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Foxey Quote 3: Cogito Ergo Eato

“Cogito ergo sum” means “I think I am”. My version is “I think therefore I
eat”.   There is no word “eato” but typically the Japanese take an English word and add “o” to the end of it to make it a loan word or “gairaigo”. For example, “set” becomes “seto”, short” becomes “shorto” and so on. I did a
Gairaigo rap while in Japan:


“Eato” is essentially a gairaigo neologism.

WereVerse Universe Baby!

Gairaigo Rap X

This is version “X” of my rap.  X is for experimental.  A more polished version may follow.

Gairaigo is Japanese for “loan word”.  This rap has many Japanese loan words.

See the following link for more on what a gairaigo is:


Eventual lyrics of my rap:

I got a dato at the interneto to have bento.

I was hungry because I only had a toasto

My dato is shorto but cuto

She kissed me on the lipo and handed me her coato.

She found a black hair on my hodo and my cuto has blonde hair.

She called me a cheato and a rato and she wants to separato.

I told her the hair was from my peto.

She said if she had a bato I would be in trouble.

I don’t need a taroto to know I am losing my cuto.

I am on the mato.

I don’t know wether to go lefto or righto

My life is in the toileto.

I can’t eat any foodo

I got a testo and worksheeto I got to study but what is the pointo?

I got to geto my little cuto back.


Japanenglish – English Dictionary

Bato – Bat

Carto -Car

Cheato – Cheat

Coato – Coat

Cuto – Cute

Dato – Date

Foodo – Food

Geto – Get

Haircuto – Haircut

Hodo – Hoodie

Interneto – Internet

Lefto – Left

Lipo – Lip

Mato – Mat

Peto – Pet

Pointo – Point

Rato – Rat

Receipto – Receipt

Righto – Right

Separato – Separate

Shorto – short

Taroto – Tarot

Testo – Test

Toileto – Toilet

Tosto – toast

Worsksheeto – Worksheet

WereVerse Universe Baby!