What if Date 1: Joey of “Friends” dates Samantha of “Sex and the City”.

Friends and Sex and the City are the two top sitcoms set in New York City.  Each show has their acknowledged sex expert.  Joey goes after anything in a skirt.  Samantha goes after anything in pants.  The meeting of these two sexual volcanoes is bound to happen.  Joey and Samantha meet at a hot bar in New York.  They look at each other’s eyes and fall madly in lust and do the dirty deed several times actually.  Their chi is just too strong for birth control to handle and Samantha ends up having twins by Joey.  The twins are one boy and one girl.  The Twins grow up to be right wing, Christian, conservatives. They rail against the decadence of New York and start a cult in Waco, Texas.

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  1. thegirlfromtheghetto

    I don’t think they’d make a good couple … she’s too savvy for him. Carrie Bradshaw and Joey would make a better match …. she likes all types of guys.

  2. Hey thanks for visiting my blog! I have just gotten started and am amazed by the response. Samantha has always been willing to have a man just for sex ie a boy toy. I think Carrie is way to smart for Joey who while nice is an idiot. Stay tuned for more “What If Dates”

  3. This is way off base. samantha would get bored of Joey as soon as he opened his mouth. samantha is not the walking gonad you make her out to be. She may not be a sexual conservative but she is quite selective about who she sleeps with. Give me the name of one of her partners who was not intelligent, talented, or described by some other outstanding characteristic.

  4. They do not have relationship but a one night stand. Samantha is promiscous! I agree she is smart as a whip but when it comes to one night stands she is looking for wit. Joey in theory has some sort of mojo. He’s the sexy one in Friends. He’s supposed to be almost impossible to resist. Samantha is willing to go to bed with hunks that are not intellectual and when Jerry Jerod turns out to be more she is taken aback. As a side note I really love how the character grew over time. This is by far the most popular post and I need to give it the attention it deserves with a rewrite. This was one of my earliest posts. I have given more time and attention to obscure comic book fights between the likes of the Armorines vs. the Atomic Knights while not giving these much more important icons the attention they deserve.

  5. No, no, no Hugh you are confusing the story-telling with the story itself. Much of the way that Samantha is portrayed can not be interpreted in a single episode. In some episodes, she comes across as a female action hero. But in others she is portrayed as a living, breathing mortal human. She is this person for whom talent comes so naturally that she can’t help finding it even by accident. Joey on the other hand is so untalented that even given opportunity over and over, he simply can’t make it stick.

    A more likely scenario is that Samantha would talk with him for a while, perhaps they even fool around, but in the end, she would yawn, roll over, and tell him it was time to be going home. It would be one of those episode that never gets screened.

  6. But as you yourself point out sometimes she is portrayed as a female action her. There is definite difference between the early Samant and the later Samantha. Ok, lets just assume for the sake of argument this is the early female action hero Samantha and she had too much to drink. Your scenario might be more “realstic” but less fun. Well the girlfrom the ghetto agrees with you more so maybe you guys are right period.

  7. It is true that Samantha was transformed by the life span of the series. In that snese all the charcters were. True, in the beginning she was much more one-dimensional. But that’s my point, as the series outgrew its childish early years and gave depth to its creations, Samantha became very much a real person. And one fo her characteristics was this uncanny ability to find talent no matter how casual she was trying to be. Smith is the perfect example of this. Even trying to be superficial , she is able to find a talented and promising entertainer.

    Contrast this with Joey – a character in a show designed for Americans but so simple that you can play it without subtitles to EFL students. Where’s the hidden talent that Samantha would intuitively find? an early episode might feature Joey, but it would just be by mistake, before the creators or writers of the show even know who Samantha really is. Joey is not the Hercules you describe but rather a superficial, one-dimensional creature who can barely keep my students attention except that he speaks in Radio Free Ameica Simple English

  8. Gee I think you like Sex and the City a lot more than Friends. These shows aren’t quite as iconic of American sitcoms as in Taiwan but close. I can watch Friends daily and Sex and the City is shown 3 times a day. Its the same episode and they start from season one and work their way all the way to the last season. This post was my first foray into this sort of ficiton my latest one is sooo much better if I say so myself:

    What if? Date 4: Carrie of “Sex and the City” dates Frasier.

    I was putting a ton of energy into the What if Comic Book Battles” and the viewership is higher with the what if sitcoms. The blog is about ten days old and its identity is still being shaped in my mind.

  9. I’m glad that you could wade through the terrible typing and find my true meaning. This is what you get surfing during class breaks.

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