Orange Werefox Plays HeroClix in Bangkok

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HeroClix is a miniatures game that uses familiar Marvel and DC superheroes that can be organized into war bands rather than armies to fight each other. I am not an expert in the area of miniatures but do have some experience with Dungeons and Dragons miniatures.  One aspect of HeroClix that I like over Dungeons and Dragons miniatures, is the ability to adjust the difficulty level of play very easily.

HeroClix is suitable for children as young as ten, although the recommended age is 14. I say this because HeroClix uniquely has a dial that vastly simplifies game play and greatly lessens the amount of arithmetic associated with miniatures. Younger players can play just using the dial!  This dial option does exist for other mini games. However, I suspect even children will soon want to use the superpowers that are printed on a card. The use of superpowers on the card makes the game much more challenging. Finally, figures have team abilities which add one more layer of complexity but many adult players skip this part of the game since the team abilities may not have a big impact on the outcome of the game but experts do use the team ability to get that little extra edge.

You can buy HeroClix figures online but what is the fun in that? There is only one brick and mortar store in Thailand that sells HeroClix supplies and that is Battlefield Bangkok.  The store has great vibe and I felt right at home.  I do want to mention that Battlefield Bangkok has many other games besides HeroClix.

The best way to learn HeroClix is to play and there are regulars, such as Thanarat Thunmikapong above, at Battlefield Bangkok that helped me organize a war band with his own figurines and taught me the game as I played. Thanarat really, really knows HeroClix!  I am a rank beginner but I can already see there are some subtleties to the game.  Thanarat used Spider-Man’s powers and especially spider-sense with great effect.  If you read this article and decide to visit Battlefield Bangkok then make sure to mention that the Orange Werefox sent you!

The very important 2014 HeroClix Powers and Abilities Card has been translated from English into Thai by Nakorn Srisomwongs and his document is available for download at my Scribd account thanks to his generosity.

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