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Thai Nicknames and their Meanings



Thailand Do’s and Don’ts

Thailand Do’s and Don’ts Resized


1) Do dress properly when visiting a temple.

2) Do eat with a spoon. Use the fork to load food on to the spoon.

3) Do enjoy yourself. Thais like life to be sanuk.

4) Do lower your body slightly when passing between or in front of people.

5) Do remove your shoes before entering a temple, somebody’s house and even some shops.

6) Do respect all Buddha images.

7) Do smile a lot.

8) Do treat monks with the highest respect.

9) Do try and keep calm no matter what the problem or provocation may be.



1) Don’t be offended by questions about age, marital status or what you do for a living.

2) Don’t be overly affectionate in public.

3) Don’t place your feet on the table while sitting.

4) Don’t point to anything with your feet.

5) Don’t raise your voice or lose your temper.

6) Don’t show disrespect towards the Thai Royal Family.

7) Don’t touch a Thai person’s head or ruffle their hair.

8) Don’t touch anybody with your feet.


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Hugh Fox III - Apple Sour


G-20 is Here!

G-20 is the hot new girl band in Thailand!  I predict they will achieve Asian and international fame soon!

Below is a very cute video of one of the singers, Gift G-Twenty, doing Itsy Bitsy Spider:

Hugh Fox III - Break

Santa at Art in Paradise in Pattaya

Art in Paradise Pattaya 1 resized

Art in Paradise Pattaya 2 resized

Art in Paradise Pattaya 3 resized

Art in Paradise Pattaya 4 resized

Art in Paradise Pattaya 5 resized

Art in Paradise Pattaya 6 resized

Art in Paradise Pattaya 7 resized

Art in Paradise Pattaya 8 resized

Art in Paradise Pattaya 9 resized

Art in Paradise Pattaya 10 resized

Art in Paradise is a trick art museum and bills itself as the largest trick art museum in the world.  The museum is very similar to the trick art museum in Korea,  the trick art museum at Odaiba in the Decks Tokyo Beach , the trick art museum in Takao and the museum at Nikko.  I guess someday every city will have a trick art museum!  Art in Paradise includes trick art in the following categories: Aqua, Zoo, Classic Art, Ayutthaya, Egyptian, Thai, Surrealism and Dinosaur.

The museum is located at: 78/34 Moo 9, Pattaya, 2nd Road, Nonprue, Bang Lamung, Chonburi, Thailand 20150.  The museum’s telephone number is 038-424-500.  No one was answering the phone when I went and I could not have the people at the museum give directions to my driver.  The place is relatively new and the taxi and scooter drivers have no idea where the place is located.  The local drivers do know where Alcazar is and the museum is more or less in that neighborhood.  The museum is more or less across the street from Tiffany’s.  From 2nd road which is one of the main roads in Pattaya, you can see the Museum about two blocks down Moo 9 which intersects 2nd Road.  If you hit Nakula Road then you have gone too far.  Actually finding the place was not easy and below is a map in Thai that I suggest you print out and give to your driver before going to the museum.

00Art in Paradise Pattaya map

I am a farang working in Thailand and paid 300 baht when I showed my university ID.  There are reports that farang pay a higher price than Thais but I think I ended up paying the Thai price.  Keep in mind I was also dressed as Santa.  After playing Santa for 14 years in Asia, I can tell you that Santa does get preferential treatment!

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