Chinchilla Birthday Party!


Many Japanese have birthday parties for their pets.  I have made some otaku type friends in Osu, the Nagoyan version of Akihabara in Tokyo, and was invited to a Chinchilla Birthday Party.  This was a first for me and I am not sure if the Chinchillas got a lot out of the party but the guests sure had fun.

This is also my 100th post!

This party in turn inspired a similar parties in the future:

WereVerse Universe Baby!


17 responses to “Chinchilla Birthday Party!

  1. A very impressive use of time – I mean making such astute cultural observations. Perhaps FOX News could fit it in after their feature on the grassroots support for Sarah Palin.

  2. The chinchillas can feel your cynisim all the way over here in Japan and they will pray to the great chinchilla god Cutesy Wutsey Dutsey that you see the error of your ways.

    They may even make an offering of Kaytee Fiesta Chinchilla food, the good stuff, not the Ultra Blend crap with its pseudo scientific pretensions, thats how much the chinchillas care!

  3. Matthew C. Crawford

    That is … a mindblowing picture.

  4. Isnt it! The Japanese students love this post but its the picture that makes the post work. My students have asked me the following questions over and over again and for the record.
    1) The brown chichilla is named Eddy
    2) The white chinchilla is named Freddy
    or maybe its the othe way around. I wasnt taking notes at the birthday party.
    3) I dont know their blood types.
    4) I gues since Freddy was born in November he is a scorpio.
    5)Eddy and Freddy are not related.
    6) They are both male
    7)They get along just fine.
    8) I have no idea if Freddy is smarter.
    9) I dont have a mailing address for belated birthday presents for Eddy and Freddy.
    10) Chinchillas dont have email addresses or blogs.

    And thats about all I know about Eddy and Freddy and yes I will try to get more info and most of all more pictures of Eddy and Freddy in the future.

  5. I cant wait to throw my chinn=chilla a birthday party! and uuummmm YEAH chins can have emails and blogs just as hamsters can ! so just an FYI right there!

  6. sry bout the typo in chinchilla

  7. so can crabs

  8. You have singlehandedly made at least my week so far from looking at this picture, thank you for sharing this happiness with the world! You have many happy thoughts from me for your photographic and timing skills with these guys! I’ve been planning to get chinchillas since I saw my first one in the petstore, and this picture is the clincher 😉
    Thanks again!!

    • It is a pretty cute picture! I hope you enjoyed the story as well. I was in Japan at the time. Japan love their pets! Japanese dress up their dogs and cats all the time and there are whole stores that sell nothing but pet costumes. A birthday party of the sort I described would not be impossible in Japan at all!

  9. I don’t want to ruin the fantasy, but these chinchillas belong to my girlfriend and I and their names are Newie and Chewie. If you are indeed interested in seeing more adorable photos of them, including different hat varieties, please visit as it has that and much more. also look at this youtube video of newie (the white one) opening a jar:

    • Hey thanks for the information! I will definetly check out your site! I really, really hope people can figure out the piece is fiction! Are the chinchillas still as cute as ever?

    • Just watched the video of Newie opening the jar! Man, chincillas are smart! I had guinea pigs and rabbits as a kid but I can’t imagine them opening a jar like that! Great video!

      • Hey Hugh, just stumbled across this page again and saw your replies – glad you liked the video! It’s a good one. Here’s another one of him jumping on his little wooden couch on command if you’re interested, it’s a little dark and not as impressive as the other video but worth a look:

        And I also wanted to say that I very much enjoyed your story about “Freddy and Eddy” – I love seeing our little fuzzy guys popping up all around the place and sharing their cuteness with the world!

      • I will check out the Youtube link immediately. I am glad you enjoyed the Freddy and Eddy story!

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