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Mephisto’s Council of Red

Avengers #55 (2022) – Page 15-Dog Form

Avengers #55 (2022) – Page 16-Council of Red

Avengers #55 (2022) – Page 17-Portal

Avengers V2018 #50 (2022) – Page 21-Snake

Mephisto from the past of Earth 616 or one of the Mephisto’s of another Earth that has the shape of a snake or perhaps a serpent? The word Serpent is Latin, the word Snake from Germanic. Serpent is more of a literary term: used in poetry and literature, more evocative and pejorative and dramatic. Snake is a more clinical term, used more in casual conversation and precise scientific terminology

Avengers V2018 #50 (2022) – Page 43-Mephisto Earth 411

Avengers V2018 #50 (2022) – Page 44-Howard Stark

Avengers V2018 #50 (2022) – Page 47-Snake again


Avengers V2018 #50 (2022) – Page 61-Mephisto created Masters of Evil of the Multiverse


Exotic Dancer Madonna


Eternal Psychology Explained


Cosplay the Comic Book

Barbarella explains sex!

The Simpsons are like the wind!

Soft Power is like the Wind

The Simpsons are like the wind! I would argue that the power of the Simpsons is a type of soft power.  Soft power is like the wind and can erode anything over time.  Soft power is invariably unseen by anyone until suddenly a zeitgeist revolution occurs.

Hong Kong Customers noticed that episode 12 of season 16 is missing from Disney +, which launched in the city this month. This comes as authorities in Hong Kong clamp down on the entertainment industry, banning films that violate a strict national security law. Disney has not commented on the missing episode.  The episode, named “Goo Goo Gai Pan”, sees the cartoon family, the Simpsons visit China. Anyone who knows anything about Chinese politics and culture must have realized that episode would be censored in Hong Kong and elsewhere.

Boy Blue (Fables) explains the afterlife to Bigby Wolf


Mariya Takeuchi Plastic Love 竹内 まりやプラスティック・ラブ

竹内まりや & 山下達郎 – PLASTIC LOVE

Mariya Takeuchi (竹内 まりや) – Plastic Love [Lyrics Eng/Rom/Kan]

Mariya Takeuchi Plastic Love 竹内 まりや