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Star Trek versus Star Wars Chess Set Proposal

I have already proposed a revision of the Superman versus Batman chess set, a DC superheroes versus DC supervillains set and DC versus Marvel chess set.  Below is my fourth proposal:


Star Trek

King – Captain Kirk

Queen – Captain Janeway

Bishop – Captain Picard

Knight – Data

Rook – Worf

Pawn – Star Fleet Security


Star Wars

King – Yoda

Queen – Ahsoka Tano

Bishop – Luke Skywalker

Knight – Hans Solo

Rook – Darth Vader

Pawn – Imperial Troops

Hugh Fox III - Ice Fire

WereVerse Universe Baby!

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Star Trek vs. Star Wars

If there was a war between the Star Trek galaxy vs. the Star Wars galaxy then who would win? 


Funniest site!  And you must check it out even if you don’t care about the debate all that much.



Most technical site



Most comprehensive site



Easiest to understand site and the one that leads me to believe that even putting aside the Republic or Empire encompasses thousands of world vs. the 180 worlds of the Federation the Star Wars guys would win with equal numbers.  There weapons are just too powerful. 


I do think the fundamental way the debate is framed generally Empire vs. Federation is not the best way to frame the debate due to the total inequality of numbers.  The Empire is bigger than the Federation by at least a factor of ten.  Now if you assume all the Star Trek empires unite including the Klingons, Cardassians, Romulans and even the Dominion you still have a huge numerical disparity since as far as I can tell this would be hundreds of worlds but not thousands of world.  But if the Borg unite with all the other empires then you have a different picture.  One Borg cube can take out a fleet and who the heck knows how many cubes there are.  The Borg did unite with Voyager against a common threat so this possibility has already been established.




There are Elder Races in the Star Trek universe that have powers far beyond that of the Empire/Republic or Federation. The Q might be able to shrink a whole fleet of Star Ships to the size of fleas. 


 I am more a Star Trek fan and disappointed but “facts are facts” and even given equal numbers Star Trek is in trouble.




Which franchise is more successful in the real world?


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