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Hello Kitty & Snoopy Animoto

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Snoopy Haiku

He is a beagle

He thinks he is a human

He is almost human

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What if Hello Kitty dated Snoopy?

 Snoopy can’t get Kitty out his mind (http://foxhugh.com/2008/05/26/hello-kitty-vs-snoopy/).  Snoopy thinks about the adorable little bow and her perfect little black eyes and her cute little frock.  Kitty is even cuter than Peppermint Patty.  Snoopy listens to some Beethoven on Schroder’s piano but still can’t get Kitty out of his mind.  Snoopy runs into Lucy and gives her a great big wet kiss.  Lucy chases Snoopy for almost three blocks but beagles are pretty fast.  Snoopy usually gets a kick out of bugging Lucy but he still feels bad.  Snoopy visits Linus.  Linus offers him his blanket.  Snoopy holds the blanket but even that doesn’t work. 


Snoopy would ask Charlie Brown advice but he has watched Charlie Brown’s relationship, or rather a lack of a relationship with the little Red headed girl, for years now and thinks Charlie Brown cannot offer useful advice in this area.  Snoopy even plays in the sandbox with Pig-Pen and although he has great fun the heaviness in his heart doesn’t go away.  Snoopy tries to sleep that night but cannot.


Snoopy decides to see Kitty the next morning.  Kitty is staying at the Shangri-La Hotel.  Kitty opens the door.  Kitty asks Snoopy to take of his shoes and he looks at his feet in a confused manner.  He decides to wipe his feet of the rug and leaves a bit of dirt on the rug which embarrasses Snoopy but fortunately Kitty didn’t see what happened.  Snoopy sneakily moves some of her shoes around to cover the dirt stain and walks in.  The room is done in a Japanese style and Snoopy finds the place very interesting.  Some of the partition walls seemed to be made out of paper.  Snoopy liked to write books and his It was a dark and stormy night series was selling well.  Snoopy knew you could write on paper but Snoopy didn’t know you could make walls out of paper.  Snoopy has no idea what to do with the green paper his publishers gave him and generally tossed the green paper into a plastic bag in his dog house.


Kitty was in the living room area and his heart beat wildly.  Snoopy broke down and told Kitty about his feelings.  Kitty’s little eyes twinkled and she told him “Oh Snoopy san I can tell from your voice you are sincere but I already have a boyfriend.  Dear Daniel is my boyfriend.”  Snoopy was heartbroken and walked slowly towards the door.  Kitty out of politeness walked him to the door and trips on the shoes that Snoopy had moved.  The fall knocked Kitty out.  Kitty awoke and says “Who am I?  Who are you?”  Snoopy came up with a plan instantly “You are Kitty and I am your boyfriend Snoopy.  You fell down and hit your head and we need to get you to my home so you can rest and get better.


Snoopy took Kitty to his dog house.  Kitty looks at the dog house and can’t believe her eyes and says “You live here?”  “Sure I do” says Snoopy and adds “We are very happy when you visit me” and smiles a toothy smile.  Kitty is confused but automatically starts cleaning the dog house because it’s absolutely filthy. Snoopy slips in and out of various roles including Flying Ace and Joe Cool. Kitty would rather make tea and only half listening.  Still Kitty doesn’t mind his talking and thinks he is very imaginative even if rather childish.  She reflects that once she cleaned up the place the house is rather cozy.  Kitty looks at Snoopy’s giant nose and wonder why hers is so much smaller but after awhile she thinks his nose gives him character.


Kitty and Snoopy shared the dog food in the bowl.  Snoopy let Kitty eat first.  Kitty thinks the food is very strange and rather crunchy but not so bad.  Snoopy is of course desperately afraid that Kitty will remember and hopes he can charm her before this happens.  Snoopy decides to recreate the day before their date. 


Kitty and Snoopy listen to Schroder and then Kitty asks Schroeder if she can try to play the piano and does a beautiful job.  Kitty plays some Chopin instead of Beethoven and Schroeder finds her technique overly technical and lacking in feeling but nevertheless quite impressive for a cat.  Snoopy thinks her playing is sublime and he is determined to win Kitty’s heart.  Kitty and Snoopy visit Linus but Lucy answer’s the door and starts chasing Snoopy.  Kitty watches the chase dumb founded.  Snoopy loses Lucy again and uses his large nose to find Kitty again.  Snoopy explains that Lucy is just jealous of their love.  Kitty knows at some level this is not true but still can’t remember her past. 


They end a perfect day watching the sunset together and Snoopy has never been happier.  Just like that Kitty’s memory comes back!  Kitty tells Snoopy “Snoopy san my memory is back.  You tricked me but I know your intentions were from the heart. Thank you for a wonderful date but our love is not to be.  I must be true to Dear Daniel.  We are like two leaves passing each other in the wind and our destiny’s are not our own.”  Kitty gives Snoopy hug and a light kiss on the cheek and walks into the sunset.  A single tear falls down Snoopy check and suddenly Kitty is gone, forever.



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Peanuts Haiku Riddle

Test your Peanuts IQ! 

See if you can figure out which haiku describes which Peanuts character.  The answers are at the bottom.



Is he a loser?

Lucy fools him all the time

He is a good sport



He has a blanket

He has a loud big sister

Charlie Brown likes him



She is assertive

She has a younger brother

She likes Schroeder



She wears big glasses

Her friend is Patty

She likes to say sir



She plays baseball well

She likes Charlie Brown a lot

Marcie is her friend



The sandbox is home

He is a philosopher

Dust clouds follow him



Her hair is light blond

She has an older brother

She is capricious



He loves Beethoven

Lucy sits on his piano

He loves Beethoven not her



He is a beagle

He thinks he is a human

He is almost human



He is a small bird

Snoopy is his best friend

He is named after a concert



1) Charlie Brown

2) Linus

3) Lucy

4) Marcie

5) Peppermint Patty

6) Pig-Pen

7) Sally

8) Schroeder

9) Snoopy

10) Woodstock

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Hello Kitty vs. Snoopy


Dissociative Identity Disorder?

The cutest toon of the land of the rising sun squares of with the cutest toon of the land of stars and stripes.  Does this mean Japanese identify with cats and Americans identify with dogs? 


Why are they fighting?  Cats and dogs fight!  We even have an idiom along those lines.  They even had a movie called “Cats and Dogs” which I think was probably biased towards the canines.  I like both dogs and cats by the way.  Hello Kitty has one giant disadvantage in any fight, she has no mouth much less teeth.  Hello Kitty (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hello_kitty) has come from a relatively privileged background, been raised by her own kind, allowed to wear clothes and even as a kitty of her own.

Snoopy has a mouth and has threatened to bite so one assume he must have this ability.  Hello Kitty is a girl though and might tell Snoopy that gentlemen don’t bite girls.  However, Snoopy has been living in a dog house and is rarely seen in the dog house suggesting the interior is uncomfortable.  Snoopy was kidnapped by humans at an early age and seems to suffer from some version of the Stockholm Syndrome (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stockholm_syndromeI) and Snoopy acts like a human.  In addition, Snoopy’s original Stockholm syndrome has developed into a full blown Dissociative Identity Disorder (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dissociative_identity_disorder), probably caused by being abducted at an early age from the Daisy Hill puppy farm. Living in squalid living conditions outdoors seemed to have shattered Snoopy’s fragile psyche.  Snoopy has taken on multiple personas such as being Joe Cool and a flying ace as well as being many other animals.  Subjects with this disorder have many psychological problems but are generally not violent.  Snoopy realizes he cannot bite a girl, even a cat girl and the conflict is a draw. 

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