Santa Meets the Teddy Bears

Santa had been invited by the Teddy Bear Nation to bring good cheer to the nation. Hugh Fox Santa Hugh Fox Santa Hugh Fox Santa Hugh Fox Santa Hugh Fox Santa Hugh Fox Santa Hugh Fox Santa Hugh Fox Santa

Photo album at:

Teddy Island Museum (Pattaya, Thailand)
038-411285 fax 033-672058-59

Santa’s Adventures

Santa in Bangkok: The Comic Book!

Santa in Taipei

Santa Meets the Teddy Bears

Santa Photos






Santa in Bangkok

Santa at Art in Paradise in Pattaya

Santa Meets the Teddy Bears

Burapha Christmas Party 2012

Hugh Fox III - Birdy

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2 responses to “Santa Meets the Teddy Bears

  1. Katharine in Brussels

    Looks like my kids would like to visit Teddy Island too!

    • Its fun for the whole family and gives the Pattaya cultural landscape some much needed diversity. There are a lot of things for adults to do in Pattaya but not as much things for the kids to do. All the really big amusement parks in Thailand are in Bangkok despite the fact that the tourist center of Thailand is really Pattaya and not Bangkok.

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