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Cosmic Super-Duper Werefox Team – Rough Draft

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Ukiah Goes Green Acres

Ukiah and the Dragon King

I wish to study with the wise King of the Dragons.

Where is the Dragon King?

A sign!

Give me a sign!

Ukiah in the Gingerbread Castle


I am Ukiah of the Blue Kitsune Triad

In a castle of pleasant scent

Brown and sweet bread are the walls

What strange forces created this castle?

Giants? Monsters?

Will I ever know?

A sign!

Give me a sign!



Stan Lee December 28, 1922 – November 12, 2018

You do not have to know where you are going to be headed in the right direction

And when the restaurant patron is ready then the right fortune cookie will appear!

Poems by Hugh Fox

I self-published a volume of poetry when I was 16 with a lot of help and encouragement from my mom.   Tons of typos!  I was pretty glad when computers replaced typewriters!  In the poem “Tequila Death Goddess“, I mention a girl with blonde hair.   There is a lot of dark symbolism in that poem.  I wrote the poem with a sense of foreboding. Well there really was a girl with blonde hair in my life at the time and years later, long after we lost touch with each other, she did have some troubles.  Coincidence?