Annotated Tarot Cards: Regular Sized, Over Sized and Free Poster!

You can download regular sized cards using the same format as the cards above at:

I often teach small groups around a table how to use the Tarot and needed oversized Tarot cards with the key words printed on the cards as a teaching aid.  You can buy oversized Tarot cards or you can buy Tarot cards with the keyword meanings printed on the cards.  What I couldn’t find was a Tarot deck that was both oversized and had the keywords printed on the cards so I made my on deck!  You can point to the keywords (14 point font size) and explain the keywords to a group with the oversized deck.

You can download the cards as a PDF file at:

Tarot Cards Oversized Cards and Meanings on Cards Pic Resized

Free 27 by 72 inch poster below:

Annotated Tarot Cards Poster 27x72 Inches


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