Cambodian Domes as Sanctuary for the Rich and Powerful!

Domed cities are possible!  The Cambodians are cheap labor and have incredible mechanical aptitude.  The Chinese government built fantastic infrastructure for Siem Reap using Cambodian labor and can attest to the construction skill of the Cambodians.  The Cambodians have an incredible work ethic I see every day.  I love the Cambodians and think the Cambodians at least like me.  This is a flat out ad for them.  Might as well use my imagination for something useful.

In this futuristic scenario, Cambodians do not make great domes like the great kingdoms of China, Russia and the USA but specialize in making Geodesic domes that are houses and thus learn how to make a large Geodesic dome from small to big.  The big dome of is constructed slowly and more gate than dome and made taller as the flames near.  The houses are flame resistant!  The houses at first are one floor and then two and then three.  As the flames approach the family moves from the larger first floor to the less spacious but safer second floor.  In the second floor one can resist flame AND flood.  The third floor is the castle!  Well the whole structure is a castle but the third floor is the castle’s keep!

Traditionally keeps were built as a type of fortified tower built by European nobility.  Keep’s were built within castles during the Middle Ages and they were used as a refuge or last resort should the rest of the castle fall to enemies. Today keeps are scattered across Europe and form an important part of the architectural heritage.  They can be circular or square like ours, and traditionally they were either built from wood or stone.  The translation of the word keep is to hold or protect and we like to think our Keep exists to hold and protect human connection.

Eureka! We start with castles and protect the blood line but also our dharmic family! As we change masks/bodies from life to life we have a cosmic family that serves the function of aiding our evolution from animal to cosmic being, celestial existence, great power but greater wisdom! A great synthesis forms in my mind stay tune especially the hundred Amazons in Thailand armed with mandalas and spiritual practice and yoga and kung fu as yogas but most of all and open heart, an open mind and power, power to move the tails of the stomach to move the flames. More when I preach in Bangkok, Bangean? Guided by my dharmic mother Ava Wachong! There is coin to be made with this knowledge monetized your teacher, ajarn, guru needs 1% to further his mission let the first castles be built in Cambodia with the wise Chinese-Thais!

Where to locate this gated community?  The gate is a great dome half constructed and fully constructed as the flames grow and grow and GROW!  Midway between Phnom Penh and Siem Reap!  You go in one direction for commerce, the meeting with Kings, the pleasure of shopping but Phnom Penh is spiritually painful to one such as me that can sense spiritual pollution.  Dogs know better than to defecate where they eat but not the two-legged animal!  Phnom Penh reeks of power and lawyerly tricks!  However the cities of the USA smell worse much worse and in fact the center of the unclean and the GREAT stink!  New York City smells terrible the smell of gasoline, sweat and danger, GREAT danger mix to drive the fox of nine tails away!  The worship, worship of mindless consumerism is repellant to eye, reason and nose! Those who worship this false god even have a video that extols the expensive form of wine, women and song!  Carrie Bradshaw is the avatar of the false way of hedonism and just chilling!  Shoes, shoes, shoes are the center of your life what nonsense!  I wear clogs and sometimes clogs with sports socks and have traveled everywhere in comfort and style and all my many clogs and socks cost less than one of your shoes Carrie smart but not wise less wise than the children of Cambodia and she has not a clue. Unclean!  Unclean! unclean Carrie you court AIDS and monkey pox for your spiritually unwise and MORE physically unwise behavior, thought and careless even evil speech! Sex and the City has nothing to teach Asia except how NOT to behave and think! You try to teach the spiritual Muslims about clean and unclean in Sex and the City 2?  Carrie you and your merry band of sisters are wanton whores lower than the prostitutes of Pattaya that use flesh to buy clothes and food for their children!  God save the children for Carrie will not!  Carrie loves shoes more than children and insult the Virgin Mary and all women of virtue with your filth,  Carrie your stench is unbearable to the one’s above! I tire and prepare for my meeting with my dharma brothers at the appointed place at 3pm Siem Reap time.  I will try to purge myself on the smell of sin!  Not an easy task for the kitsune of nine tails.  The mandala of the kitsune of nine tails!

I have plan to convert sun to energy and ocean to water and energy.  A strange alchemy that requires coin and Saudi Arabia can convert coin from oil into domes (shelter), energy (fire) and luxury and MORE!  1%  I want my 1% for my mission requires coin!  LOL!  I am a missionary of sorts or most probably mad or actually both for one does not preclude the other!

However, I digress and today I learned yet another lesson from the wise and humble Cambodians! Why prevent crime after it happens when the wise can use cause and effect and more to stop a crime before it happens!  Wow a new intellectual challenge and will share further teaching  with my true brothers, my dharmic brothers at 3pm at the usual place.

The Earth will heal but it will take about a hundred to two hundred years. The billions will become millions. First the domes to protect us for the next twenty years and then when the world become too hot even for apes we head North or South to the poles! The dome is turned upside down and made into literal ark and the small domes are more nimble than the big ones and do reconnaissance for the biggest ships. The smaller boats are the geodesic houses turned upside down! The lead and see if the waters are treacherous. Water will pour but this is good for water is needed for life and plants that do the work of osmosis but not enough! We reach the South Pole in the case of the Asian Union ship group. The European Union? South or North depending on circumstance. The United Americas well they have mighty aircraft carrier groups already and head north if they can maintain discipline. Women like sirens will be on the shore of the Americans begging for passage! We survive for a hundred years and then the ships unite to create great genetic diversity and begin again in the New World built from the ashes of the old!

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