Hello Kitty vs. Snoopy


Dissociative Identity Disorder?

The cutest toon of the land of the rising sun squares of with the cutest toon of the land of stars and stripes.  Does this mean Japanese identify with cats and Americans identify with dogs? 


Why are they fighting?  Cats and dogs fight!  We even have an idiom along those lines.  They even had a movie called “Cats and Dogs” which I think was probably biased towards the canines.  I like both dogs and cats by the way.  Hello Kitty has one giant disadvantage in any fight, she has no mouth much less teeth.  Hello Kitty (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hello_kitty) has come from a relatively privileged background, been raised by her own kind, allowed to wear clothes and even as a kitty of her own.

Snoopy has a mouth and has threatened to bite so one assume he must have this ability.  Hello Kitty is a girl though and might tell Snoopy that gentlemen don’t bite girls.  However, Snoopy has been living in a dog house and is rarely seen in the dog house suggesting the interior is uncomfortable.  Snoopy was kidnapped by humans at an early age and seems to suffer from some version of the Stockholm Syndrome (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stockholm_syndromeI) and Snoopy acts like a human.  In addition, Snoopy’s original Stockholm syndrome has developed into a full blown Dissociative Identity Disorder (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dissociative_identity_disorder), probably caused by being abducted at an early age from the Daisy Hill puppy farm. Living in squalid living conditions outdoors seemed to have shattered Snoopy’s fragile psyche.  Snoopy has taken on multiple personas such as being Joe Cool and a flying ace as well as being many other animals.  Subjects with this disorder have many psychological problems but are generally not violent.  Snoopy realizes he cannot bite a girl, even a cat girl and the conflict is a draw. 

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  1. lol… cute scenario. i knew snoopy would not harm kitty-chan because he is a true gentleman… and now they are friends, right? (=^-^=)

  2. Off course they are friends! But you know I am thinking maybe Snoopy decides to go on an adventure with Kitty-Chan to Sanrio Land. I am lving in Korea and have been in Asia for nine long years and have had countless chances to do Sanrio Land in Japan. I lived in Taipei one of the true centers of Hello Kitty outside of Japan. You could get a genuine hello kitty scooter!

  3. Hi foxhugh, I just finally stumbled over to your blog from the comment you sent me, and I would have to agree-also not sure how to two coincide, but that’s probably a VERY good thing.

  4. Well your or I could do a post:
    “Snoopy found wandering the streets confused”
    Snoopy has finally had a total breakdown due to his dissasociative personality disorder.

    But I like Snoopy to much to do this to him and am going to do a cutesy wutesy the Adventures of Hello Kitty and Snoopy. hello kittyjunkie reminded me there are people who love these characters and not as cynical as me and that is a VERY good thing

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