DC vs. Valiant Universe 5: Eternal Warrior vs. Batman

The Eternal Warrior (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eternal_Warrior) is an immortal and DC has its version of an immortal warrior called appropriately the Immortal Man (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Immortal_Man).  The problem is that Immortal Man was a third rate super hero that even die hard DC fans often forget.  You don’t pit third raters against Olympians.


The Eternal Warrior is an immortal but above all else is the foremost martial arts hero of the Valiant Universe.  The foremost martial arts hero of the DC universe is Batman.  After having kicked his brother’s butt (http://foxhugh.com/2008/05/22/dc-vs-valiant-universe-1-archer-armstrong-vs-batman-robin/), the Eternal Warrior is ready for a fight with Batman.  Also, Batman and the Eternal Warrior are both strategic fighters so expect a lot of attacks and retreats and counter attacks.  Traps using the local terrain can be expected from both sides. 


Batman has his utility belt and a lot more toys.  The Eternal Warrior has just one toy and that is a leather jacket that has studs on one side for offense and metal plates on the other side for defense.  I like the jacket so much I got an imitation made in Thailand.  Let’s hope I never have to use it.  The Eternal Warrior is a master of every weapon and martial art of the last three thousand plus years. He does not carry toys because he has outgrown the need for them as would Batman if he was thousands of years old.  Batman once turned down a Green Lantern power ring in the Justice League International because he said it would slow him down.  The Eternal Warrior has carried this minimalism to the next level. 


Batman throws a batarang at the Eternal Warrior.  The Eternal warrior grabs a book from the pocket of his jacket and uses the book as a shield.  The Eternal Warrior then moves in on Batman and hits him repeatedly with the book until Batman is knocked out.  The Eternal Warrior had seen the Bourne Supremacy at a movie theater last week and like what he saw and has been itching for a chance to use those moves.  The Eternal Warrior is an old dog who can learn new tricks.  The Eternal Warrior wins because he knows what Batman is thinking and then some.



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    • I never made such a jacket. I just reread the post and never made such a claim. If I made such a claim in some other post then just consider it a joke. However, I think the jacket would be a fantastic urban accesory. In many issues the jacket has what appears to be shotgun shells on one side and boxing type studs on the other side. Obviously shotgun shells are out but in some issues he has metal plates. He is the eternal warrior after all and was doing he asymetrical fashion thing even in the middle ages. In one issue, the Eternal Warrior, as a child, in ancient Mesopotamia?, is seen boxing in a manner very similar to Dambe:
      including similar boxing accessories. Ancient Greek and Egyptian warriors also seemed to have fought in a manner similar to the Eternal Warrior. One arm is used as a shield and one arm is used for offense. If the whole arm has studs then White Crane strikes would be especially effective:
      I have been in Thailand for the last two years, too old to practice Muay Thai, but have watched many, many bouts. Using the shin has many advantages over standard kicks that rely on the side of the foot, heel and ball of the foot. Basically you can use the shin for both long range and short range. Targeting is less tricky. However, impact is diffused and the shin is a more blunt strike than a ball, heel or foot ridge hit. The same happens with a lot of the crane type strikes which use the arm as the striking area. If you added studs along the arm you get all the advantages of the centrifugal force of a crane strike, plus less need for accurate aiming and the puncture of a fist blow! I am pretty good hand with a sewing needle and leather tools and even though I have never made such a jacket, I think it would be a piece of cake for any number of tailors that work with leather in Thailand. The challange would not be the studs since those are available in the fashion district of Bangkok, but the plates! You can’t just get any ole plates since style does matter and you want some sort of plates that are silver plated and just the right size and shape!

  3. Oops, I did make the claim! Hey it really would not be that hard or that expensive to make the jacket in Thailand! Only the plates would be the hard part. I did find the following:


    And I have only begun to shop!

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