do not display this property and at least one metal is made of a material that is not on the periodic table. Predators have been attacked with humans with the latest weapons of the 21st century and generally the Predator is just not there. Terminators can take a ton of punishment but the predator is smart enought to be somewhere else which is a better tactic. I would assume that the predators metal would cut through the terminators metal body since its obviously more advanced. The predator has several ranged weapons that would really hurt a terminator. The predator smart disc could cut right through the neck of the terminator and behead the terminator! Its been established that thats one way to take down a Arnie style terminator. Terminators aren’t very good at dodging and that would be the main defence necessary for such an attack. The predator would also attack from a hidden position and try to get the terminator by surprise. The combi stick in spear mode might go right through the chest of of the terminator and hit a vital link between brain and body of the terminator which could be rerouted but that takes time. The laser net might cut through Arnie type metal. The predator will have studied the terminator and would the predator even bother to attack the terminator if its weapons were ineffective?

      4) Experience, Terminators are used to fighting light weights ie humans! Predators have been all over the galaxy fighting heavy weights like Aliens. The Arnie model has twice had to fight terminators that were much stronger and showed no cleverness. The Arnie model fought the much more powerful models the same way he would fight a terminator of his power level. The Arnie model just goes toe to toe with whatever it fights. The Predator is going to adapt to his prey and this simplistic toe to toe approach won’t work with the predator.

      We would have to define which type of terminator and it has to be the Arnie once since thats the iconic one not the liquid one that was in only one movie. Simplistically its brain vs. brawn. The terminators have the edge in brawn but the predators are smarter. Its a battle between a dumb but strong solider and a physically weaker but more intelligent hunter. When hunters go against big game which is much stronger, the experienced hunter generally wins. Also kind of a samurai vs ninja situation were the terminator is the samurai. The samurai will beat the ninja if the ninja would just sit still and fight fair but the ninja is no fool and is going to stay out or range of the samrai’s katana and employ hit and run techniques. The biggest difference is that the Predator version of a shuriken, the smart disc, is a lot bigger and powerful than a ninja shuriken and a game winner. It also reminds me of an episode of Deadliest Warrior, Roman centurion vs Rajuput warrior. The Rajput warrior’s Chakram, throwing disk, probably the inspiration for the Predator smart disc, gave the Rajput a crucial ranged advantage and it helped the Rajput warrior win overall.

      Read more:

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  44. Star Trek would win for the following reasons. Firstly because the weapons of any ship in the Star Wars universe would do no damage to a Federation vessel. Secondly the Star Wars starships have no shields capable of withstanding a hit from any weapon on a federation starship.
    Lastly no one in the Star Wars universe can hit anyone first time with a hand weapon or starship based weapons system. Worsted shots ever!!!! I will admit that if you had Yoda Vs Worf we’re looking at a SW win but there’s only one Yoda and he’s dead. Also I think there should be a time frame placed on this “war” are we saying in SW before the Jedi are destroyed or after when the Empire rules? In ST are we saying TNG or after the Dominion wars? Lets get some rules put in place.

  45. Yes but on that blog you have set it out in a different format to this one an essay type as you have said. Perhaps you should do something similar here, if you do let me know. Also there your only talking 40k vs ST. I am a 40k fan but im not sure in their technology (each different race) as to whether they can match the ST universe e.g. laser weapons cant get through shield in the ST universe nor can solid rounds, but Plasma? Maybe… its easer to say with SW all weapons are laser therefore they won be effective but 40k is a different story. I will read more on that one.
    By the way im imprested to see your still keeping an eye on this debate after nearly 6 years. Nice one! Obviously a good topic.

  46. I think the Star Trek franchise would win think about it 3 full hands of Galaxies and Defiant warships and Nebula class stars ships could whip just a fleet of 40 SW star cruisers the Galaxy class ships could just hold their positions and fire their phasers and quantum torpedoes at the SW cruisers plus with a couple of Dominion battleships as reinforcements if necessary and from what I learned in Star Trek Online Warp Drive is the fastest thing to pathetic Light speed drive, plus the Jem’hadar can produce ships faster than any normal space shipyard can make in months as proven in Deep Space 9.

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