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Comic Book Merged Humans

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While working on my list of superpowers, one of the more interesting superpowers I added, that was not on my previous list of 150 superpowers, was the ability to merge human beings into a single being (power 99). Writing about this superpower brought back a lot of memories. I first read Childhood’s End when I was a teenager and the book kind of scared the crap out of me because there was something deeply true about the novel. In Childhood’s End the Overlords look like demons. Our fear of demons is a premonition of a fate in which humans become a single organism. Childhood’s End is a novelistic version of the Omega Point put forth by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. The recent TV series version of Childhood’s End also got me thinking about the subject of MERGED HUMANS!   This article will explore (1) how humans have been merged, (2) why humans have been merged and different (3) types of merging in comic books.

1.0) How would you create merged humans?

 1.1) Cybernetic

One way of merging human is via a combination of biological and technological means. This merging can be done for various ends. Transhumanism, or H+ for short, suggests we use emerging technologies such as genetic engineering and/or intelligence augmentation (IA) and artificial technology in tandem in order to enhance human potential. There are different flavors of transhumanism including: Abolitionism, Democratic transhumanism, Extropianism, Immortalism, Libertarian transhumanism, Postgenderism, Singularitarianism, and Technogaianism.

The flavor missing from the list is the flavor you see in any number of science fiction movies in which emerging technologies are used to enhance humans to serve the interests of the state which are generally military. Captain America is enhanced to fight Nazis as super soldier. In the future, the very same Marvel Comics super solider program is used to create Nuke (Marvel), a cyborg. I actually find the comic book version of a post human future more “realistic” than the H+ version. Enhanced humans will require deep pockets which only the state has and not the politically correct. The Kree Empire decides to use cyborg technology to create the Supreme Intelligence! The most famous cyborg collective intelligence is of course the Borg (Star Trek). The Borg have the amazing ability to assimilate both technological and biological uniqueness and then add them to the collective.

1.2) Superorganisms

A superorganism is an organism that consists of other organisms. In the case of superorganisms, humans are merged via biological means rather than cybernetic means. In one scenario, aliens may arrive and have the ability to merge humans via biological means and humans lose their identity as individual i.e. they become the fictional version of eusocial. The Invasion of the Body Snatchers is the seminal movie of this type. The comic book version of an alien that takes over humans is Starro (DC) and Starro uses little star fish that attach themselves to the head of humans including even Superman to take them over an make them part of a collective intelligence.

1 Comic Book Merged Humans - Starro - Justice League of America 190

Marvel decided to make a montage of the The Stepford Wives and The Midwich Cuckoos and created the Stepford Cuckoos (Marvel) who are quintuplets with a telepathic hive mind. Marvel also created the Uni-Mind (Marvel).  The Eternals are a race that has all the powers of Superman, more or less, and can merge into a single Uni-Mind due to their Eternal physiology rather than via technological means. There is a loss of individual identity but only temporarily. The Overmind (Marvel) is an alien belonging to the Eternals of Eyung and the receptacle for entire population of several hundred million minds. The individual minds have been totally erased.   The High Evolutionary use some sort of compound to accelerate human evolution and creates the Entity (Marvel) in What If -The Avengers Lost the Evolutionary War V2 #1 but individuality is retained while powers are amalgamated.

The comic book writer, Alan Moore has the Swamp Thing accidently become a collective intelligence in Swamp Thing V2 #61 (1987). The Swamp Thing creates a plant based superorganism. Alan Moore always uses a unique POV to make an old topic interesting. The problem of unmerging the collective is seen from the POV of those merged first and the Green Lantern who wants to save the merged innocents and tries different solutions. Compare this POV driven approach to storytelling to how the Uni-Mind, Ubersaurus and Mangog are summarily unmerged.

Comic Book Merged Humans - Swamp Thing V2 #61 (1987) - Page 10 Comic Book Merged Humans - Swamp Thing V2 #61 (1987) - Page 14 Comic Book Merged Humans - Swamp Thing V2 #61 (1987) - Page 16

In Memetic (Boom), aliens use a meme of sloth with a hypnotic spiral in the background in order to create merged humans.

Brit (Image) fights a one-shot unnamed merged human supervillain in Brit V1 #1.

1.3) Technological Singularity

In the technological singularity scenario, computers create even better computers and those better computers create even better computers and on and on until computers quickly reach a level of artificial intelligence (AI) that soon totally surpasses human intelligence. This article is about merging humans not AI so let’s assume computers don’t like waste and merge humans into the machine. In “real” life, I think super computers would either ignore us or eliminate us but conquering us or more salaciously conquering our women seems to sell more books and tickets!

In the comic book version of the technological singularity the computers mostly conquer humans or try to eliminate us but we put up a really good fight. Brainiac (DC) is the number one comic book robot that goes this route. Brainiac shrinks cities so he can study them the way a youngster studies an ant farm. The concept is totally insane but a lot of fun and allows for a slew of Kandor related stories since this is the city Brainiac “saved” from the destruction of Krypton. If there is no Kandor then there is no Superman Emergency Squad! Finally, if there is no Superman Emergency Squad then you can’t have a fight between them and Supergirl in Action 276.

2 Comic Book Merged Humans - Supergirls vs the Superman Emergency Squad - Action 276

Ultron (Marvel) used to want to eliminate humans but lately he has started to merge humans.

3 Comic Book Merged Humans - Age of Ultron - The Complete Event (2014) - Page 272

A similar plot twist happened in the Terminator franchise. In Terminator Genisys, Skynet turns John Connor, the leader of the human resistance, into a Terminator! I suppose both 1.1 and 1.3 are examples of cyborg technology from a technological point of view but I would say if you as a human are mostly computer and more importantly it was done to you by a computer than it’s still an expression of technological singularity and a very important difference in terms of novelistic conflict.

1.4) Unknown Means

In the case of the Omega Point, the role of biological and technological merging of humans is not specified and/or irrelevant. Merged humans provide theological answers so the ends not the means are more relevant. In Childhood’s End one assumes scientific means are used but as in the case of the Omega Point, the details of how this merging happens is not specified. Odin creates Mangog (Marvel) using magic but magic isn’t much of an explanation. Mostly I just don’t want to make a whole category just for Mangog!

2.0) Why would you create merged humans?

2.1) Evolutionary Imperative

Merging human is just the right thing to do! Come on humans as individuals suck! You know it! I know it! We are going to destroy ourselves in the next twenty minutes anyway so we might as well merge and go up the evolutionary ladder. Do you think microbes liked being part of a larger multicellular body? Of course not! It’s the next stage and we will be happier for going up the ladder. The Borg know assimilation is just the right thing to do! Teilhard de Chardin doesn’t suggest there is a choice but God is behind the plan so it must be the right thing to do.

2.2) Governance

Two brains are better than one and two thousand brains are probably better than two. The Kree Empire use technology to create the Supreme Intelligence which is an amalgam of the best and brightest minds of Kree history. The Supreme Intelligence is created to create a cosmic cube but refuses but is kept around anyway for governance. The Eternals merge into a Uni-Mind temporarily to make big decisions.

2.3) Military

Merged humans might have military applications. Maybe the Borg didn’t create a hive mind mostly for military purposes but they do tend to kick Starfleet around without much trouble. Even the Q (Star Trek) don’t mess with the Borg. The Overmind (Marvel) and the Ubersaur (Astro City) were created specifically for combat!

2.4) Punishment

“Hell is other People”, according to Sartre. Odin is obviously a big fan of Sartre and decided the best way to punish a people was to merge them into a single entity called Mangog. Mangog in turn almost destroys his kingdom. Odin’s merging makes no sense whatsoever but this is often the case with the Marvel version of Odin! However, the idea of a criminal feeling the pain of their victim does make some sense. In The Crow, protagonist Eric Draven makes villain Top Dollar feel 30 hours of his (Eric’s) murdered girlfriend Shelly’s pain in one moment.

3.0) Type of Merging

There are at least three possibilities when it comes to merging (3.1) Mind only, (3.2) Body mostly (lack of super intelligence) and (3.3) Mind and Body. The type of merging is sadly neglected in one of the most popular fan boy fights: What would happen if the Uni-Mind fought the Supreme Intelligence. The Uni-Mind can fly and seems to be an amalgam of the Eternals physically not just mentally (3.3). The Uni-Mind, unlike the Supreme Intelligence, is more like a thousand Supermans in one big body. Actually the Uni-Mind hasn’t really shown any super intelligence feats but has vast psionic powers and is used for governance sporadically so one assumes there is some sort of super intelligence at work.

The Supreme Intelligence is probably more intelligent because more minds make up the Supreme Intelligence than the Uni-Mind. However, physically the Supreme Intelligence physically is a collection of computers and brains and can only control three androids to fight (3.1). However, the Supreme Intelligence does have vast psionic powers. The Supreme Intelligence is one of the great manipulators of the Marvel Universe and ruthlessly created the Nega-Bomb to force the evolution of the Kree race while not letting the Kree know about its genocidal plan directed at the Kree themselves for a larger end! The Supreme Intelligence can access all the information of the Kree Empire, process that information and come up with extremely complex plans that have been successful in the past.

Minus prep, the Uni-Mind wins in a conflict with the Supreme Intelligence. The Uni-Mind is powerful enough to just fly through Kree space and blast the Supreme Intelligence to death. The Supreme Intelligence has some psionic powers but not to the same extent as the Uni-Mind. Without prep then the conflict is more or less Superman versus a computer installation!

If there is prep then the Supreme Intelligence has the vast resources of the interstellar Kree Empire and superior intelligence to use those resources. This would be Superman versus a computer installation which is guarded by an insane level of military resources and they know you are coming and of course they can come after you first! The Kree Empire did create the Inhumans as their answer to the Celestial created Eternals and if they can create a super race then surely they can create weapons to take out a super race.

The Supreme Intelligence can send out an armada that conquers worlds, Sentries, giant robots with vast destructive potential, and specialized weaponry designed to take out Eternals merged or not. The Supreme Intelligence is the brain of the Kree Empire. The Uni-Mind is more agile as a body and brain in one package but the Supreme Intelligence has a body which is the Kree Empire at its disposal with prep. Also, the Supreme Intelligence is more redundant. The Supreme Intelligence is a vast network and the pieces can be replaced with more brains and more computers. The Supreme Intelligence is more of a distributed network. The Uni-Mind is a single entity flying in the sky. A really powerful entity but one target when it’s all said and done. The Uni-Mind was been taken out by a single blast from a Celestial in the past!

Comic Book Merged Humans - Uni-Mind vs Celestials - Thor #300 - Page 25

The Overmind (Marvel) received vast psionic powers due to his merging but not the physical powers of the millions that he is the merged version of or super intelligence.

What if there is a physical merging but not a merging of minds (3.2)? You merge beings to get super strength. There are major disadvantages to having an amalgam body lacking super intelligence or psionic powers. Mangog is a savage creature of unbelievable strength and is much stronger than Thor. However, Mangog is easily taken apart by Odin. Super intelligence could have given Magog the ability to create a defense against Odin.

4 Comic Book Merged Humans - Thor #157 - Page 28

Ubersaurus (Astro City), in a manner similar to the Eternals, uses the inherent super powers of their alien physiology to create a collective being that has a collective body but the Ubersaurus doesn’t appear to be all that smart and is easily defeated by some sort of ray that a super intelligent being would have anticipated (3.2). If the Ubersaurus had psionic powers then it might have erected some sort of psionic force field to stop the ray.

5 Comic Book Merged Humans - Ubersaur - Astro City #30 (2016) - Page 19

The Swamp Thing becomes a physically impressive specimen but the merging leaves him in a state of shock.  A merged creature minus super intelligence or psionic defenses is easily unmerged with the right technology and this seems to be the main weakness of this type of merging.

I am going to argue that the Borg are an example of 3.3 but the Borg have their little version of 3.3 which makes them very interesting. Do the Borg as a hive mind have super intelligence? The Borg can store and process huge amounts of information as a hive mind that consists of countless assimilated species. The Queen of the Borg serves some sort of information processing nexus function that is not totally explained in the Star Trek universe. The Borg can adapt to all sorts of technology almost instantly and if this isn’t super intelligence certainly this ability mimics super intelligence.

However, stratagems by Starfleet do seem to work against the Borg and Borg intelligence seems to have blind spot when it comes to individuals. The Borg do not so much assimilate individuals as civilizations so individuals are ignored and an individual might be able to slip past Borg defenses and do damage to the Borg that is disproportionate to the apparent potential of the individual. A Borg, Hugh is infected with a computer virus and the Enterprise crew is pretty sure their stratagem will work if Hugh is assimilated again. The human equivalent would be blankets with Small Pox given to Native Americans and a being with super intelligence would see through such a trick easily. The Borg have assimilated humans so this particular historical example would be in their data base. The Borg are like an idiot savant in some ways. Their knowledge is deep and detailed but their thought sometimes lacks common sense. The Borg are more robotic and slow moving and slow thinking than human and agile of mind and body.

The Borg can create a custom nexus similar to the Borg Queen that deals with particular problems. The Borg created a nexus called Locutus out of Captain Picard in order to take out the Federation. This custom made nexus seems to give the Borg the advantages of both a hive mind and a quicker more agile individual mind in one package. I see Locutus as being a custom made chip designed for a particular problem. The Borg as a collective are a cybernetic system that is smart enough to create a cybernetic expert system when needed and by assimilating Captain Picard avoid the knowledge acquisition problem.

Do the Borg have some sort of ability to merge their humanoid bodies? The Borg as a cube ship seem to have some sort of ability to draw on the physical reserves of all the individual Borg in the cube ship for regeneration from attacks that would destroy any Starfleet ship (3.3). Individual Borg outside of the cube ship do not have this ability.

I would say the Entity is an example of 3.3 taken to a higher level than any other being in comic book history. The Entity can destroy both Eternity and Death physically because it’s an amalgam of most of the Marvel Universe superheroes who have also been evolved. Even the merged humans, not super humans, can disintegrate a Celestial with just a thought!

Comic Book Merged Humans - What If The Avengers Lost the Evolutionary War V2 #1 - Page 18 Comic Book Merged Humans - What If The Avengers Lost the Evolutionary War V2 #1 - Page 25 Comic Book Merged Humans - What If The Avengers Lost the Evolutionary War V2 #1 - Page 26 Comic Book Merged Humans - What If The Avengers Lost the Evolutionary War V2 #1 - Page 27 Comic Book Merged Humans - What If The Avengers Lost the Evolutionary War V2 #1 - Page 28 Comic Book Merged Humans - What If The Avengers Lost the Evolutionary War V2 #1 - Page 29 Comic Book Merged Humans - What If The Avengers Lost the Evolutionary War V2 #1 - Page 30

In conclusion the topic of merged humans in comic books appears to be simple but actually has a lot of components that make the topic more interesting.

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What if Comics 2: The Dark Psi Lords

The Dark Psi Lords is one of the most nefarious villains for hire organizations and specialize in parallel Earth invasions. Individually each member can bring chaos to a country.  Together they can plunge an entire world into chaos and are often hired by an Earth from one dimension to invade an Earth from another dimension to destroy the enemy psychologically as a prelude to actual invasion.  Each member is a master of manipulating a particular psychological weakness.  Their means are devious but effective.


Green Alienator

Their leader, the Green Alienator is a former professor and blogger, who discovered he has the ability start a war, battle or conflict between any two parties via a few well planted communications.  The Green Alienator has both limited telepathy, technopathy and hyperkinesic perception (HKP).  This is an unusual combination of psi powers. 


After arriving at an Earth, he can read the minds of the inhabitants and plan a strategy to increase divisions on the target Earth.  He cannot read minds word for word.  He can read about every third to seventh word of a subject.  These are words that have more emotional intensity.  Words that are emotionally important to the subject are easier to read than words that are not emotionally important to the subject. A typical reading will yield something like:


“I _ _ _ _ bought _ _beer.”




“I was at the supermarket and bought a beer.”


The Green Alienator does sense blanks in the communication clearly.  The Green Alienator can sense the subject cares about beer a great deal.  Since the Green Alienator is aware of which words are generally of low emotional intensity, he has learned to fill in the blanks.


The Green Alienator has turned his telepathic weaknesses into a strength.  Since, he can only read minds sufficiently to figure out which words trigger emotions, his semantic knowledge of the emotional significance of words on the target Earth is soon quite large.  The Green Alienator prefers to use the internet communication system of the Earth under attack. 


As mentioned, the Green Alienator also has limited technopathic abilities.  Unlike more powerful technopaths, the Green Alienator cannot create brand new technologies or gadgets but can only use an Earth’s existing electronic technology in an optimal manner.  The Green Alienator can easily set up an internet based communication system that will reach millions within a month upon arriving at a target Earth.  The Green Alienator has been exposed to the electronic communications technology of dozens of Earths. These systems are often more technologically advanced than the target Earth so he can seem to be inventing new technology when this is not actually the case.  This combination of ability and knowledge allows the Alienator to create a marketing empire very quickly on the target Earth with financial resources that the Lords can use to their advantage for their mission.  The Green Alienator also uses his technopathy to create false electronic identities for himself and his fellow Lords. 

The Green Alienator has HKP is a form of body language perception.  The person with HKP can read body language to an extreme extent and can basically tell the mood of someone and if they are lying (http://foxhugh.com/2008/03/).

The Green Alienator does not generally contact his counterpart on the target Earth, when they exist, since this has been found to be both confusing and painful.  His counterparts generally have just enough telepathy, technopathy and HKP to have some empathy for his situation but not enough psychic power to be useful.  Later they get in the way.  They want to help him but don’t understand he has crossed the line to full blown villainy.  Killing your counterpart in such situations is not easy.  Once upon a time the Green Alienator was a very different person and his counterparts cannot or will not understand what he has become!


The Green Alienator will contact the counterparts of former lovers and his two ex-wives when they were younger, while disguised and enjoys having an experience that is both new and old at the same time.  Seduction becomes easier after practice with a counterpart many times over but each counterpart is just a little bit different.  The Green Alienator also seduces women who will become famous movie stars before this is the case.


Overall, the Lords have access to technology that is 10-30 years more advanced than that of the target Earth. .The Green Alienator has a paunch and this causes enemies to underestimate his martial arts skills which are considerable due to his HKP and penchant for lethal gadgets.  The Alienator does keep covert weapons on his person.  His green cargo vest, that he often wears, seems to be of a normal fabric but is actually made of an advanced form of spider silk (http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2005/01/0114_050114_tv_spider.html).  The vest is essentially bullet proof and knife proof.  The vest is generally filled with various gadgets that look like one thing but are something else.  The Green Alienator can sense when someone is about to attack.   The Green Alienator can also sense how the person will attack i.e. a kick or punch since he can read the tensing of muscles that generally comes ahead of an attack and will have the appropriate gadget ready to take out his opponent even before the opponent attacks.

The Green Alienator always carries a sonic screwdriver (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sonic_screwdriver) in the form of a Mont Blanc pen.  The Green Alienator stole this technology from Dr. Who (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doctor_Who) before fleeing Dr. Who’s dimension. The visit was an accident since the Lords have a policy of avoiding super heros as much as possible.


Having lived on many particular Earths, all three Lords have developed a “what if” view of history that is difficult with those without interdimensional travel to understand.  The Green Alienator can often predict how a particular cultural, political, or economic event will unfold and could write a formal academic treatise on the subject but does not do so since the knowledge dangerous in the hands of another.


Smiling Naysayer

The second Lord is the Smiling Naysayer.  The  Smiling Naysayer can come up with a thousand reasons why any action, project or even train of thought will fail and that the best course of action is to do nothing.  The Smiling Naysayer styles himself a type of bard.  In the case of the Alienator the words used are important rather than how they are communicated.  In the case of the Bard the opposite is true.   With his psychic power he can make the most outrageous argument seem sensible.  Generally, the Green Alienator sets up a talk show that the Smiling Naysayer can use as his forum.  The Green Alienator manipulates the stats of that Earth’s Nielsen Ratings (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nielsen_Ratings)

so that the  show is a hit and people watch hits in turn making the show and actual hit.


The  Smiling Naysayer can truly convince the enemy that” resistance is futile” via his talk show, unlike the physically formidable Borg but psychological idiots, the Borg(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Borg_(Star_Trek)) that use the same sentence to no effect.  Despite making fun of the Borg, the league generally stays clear of universes that contain the Borg anywhere near the Earth in the 20th century.


A typical combination tactic by the Alienator and the  Smiling Naysayer is for the Alienator to start a war between two nation states and for the  Smiling Naysayer to destroy the will to fight of the stronger nation state.  Typically the Lords uses this strategy to get the equivalent of France to conquer the target Earth, one nation at a time, by having the French conquer successively stronger countries until seemingly impossibly, the French have conquered the Earth.  Then the invading Earth takes out France and takes over the whole already conquered Earth.  An Earth governed by single weak state is much more easily invaded than an Earth with many strong nation states.  This strategy was devised and perfected by the Alienator and the client Earth generally goes along with his advice. 


If at any point you think France is taking over your world then you are probably the target of interdimensional invasion!


The  Smiling Naysayer is not a technopath  but will use advanced technology, when necessary, to accomplish his mission.  The Naysayer prefers to use pubs as his forum for nay saying which is effective against leaders of the target Earth.  If the Naysayer invites you to a pub to drink then the chances are pretty much zero you will say no to the invitation.  The  Smiling Naysayer can cause Mormons to go to a pub and have a beer.


This ability to talk anyone in a pub to do anything means he can’t reach the masses of a target Earth.  The  Smiling Alienator can help spread the Naysayers message through technological means but this is not as effective.  Communication between the Alienator and the Naysayer is generally keep do a minimum during a mission, to keep their cover, but after having conquered so many Earths together this is not a problem.  The  Smiling Naysayer takes on many guises but generally keeps his trade mark Harry Potter glasses, a shaved head and is always smiling even when giving the worst assessment of a situation. 


The  Smiling Naysayer will look up his counterpart under disguise and they generally have a good time drinking at a pub.  The  Smiling Naysayer avoids meeting the counterpart of his wife and son since this brings up painful memories of his abandoning them in other to seek his fortune as a Psi Lord.  He will look up counterparts to the drinking partners he knew a long time ago on his Earth.


The Dark Purple Fog

The third member of the Lords is the Dark Purple Fog.  Unlike the other Lords, the Dark Fog will not try to disguise his appearance in the least.  The Dark Purple Fog is literally surrounded by a dark purple fog that is perceptible to psychics but not to most normal human beings but to some extent blurs his appearance.  People can remember his presence but have a hard time describing his features in any detail.  The Dark Purple Fog can move the fog away from himself and those under the fog find themselves feeling depressed, anxious, angry and eventually descend into madness if the fog is not lifted.  When the fog is moved his features can be seen by an observer in detail.  The Dark Purple Fog is the most powerful member of the league in terms of sheer raw psi energy but is only partially protected from the effects of his dark fog and this causes him to often act erratically. 


The Dark Purple Fog considers the use of electronic media by the Green Alienator or conversation by the Smiling Naysayer as being far inferior to his dark fog.  The Dark Purple Fog is also anti-technology and only uses the advanced technology that the Lords have if forced to.  The Dark Purple Fog has some contempt for the other Lords and privately wonders if he would be happier in a super hero universe which the other Lords have an extreme aversion to.  The Dark Purple Fog is becoming more powerful and is slowly developing telekinetic powers.  He can use his dark purple fog to lift objects the size of a baseball.  The other two Lords use a combination of their limited powers, talents and technology to achieve their ends.  The Dark Purple Fog loves how he can cause chaos with his power alone without the aid of talents or technology. 


The Dark Purple Fog actively looks for his target Earth counterpart and tries to enlighten him but his power generally goes out of control and he only hurts his counterpart.  Incredibly he lifted his counterpart, the last time he had such a meeting, and slammed him into the ground leaving him unconscious.  Generally his counterparts have low level blue collar jobs and have never left Alice Springs, Australia and cannot comprehend interdimensional travel.  Since the dark fog shrouds his features, they do not realize he is a physical duplicate until the dark fog engulfs them and at that point they really don’t care. 


Why the Dark Purple Fog has his power and none of his counterparts do is a mystery but one commonality is that none of his counterparts went down the dark and devilish road of Dungeons and Dragons (D&D). 


As we all know D&D is just a thinly disguised sequence and set of spells designed by Satan to set in motion the end of days.


The Dark Psi Lords started when the Smiling Naysayer, not the  Smiling Naysayer back then, said the words of a particular piece of D&D text while…


No I draw the line right here!  If I describe what happened then three more Dark Psi Lords might pop up!


This information is classified!*


The Dark Purple Fog will seek out a particular bully counterpart in Alice Springs that bullied him on his Earth and torture him with the dark fog for longer and longer periods until destroying his psyche.


Under optimal conditions the Dark Purple Fog can project a fog about the size of Hawaii and once caused an island about this size in to fall into deep depression and ultimately madness without intending to do this before he mastered control of his power.  This island was in East Asia and is where the Lords met each other before they became Lords. 


This information is also classified. **


The combination of the psychic assault of the Naysayer on the leadership of a country and the Dark Purple Fog on a city under attack means that by the time the French arrive to invade the New York City, there is no will to resist.  The  Smiling Naysayer and Dark Purple Fog do not get along and the Green Alienator often finds himself in the ironic position of mediator between the other two Lords.


The Lords have an ultimate weapon.  This weapon is totally life like androids from one the West World dimensions.  The Lords are aware of the LMDs of the Marvel dimensions but do not venture in such realms.  The Lords secretly replace major political and financial leaders with androids under their control.  The Alienator uses the financial resources of whatever telecommunications empire he has to create the androids secretly. 


The Green Alienator has a personal interest in this technology since he has over time become addicted to the company of sexbots which act as personal constant from his travels from Earth to Earth.  The Green Alienator generally arrives at an Earth with an entourage of sexbots that acts as his agents and bodyguards as well as personal servitors in every way imaginable.


Each Lord calls himself a Lord because each one is the secret overlord of an Earth that they rule through a combination of covert androids and advanced psychological technologies.  Between missions the Lords decided it was time to do some conquest of their own.  There are a series of Earths in which Spain remained the dominant power and had no English industrial revolution.  Spain rules the world with an iron hand with the equivalent of 17th century technology in 1999.  The Lords targeted three Earths were Spain ruled the world.


The Green Alienator has many palaces on his Earth with extensive harems. The Alienator maintains enormous armies of cyborgs in secret locations around his Earths to prevent rebellion but mostly to prevent the sort of invasions they have facilitated.  The Green Alienator did steal a terminator from a terminator universe and even upgraded this already formidable weapon.  The Green Alienator also stole technology from a Matrix Earth and uses this technology for both recreational purposes and to explore his “What if” philosophy via simulations.  A primitive version of his thoughts has been posted on a blog on his home i.e. the Earth he was born on. He rarely visits this Earth and an android takes his place on his “home” Earth.


The Smiling Naysayers Earth has the most extensive global network of pubs of any Earth the Lords have visited, that he owns, complete with covert teleportation equipment that allow him to go from any pub he owns to any other pub.


What the Dark Purple Fog has done to his Earth is shrouded in mystery since he has never invited the other two Lords over despite the fact that the Green Alienator and Smiling Naysayer often visit each other at their respective Earth’s.  The two other Lords suspect the worst but are wary of the Dark Purple Fogs power and do not want to endanger their lucrative partnership despite their misgivings.  The Dark Psi Lords are among the most successful villains in the multiverse as their Lord status proves. 


How many super villains actually rule an Earth despite countless attempts to do so?  In this sense the Lords have been more successful than such noteworthy super villains as Dr. Doom and Lex Luthor.  Initially, the Dark Psi Lords would take about three years to take over an Earth but over time have become more sophisticated in their methods and with the addition of more and more technology from more and more Earths have become more and more powerful.  The Psi Lords can generally conquer a, none super hero, Earth in about a year. 


However, the Dark Psi Lords recognizes its limitations and will turn down assignments that are deemed too dangerous.  This includes any universe with super heroes and missions to far into the future where they might not have a technological edge.  Only the Dark Purple Fog has a level of super power that would give him any sort of status in super hero universe.  The Green Alienator and Smiling Naysayer are quite aware via secondary evidence, such as comic books, all interdimensional travelers knows that comic book writers and artists are interdimensional telepaths, that powers not talents and technology rule super hero Earths.  An offer to facilitate the invasion of the Earth that is inhabited by the Authority was turned down after a hearty laugh by the trio. 

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