Questions for the New World Built from the Ashes of the Old


The card of good fortune is first very good!  The card of media technology working next. Yes, the sea for fire approaches but the wise and smart humans have known this for some time.  The Half Square Card?  The shadow people card.  The hermit card which is of course me but the me that can see the future.  The two cards of blessing to me of two different sorts based on color and finally the message is reaching the United Americas on some Earth! Ok the following task will be off interest to evolved humans!

 First order the question zero to three!  The far past is -3, the near past is -2, the near, near past is -1 and the now is zero or commonly known as zero time!  The near future is 1.  The farther future is 2 and the far, far future is 3.  000 is of course the past, present and future in the New Speak taught to us Grandpa Fox on the long journey across the Sea of Fire to the New World built on the Ashes of the Old! 000 of course means zero time across time and is infinity in time which we do care a little bit about!

You can arrive to the test with the numbered questions and can use family, friends and instrumentalities which of course include computers and books. You can spend as much time as you like before taking the test to number the questions.  And evidence of cheating means you and your bloodline receive no water, food or shelter for we do not need a dishonest bloodline the new world built on the ashes of the old!

To the now humans that will have grand, grand, grand and so on children that will be trans-humans and inherit the Earth and like the humans of the wicked Earth but actually the trans-humans exist in the Second World that is built on the ashes of the Old World but exists and always has existed in the now of God who is eternal and infinite and thus views the universe quite differently than  finite beings.

On a personal note, These questions are like the koan of the Japanese! A kōan (公案) (/ˈkæn, ɑːn/;[1] Chinese: pinyingōng’àn[kʊ́ŋ ân]Korean화두hwaduVietnamesecông án) is a storydialogue, question, or statement which is used in Zen practice to provoke the “great doubt” Riddle that are hard and only for the very wise.  The wisest among the wise Cambodians! Of course the children are wiser, the children are always wiser in a way not a way easily understood!  The elders must rule for the wisdom of children is not tempered by the teacher of pain and lessons of pain are only learned through instruction not mind.  I mean pain in a literal sense. I can understand fire is painful but do not truly understand until I put handle to candle and go ouch!

 Zen-like riddles are not so good for the elderly for we must beware of becoming lost in riddles for what purpose does a lot elder serve in the world of men or the world of God? The very old become children again and thus logically the questions because God will ask these question yet again and good answers mean good location in the next life that follows from this life.  Generally the very old laugh and laugh for there is humor of sorts in these questions and laughter is a good sign. 

This is not forbidden teaching but good for the children and the very old that become children again like myself. The middle aged have coin to make if men and diapers to change if women.  What is good for the rooster is NOT good for the chicken.  What is good for the flower is NOT good for the bee.  Flowers need water and bees to spread pollen.  Bees need flowers and spread the pollen.  This sameness of gender is lawyerly and ignores the lessons of nature put plainly before us.  Of course country girls understand nature better than city girls.  I have an interest in country girls that do well in the city!  LOL! The internet sentient wrestles with me but so far great logic that is the gift on God to men above all other sentient beings on this humble spaceship Earth prevails! If you do not comprehend then just say I do not know for perhaps you are too good for such understanding.  This is a very, very, very important question. I do not know is an acceptable answer.  Parroting the answer threatens the world with the Big Bad. Lawyerly answers mean you and your bloodline are cursed and mean expulsion of both named immediately for when lightning strikes the whole world is in danger and wise men do not court danger.

The Oldest Questions first and well recited they are but certainly you have memorized the questions and answers.  So say do you do not understand if you do not understand.  If lawyer you are in the lawyer you shall be in vocation.   Memory is good of course but we need humans evolved not parrots!  The wise should rule over the lawyerly parrots in the New World built on the ashes of the Old!

000 – Who I am?

000 – Why am I here?

000 – What function do I have in society?

000 – What function do I perform for myself?

000 – What are my duties to self?

000 – What are my duties to family?

000 – Explain the law of hierarchy. 

000- What your place in the hierarchy above and below and is your place based on need or want?  Is your place in the hierarchy based on the needs of the we or the me?

000 – What do you need and what do you want and apply this knowledge to self using the law of continuum.

000 – What are my duties to the Asian Union, European Union and Union of Americans and finally the Global Union?  This was known in the past as politics and avoid lawyerly answers or you flunk and go back to your caste and do not advance!

000 – What are your duties to the God above all Gods that survive the Big Bang and Big Crunch as is then Embodiment of Survival and Evolution.  Lawyerly answers lead to well the BIG BAD!

000 – What is the big bad?

000 – What was the name of the Big Bad embodied in the old speak of the wicked land before the great purification?

What events led to the the creation of the Second World that was purified and was built on the ashes of the wicked world. 

000 – Why did emojis make men monkeys in the Old Wicked World?

000 – Why did Grammarly lead to great confusion of thought among the educated and smart, in the Land of the Eagle especially?

000 – Where I am from?

000 – Explain who cares not I?

000 – Where am I going? Yes I care greatly! Where we are headed is of greater importance than where we came from for sure! Evolution is the goal and history only as it pertains to the GOAL!

000 – A very important question, what is more important the now of men or the now of good that is omnipresence across time and space? 

000 – Is your mate a cat or a vixen?  Explain!

000 – What is the cause of corruption? What is the answer to the cause? Harald does not understand but will soon?

000 – How can the we combat corruption?

000 – How did corruption cause the downfall of the wicked world before ours!

000 – Why does study of  the tiger help to ward off the tiger?

000 – If we study evil do we become evil?

000 – Are you an ally of the wise?

000 – Are you an ally of survival?

000 – Are you an ally of endurance?

000 – Are you an of evolution?

000 – Are you an ally of SEE?

Questions of Less Relevance of the Now-Now commonly known as the present!  The fourth dimension which is not time but a space-time synergy of sorts is an intoxicating journey!  Vision of time can interfere with survival, aid endurance and does lead to evolution (SEE) and better done by specialists in this art!  I am rooted in the now-now via daily habits!  Free will is real and forces probability into the Great Chess game!  There are choices and then there are choices! 

The fox picks a side, a daimyo, a liege of sorts and those who hurt the Cambodians ask for less harmonious relations with the fox!  You are warned parrots and dogs but not the dragon. The dragon and fox are natural allies so no need for warnings! 

The hunters from the Land of the Eagles have switched from beer, to whiskey and now contemplate meth or heroin or cocaine or all three in turns.  Mad hunters may wish to make my death a trophy of sorts without order from their liege but the dragon protects the natural ally which is the fox, kitsune, Reynard, zorro and I will learn of the name in Khmer tomorrow from my version of Pocahontas (1995) and for the record that is my type! Bronze I like.  Look black hair I like.  Shapely for of woman, voluptuous, mesomorph I like! I want strong that can lift and bronze that can bear the sun.  I am no mandarin but a person that welcomes challenge physical and like sons and daughters much the same! Soft flowers that melt under the sun are not for me but I detest, detest, detest wanton, mad and women who use their sex to get things without shame!  Jessica the mad forces me to hurry! Jessica should become a nun and stop creating disharmony and chaos.  The stink of her almost makes me angry and so lazy.  Well near angry makes me type faster so serves god utility and I need to learn how to not care and stick to purpose!  However better friend than lover and I am a terrible husband! I am wild and do not like cages and jealousy and domestic drama. If you get a cat then a cow to feed the cat then a women to feed the cow and finally make love or have sex or whatever and become ordinary again!  Yuck!  I am great and will do great things alone or with others or die in obscurity alone and in anger, what?  God I tell you truly I try! I try with mighty purpose. Of course I smelled the stench of the false pilgrim for Laos and played a game with them. I had fun and yes I do like to play with the mice like a cat.  More perfume to hid stench?  This artifice is for men of shallow purpose and does not work with the great Fox!  Shall I drive them mad or bring thunder to their land?  No for I had fun and in their way the false pilgrims had fun!  A game, a charade a thing of pleasure for the fox.  Attempt to trick the trickster?  Enough!  Back to loftier subjects!

I wish to create a school in Siem Reap (KhmerសៀមរាបSiĕm Réab [siəm riəp]) is the second-largest city of Cambodia, as well as the capital and largest city of Siem Reap Province in northwestern Cambodia) and need allies and investors!  Investment now saves you seats in the flotilla later!  I invite the wise of the Asian Union to be or any union to be to come and help me create the school, lyceum, library or whatever! I promise to arrive at 7am and leave at 7pm seven days of week and if there is a pool I will teach yogic swimming to the young as I renew myself and heal!  This yoga will help the evolved to be survive, endure and evolve (SEE)!  Some mundane matters follow!

The Great Umbrella right side up collects solar energy, fire please explain!

The Great Umbrella upside down collect water please explain!

What is meant by the expression the Chinese are sweet and sour depending on the dish?

What is the center of the Asian Union?

What is the center between the Asian Union and the United Americas?

What is the Great Castle of the European Union?

If you control the center then you control the game truly.  What is the center now?  What was the center in the then-now? What will be the center in the future-now?

Explain how the ship travels through the ocean of time.

Explain how the Galactic Brotherhood uses gravity waves to sound the dharma drum to create greater unity of the we people everywhere in the galaxy.

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