Avengers Haiku Riddle

Test your Avengers IQ! 

See if you can figure out which haiku riddle describes which Avengers superhero.  The answers are at the bottom.



He flies on an ant

His helmet controls the ants

His wife is so hot!



He flies on a horse

He has an ebony sword

He is a dark knight



He has a round shield

He believes in liberty

He can really fight



He is a fine shot

His bow is very special

He is hot tempered



He is super strong!

His golden mace is power!

He is a Greek god



He is very green

He can get very angry

He is very strong



His armor is great

He has strong repulsor rays

He can fly quickly



He is super fast

His wife is an inhuman

He has a bad temper




She can give bad luck

She has a sexy outfit

She can change the world



He has long blond hair

He has a strong hammer hand

He is a good god



He is an android

His face is red

He can walk through walls



She is small and flies

Her husband is very big

She can really sting





1) Ant-Man

2) Black Knight

3) Captain America

4) Hawkeye

5) Hercules

6) Hulk

7) Iron Man

8) Quicksilver

9) Scarlet Witch

10) Thor

11) Vision

12) Wasp

WereVerse Universe Baby!

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