Pay for the Thai Canal with an Island Next to Bangkok!


The Thai Canal, also known as the Kra Canal, is a proposal to connect that would connect the Gulf of Thailand with the Andaman Sea across southern Thailand. The canal would provide an alternative to transit through the Straits of Malacca and shorten transit for shipments of oil to Japan and China by 1,200 km. China thinks of the canal as part of China’s 21st century maritime Silk Road. Two of the biggest problems of building such a canal are cost and what to do with all the soil generated from digging the canal. In my plan the soil is used to build an island off the coast of Bangkok and this island generates income to pay for the canal on top of the income the canal will already generate from ship traffic.

Thailand is the land of islands but unfortunately there is no island getaway for Bangkok residents that can be a day trip. Koh Larn, Koh Si Chang, Koh Samed and Koh Khram Yai are all over two hours to five hours away and are subject to the vagaries of traffic. Due to traffic problems even weekend trips to these islands are difficult to execute. An island that is about an hour away would allow Bangkok residents and foreign tourists to come to Thailand and enjoy fun in the sun. This island would generate income from land sales, land rental and additional tourist income! Bangkok desperately needs the green space. Bangkok only has 3.3 square meters of land per resident according to the Economist. Bangkok is too built up for other ways to increase green space. The lack of green space seriously undermines the livability of Bangkok and probably means Bangkok can never truly be a world class city that attracts the best and the brightest from around the world. The new island can be Bangkok’s equivalent of New York’s Central Park.

The size of the island is subject to planning. Using sand from the ocean floor would deepen the Bangkok Bay and in general this is a good thing since a deeper bay can accommodate bigger ships. If the land shipped from the canal is mostly used for top soil then a much larger island can be created. How large is a topic engineers are better off figuring out than this lowly English teacher!

Belgium wants to create a donut shaped island in order to store energy created by wind power as described in Wired. Regardless of the energy storage possibilities, a donut shaped island is unique, iconic visually, more or less doubles waterfront views and the doughnut center could be used to store fresh water. Last but not least such a shape means the soil available can be used to make a much larger island. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and I tend to agree with this view.


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The prefix “Franken-” is derived from Frankenstein and has been used to create the word frankenfood that refers to genetically engineered food and more specifically food that uses the insertion of genes. Frankencracy is a neologism I have created to describe a government based on body part substitution (other). The “-cracy” suffix means government. A Frankencracy is a government that uses the trade of body parts as a tool of state. This essay will explore how the concept of Frankencracy can be used to make America great!

In Marvel comics, Baron Karza (Marvel) buys body parts from the living and uses this technology to provide immortality to the rich (Micronauts V1 #5). Baron Karza is presented as a super villain and this version of Frankencracy is a nightmare version of capitalism obviously written by some sort of socialist. The exploitation of the body parts of the poor in the United States for the rich is obviously unethical. All Americans are deserving of equal access to life preserving technology regardless of economic station.

However, this overly pessimistic view of a new frontier for capitalism is not the only one presented in comic books. In DC comics, World of Krypton V2 #1 (DC) a more utopian Frankencracy is presented. In this version all Kryptonian citizens are immortal due to cloning. However, the clones do not have consciousness and therefore do not suffer. This is a version of Frankencracy worth exploring.

None conscious clones could provide body parts to the best and the brightest of American society so that they can continue serving the US.

The US can create a transhuman culture with superior technology that is a scientific manifestation of our inherent national superiority.  Imagine if the life expectancy of a Steve Jobs could have been doubled or even tripled via body part substitution. What technological wonders could American consumers have received? If Walt Disney were alive today then what wonderful theme parks and movies could Disney be giving the world?  Imagine a world in which our greatest leader, that is willing to put America First, lives for centuries!

In the film The Island (2005), clones are used for organ harvesting and surrogate motherhood for the rich and famous. Clones kept in stasis will lack muscle tone so a vast fiction is perpetrated on the clones in order to keep them fit yet politically docile. The clones are led to believe the outer world has become too contaminated for human life with the exception of one contagion-free island. A lottery is conducted and the winner gets to leave the compound to live on a paradise island while in reality the winner has their organs harvested. There is no need for such a fiction.

Clones with brains lacking a frontal lobe i.e. higher order thinking capability, which is the biological definition of humanity, can have the brain stem stimulated for muscular movement. Muscle tone can be achieved minus an expensive island as infrastructure.

Clones are an experimental technology and the use of clones to provide body parts for worthy Americans should be a national priority but stop gap measures need to be explored to make America great now and not in the future. An America First philosophy suggests that none Americans are not entitled to the same legal protections and rights as Americans.

In particular, immigrants that are rapists and thieves and worse are flooding across the border between Mexico and the US illegally should be viewed as a resource America can utilize. There needs to a wall between Mexico and the US. Unfortunately this wall will cost billions of dollars to create and millions of dollars to maintain. Mexico refuses to pay for the wall but illegal Mexicans can be used instead to pay for the wall. Healthy illegal immigrants will be humanely terminated and their organs sold to pay for the wall. Illegal immigrants that have committed felonies, especially violent felonies, will be given precedence for this procedure. Americans that serve the national good due to special skills and/or contributions to the greatness of America will receive the organs harvested for a nominal price. Illegal immigrants that are women and children will be exempt from the organ harvesting process, after all Americans are not barbarians.

Also, the US is presently in a desperate war on terror. Perhaps captured jihadists can be used to provide body parts for US military personnel that has lost such body parts in battle. The fictional character Rick Landau also known as Brigade (Marvel) is made up of body parts collected from fellow soldiers who died on the battlefield in Iraq.

This is an absurd proposition since using the body parts of brave, fallen Americans is an obscenity. However, using the body parts of fallen enemies is a natural extension of the prize of war logic that has dominated battlefields around the world for centuries.

In short, Frankencracy provides a powerful conceptual tool by which the Americans can reaffirm their manifest, God given, right to global supremacy! America is at a pivotal point in history. For the first time in decades we have the leadership that is willing to make the tough choices that are needed to make America great. As Americans we can wallow in nostalgic, fuzzy international, sentimentalism or follow this modest proposal and seize new technology to create an immortal superhuman America!


America First, Baron Karza, Brigade, Comic books, -cracy, DC, Franken-, Frankencracy, Frankenfood, Frankenstein, Insertion of genes, Kryptonian, Marvel , Micronauts, Rick Landau, Steve Jobs, The Island (2005), World of Krypton

Orange Werefox Power Spectrum

The Green Lantern has his emotional spectrum.  The Orange Werefox has his power spectrum.  During a full moon, the Orange Werefox can dance and turn into different colored werefoxes that have different superpowers for a period of 24 hours!

The Blue Werefox can control machines by interacting with techno avatars. This is a type of technopathy.

The Pink Werefox has hyperkinesic perception (HKP) and applies this power to Thai dance!

The Purple Werefox can eat and eat and eat which is a type of matter ingestion!

The Yellow Werefox can cause beautiful women to fall in love with him. This is a type of mind control (love).

The Green Werefox has the ability to teleport around the omniverse. The Green Werefox likes to visit the Harry Potter universe for shopping and the Star Wars universe for adventure.

The Red Werefox can use all the powers of the power spectrum. The Red Werefox has teleported to Japan and caused a local beauty to fall in love with him. The only catch is that in the Red Werefox form all the hero’s powers are gone after one hour instead of the usual 24 hours for the other powers.

The Black Werefox has metaschizophrenia and is INSANE! The Black Werefox also causes those around him to become insane. The Black Werefox is friends with the Joker and they like to engage in lunacy together.

Orange Werefox History



Orange Werefox History

Hall of Orange Werefox Cowls

Orange Werefox I

Alter Ego: Dr. Hugh Fox Senior

Base of Operations: Chicago, Illinois

Active: 1930’s

The first Orange Werefox was a simple crime fighter that worked closely with the Untouchables in fighting the Al Capone crime machine. Frank Capone was the person who took over Cicero for his brother Al Capone. As general practitioner in the Cicero area, Dr. Capone often gave medical treatment to those who had been assaulted by the Capone’s in Cicero. Dr. Fox felt that cleaning up Chicago was a lost cause but that he could make Cicero a mob free zone. The first Orange Werefox used an underworld identity to gather evidence by frequenting the Montmarte, The Ship and the Hawthorne Inn. On October1,1926, Joseph Klenha, along with his sidekick Chief of Police Thoedore Svoboda and 77 others were indicted for violation of the Volstead act using information the first Orange Werefox had gathered and passed on to the authorities. All indicted gang members avoided jail time on appeal. The Orange Werefox quit crime fighting in disgust due to this failure of the system. However, his son Hugh Fox Jr. was forced to endure a brutal regime of one hour of boxing and one hour of free style wrestling at a local boys club on a daily basis in order to be ready to be the second Orange Werefox.

Orange Werefox II

Alter Ego: Dr. Hugh Fox Junior

Base of Operations: Los Angeles, California

Active: 1960’s

The second Orange Werefox developed an aversion to physical exercise at an early age due to daily boxing and wrestling lessons and struggled with life-long obesity. The second Orange Werefox did not fight crime unlike his father. Instead Hugh Fox Junior was active in the movement against the involvement of the United States in the Vietnam War. The first Orange Werefox viewed himself as a crime fighter and thought this use of his name for political purposes tarnished the image of the Orange Werefox. The first Orange Werefox did have a secret identity that was revealed when his son, the second Orange Werefox, revealed his own identity on national television in 1968. This revelation led to a permanent rupture in the relationship between the first and second Orange Werefox.

Orange Vixen

Alter Ego: Unknown

Base of Operations: Detroit, Michigan

Active: 1970’s

The Orange Vixen’s identity remains a mystery to this day but she was an avid supporter of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) which was a proposed amendment to the United States Constitution designed to guarantee equal rights for women. She disappeared after the bill stalled in state legislatures. The Orange Vixen was especially famous for acting as a bodyguard for Gloria Steinem. The full costume was considered a distraction at rallies and instead of the cowl, she wore goggles, an obviously fake orange wig and an orange lycra body suit. The toned down outfit still had the effect of concealing her identity. Her cowl was mailed to the third Orange Werefox anonymously. Many believe that the Orange Vixen was the bodybuilder Kay Baxter before she won the second U.S. Women’s National Physique Championship in 1979. There is even a rumor that the Orange Vixen was the Orange Werefox II impersonating a woman after a stint of bodybuilding but this is generally considered an urban legend.

Orange Werefox III

Alter Ego: Dr. Hugh Fox III

Base of Operations: Asia

Active: 1990’s – Present

I am the current Orange Werefox and want to share the Orange Werefox story using new media! I am also interested in working with others to create Orange Werefox related intellectual properties such as movies, comic books and/or toys.  I may or may not possess Hyperkinesic Perception (HKP).

Orange Werefox Power Spectrum

The Great Teacher

If I understand my subject matter but not my students then I will fail as a teacher.

If I understand my students but not my subject matter then I will fail as a teacher.

If I understand both my students and my subject matter then I will become a great teacher.

Size Lessons in Comic Books

Size is Relative

A story with the size lesson tries to teach the reader a lesson related to size in a literal sense. The lesson might be that what is big in one setting is small in another setting. Conversely what is small in one setting may be big in another setting. In short, size is relative.

Archie’s Madhouse revisited the size is relative theme again and again in issues #48, #52, #53 and #62.

size-relativity-archies-madhouse-48-1966 size-relativity-archies-madhouse-52-1967 size-relativity-archies-madhouse-53-1967 size-relativity-archies-madhouse-62-1968

Harold is small compared to the Silver Surfer but a giant compared to a planet filled with life that is so small only Harold can perceive them (Silver Surfer V6 #8).


Harold’s story is basically a remake of Horton Hears a Who! A big elephant because of his big ears can ironically hear the inhabitants of Whoville that are too small to be perceived by anyone else. We learn that a person is a person no matter how small they are.


Journey into Mystery V1 #63 shows that there is always someone bigger in the universe in “Goliath! The Monster that Walked Like a Man!”

size-relativity-journey-into-mystery-63-10 size-relativity-journey-into-mystery-63-11

Journey into Mystery V1 #72 shows that baseball can be seen from a different perspective.

size-relativity-journey-into-mystery-72-31 size-relativity-journey-into-mystery-72-32

In “Brief Lives”, Omega Men #26, the Spider Guild tries to conquer giant aliens in the planet Ogyptu that live for millennia and move, think and perceive the world at a geological pace.  The entire invasion by the Spider Guild over a thirty year period is barely perceived by the giants.

size-relativity-omega-men-v1-26-27 size-relativity-omega-men-v1-26-28 size-relativity-omega-men-v1-26-29 size-relativity-omega-men-v1-26-31

Tales of Suspense (Marvel) revisited the size is relative theme in issues #9, #13, #23, and #34.

Tales of Suspense #9 “Earth Will Be Destroyed!”


Tales of Suspense #13 “When the Earth Vanished!”


Tales of Suspense #23 “The Changeling”


Tales of Suspense #34 “The Coming of the Giants”


Tales to Astonish (Marvel revisited the size is relative theme in #3, #5, #18, #37 and #49.

Tales to Astonish #3 “I am the Giant from Outer Space”


Tales to Astonish #5 “I Landed on the Forbidden Planet”


Tales to Astonish #18 “Monsteroso”

size-relativity-tales-to-astonish-v1-18-23 size-relativity-tales-to-astonish-v1-18-24

Tales to Astonish #37 “The Star Raiders”


Tales to Astonish #49 “The End of the World”


In Silver Surfer V1 04, Tim Boo Ba discovers that he is not such a big guy after all!

Small is Beautiful

The lesson can be that small beings are more useful than big beings in some situations. Bigger is not always better. Sometimes small is beautiful to quote the economist E. F. Schumacher.

The Lion and the Mouse is an Aesop fable in which a mouse is spared by a lion. The lion is pretty arrogant about his size. Later the mouse frees the lion from a net by gnawing at the ropes. The small size of the mouse allows the mouse to do something the lion cannot. This is a small is beautiful lesson.


Marvel has Ant-Man (Marvel) who ironically defeats Loki in the debut issue of the Avengers.


DC has the Atom (DC) saves the Justice League of America in the same issue he joins the Justice League in Justice League of America V1 #14.


Harold in Silver Surfer V6 #8 uses his small size to help the Silver Surfer during various adventures.


Birds of a Feather Applies to Size

Birds of a feather flock together applies to beings of the same size in Archie’s Madhouse #23 and 124#.

giants-like-giants-archies-madhouse-23-1962 giants-like-giants-archies-madhouse-124-1981

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Able2Extract Professional 11 Review


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