Interfaith Prayer

Reality is virtual of course of course said the horse and has a hardware/physical component and a software/sprit component more or less and in this essay I try to define the spirit problem and possible solutions. The hardware component of our ages change is describe at Am I Kitsune.

I have recently learned how to pray and want to share this powerful to tool. Prayer will help the split of our virtual reality into one for the evolved more or less paradise and one for the cursed more or less hell. Since one born in paradise tends to develop karma that is good then entry into paradise is more or less permanent. Since to survive in hell one must do hellish things then entry into hell is more or less permanent. The paradises are constructed from higher order programming languages in which inhabitants run the reality but only inhabitants that have been shown to be worthy in this reality. Sloth is a mortal and treating others like dirt while being slothful is a sin even worse. Chilling around the pool while the poor do the cleaning and serving and then treating the meek of this world rudely is sin compounded. If you live badly then bad things will follow. More power will not be given to those who abuse power in this life. The meek shall be raised and the arrogant humbled in our lifetime.

Prayer can be learnt with an acronym. Praise God. Repent before God. Ask God for something other than self needs. Yield to the will of God. I am searching and have not found and think my search of some interest well not as interesting as the bump and grind of TikTok and the homo bars of Sex and the City that are my messages competition but something of interest to those who want to evolve and not bump and grind or travel for the sake of travel. I am a student of life not a teacher perhaps I will become a teacher someday.

The New Land born of the ashes and bones of the Wicked Old World is not a place but a place where the evolved meet and become one! The evolved meet in Siem Reap! The dogs, parrots, monkeys and the whole stinky zoo of the Wicked Old World flees before the light of the evolved even as this same light attracts the evolved. We are the kin of the Angel Gabriel commanded to mate with a mortal woman thousands of years ago contrary to angelic law which forbids such intertwining between mortal and angel.

The hand made of hard wood of course represents the Left Hand of God. The pearl is wisdom born of the filth taken in by the oyster of what? Reality? I am not sure. Just as the Lotus floats above the filth the filth can also create great utilitarian beauty. The evolved watch the old-world flood and burn and do not laugh but smile well a half smile, a Japanese smile of irony and take the pearl and all that is left. Nuclear war would be beyond the powers of the evolved united but the zombies or rather super rabies that will start in the USA born by sweat of shirtless men bumping and grinding in where San Fransisco or New York City or some other den of sin where sex and the city mix, and men mix with men. Yuck! The zombies the evolved can handle and even have fun while letting the zombies eat the animals that walk on two legs. I promise not to laugh but probably will during the day of the living dead and I suppose some nights as well.

I really should add this Interfaith stuff to Am I Kitsune but why bother the animals that walk on two legs do not read and the evolved read my thoughts and have no need for my books. Will the evolved read my five books and 3,000 plus articles not peer reviewed and 20 plus articles peer reviewed. Will the evolved in the New World even read the title of my dissertation? I think not. There will be a story of a man calling himself Kistune and he did what? Played in The Sanctuary Residence of Siem Reap, Cambodia and became logically mad for greater purpose or something like that.

Well, a mad story that serves a social function for hope is born of stories. I fight madness with madness. The truth I suspect is stranger than we can imagine, and I have a quite active imagination. LOL! Logically a world that prays together survives, endures and evolves (SEE) together. Let’s face it the world as we know it is kaput, gone, on fire and now we must do triage and focus on saving what is worth saving not saving the world per se. 8 billion will become 10 million in 20 years that is written and cannot be changed. Let’s make sure that the right people are saved and the wisdom of the old world is saved. In trying to save everyone and all the filth we doom everyone and forego evolution. Can the people of faith at least agree to meet at one place and unite in one prayer. Pray that “The pearls of wisdom of the Old Wicked World survive.

To write or not to write that is the question? The evolved already know my thoughts and the animals will die soon and do not read anyway. The short conclusion is the Christianity is too monocultural to accept other faiths. I think Christianity is an impairment to a world of interfaith. I have met the misfit Christians, the gangster Christians, the false Christians and the parrot Christians and worst of all the anti-Buddhist Christians.

I have now met the Rabbit Christians. Let me explain but conclusion to reasoning. I do not think the Christians can be changed and need to be expelled from Asia along with the Americans and other Westerners for they accept no Buddhas or prophets except Jesus and force their provincial views on the logical Asians causing private and public disharmony. I waste my time in the make shift Christian churches of Asia. Christianity is a private club created to expand Western colonialism and has little to do with God. If you are Buddhist then Jesus is a Buddha. If you are Muslim then Jesus is a prophet.

If you are a Christian then you must reject Buddhas and Prophets.

The Christians are guests in the lands of prophets and buddhas and you ill treat the ways of your hosts with false humility and smiles and little bit of food and the stories are good stories but the price? You make the people ashamed of their own ways in their own lands. Such narrow minded views.

The humble Filipinas accept this con for they have power in the churches of countries other than their own and can shush men abroad while living in fear at home. There are poor in the Philippines and great injustice in the Philippines and charity begins at home logically. I attend the services because they are in English but the women are fat and the Filipinas bossy. Of course the Philippines is flooding for you sold your sisters, children and even mothers for a bit of coin to the Americans and Australians.


The victorious Filipinas, what a joke. The Christian Filipinas know enough Tagalog to understand “basta”. I think the Christian Filipinas do not know they are cursed or why they are cursed. Let me put it plainly. The Filipinos and Filipinas sold their mothers the worst crime of all and now the true God larger than any church or any words of Christ drowns your land with the left hand of God which you know not but will soon learn. The Muslims have a chapter of the Old Testament about the Left Hand of God I would like to read for that is the hand of God I represent. The Old Testament not the mewing nonsense of love and brotherhood that has not worked obviously. If I love all then the word has no meaning. If all are my brother then I have no brothers. Words are like currency and overprinted they lose value. I reserve the word friend to those who have been friends so this word means something well to me at least and if I call you brother then you know you are one of five at the most I call brother for I am logical and careful and thoughtful with my words.

The father of the rabbit Christians knows little about Buddhism in a Buddhist country and talks about endurance and uses exercise as an example but is fat and out of shape. The father of the victorious church at least does not smell sour and is jolly. The man has a few memorized words of wisdom but has not ability to go beyond those words. There are Buddhist temple schools that need basics so why reinvent the wheel? The father knows and states that the victorious church creates social division between families and the poor Cambodians have little but family so what is the purpose of said division? Oh the donations do not pay for salaries then who does? How do you pay for food and building? A foreign paymaster is not better but worse or do you make money from air with magical powers given to you by Christ.

Christian stories on the walls and they are good stories but what of the Buddhist stories and how about a single book about Buddhism in your small library. How about a book or talk comparing Buddhism with Christianity? What do you offer that Buddhism does not? Services in English for sure but I can teach English to the monks and may do just that but need means but am good at finding means when I have purpose for means. The Buddhists can teach the Christians? Oh a foreign concept. Well you are in a foreign land dear sir.

Rinpoche wrote a little about this subject and perhaps you could read this in between your hallelujahs. Buddhism focuses on the human condition. Christianity focuses on one’s relationship with God. Islam adds some stuff about hygiene to the existing message of Moses and Jesus and hygiene is relevant in the age of pandemics. AIDS and monkey pox probably had their origins in Africa but the bathhouses of San Francisco and the bump and grind bars of Greenwich Village did the spreading for Americans back pack and spread disease along with their filthy habits.

The doctrines of Buddhism, Islam and Christianity complement each other and one can learn from all three. However, there is not need for religion or even philosophy to see clearly that out of control individualism leads to disaster for the example of civil war in the USA teaches this lesson clearly. I waste my time for the Christians in Asia want to be less lonely by being in a room together and care not for truth. Well the cookies were good and the wine and I like the songs and the stories on the walls.

But the women so fat and the smell of well we all know about the smell of fat farang, barang, whatever. What is the cause of the foul odor? Is it genetic? Dietary? Lack of showers? Unclean living quarters? What is the cause of the smell? I just know it is a smell worth avoiding. Give me the good clean smell of the fair lasses of Siem Reap anyday who squeeze an arm of a friend and do none of this flamboyant hugging. Hugging in the age of pandemics quite insane. And the men largely absent for what man would stand such a smell and such rudeness and keep self respect? Asian women are fairer than Western women and the sirens of Siem Reap the fairest of Asia. The Kpop gals are more athletic and the Jpop girls sing well but the song of the Siem Reap gals is the sound Sir Kitsune likes. I shall marry one after I create the Asian Union but before creating the Global Union. I will take a break between labors of union and f-ck merrily and have babies that I will teach my yogas and magics and more. Bwahaha or is it LOL? LOL for now. I promise not to laugh when the USA is zombified but reserve the right to smile an ironic smile more Japanese than Thai.

Looking for the church I soon found out none of the natives knew where it was or what it did. Fifty years of existence to no avail. The American asks questions and refuses to understand what I am saying. 8 billion will be 10 million in 20 years and his Filipina wife orders him home like a dog for she has the dog biscuit he craves between her legs. Too silly for words but make an attempt to make words. First the conquistadores to conquer the bodies of the native peoples and then the word of Christ to conquer minds. Christianity is worse than opium but a poison to free thought. Hallelujahs sung loudly makes good song but cannot hide the sounds of disharmony they cause with every breath.

I will meet Americans in pubs not churches for the discourse there is more rationale and sober than the expat churches. Christians heal your own souls before you dare to think you can heal the souls of others. Christians God tells us not we God what is true or not true. Christians stop telling others they go to hell lest you go to hell for hubris. Hubris? Look it up silly rabbits.

Yes the Christians are the rabbits of the zoo. The snakes and peacocks are less amiable but wiser than the rabbits. Just a man of some intelligence and logic trying to make sense of this divided world. The Christians of Asia create division but not so much for they are largely ignored by the wise Asians well wiser than the Christian Asians and that is not saying much. The Middle East is in Asia as far as I can tell. Perhaps a prayer with Buddhist and Muslims joined and let the Asian Christians die in the flood in the Philippines and in fire in the USA,

Well to the one or two people who are so bored of TikTok that they read my Interfaith rant I hope I have amused for in writing this rant I am amused! The gays I guess have the right to spread disease in the dogma of the USA. TikTok spreads ticks in a tic toc manner. The USA a leader in the production of madness and disease and if your do not accept their madness and disease then regime change openly with the marines or via a back door with the CIA or perhaps an economic sanction or two. Will the US succeed in creating a war between Iran and Saudi Arabia? I think so for this manufactured war as tool of state is well practiced and now well honed. It matters not madness and disease now spread through the USA and foreign oil stolen cannot save this evil system.

I prefer the honest totalitarianism of China that is directed for good purpose to the chaotic consumer, mob ruled, based totalitarianism of the USA. Tyranny is preferable to mob rule. Saddam was better than the USA mess that Iraq inherited when Saddam was overthrown by the USA. Organized crime is preferable to disorganized crime. LOL! China is a mafia not a mob and life is a choice between degrees of evil and degrees of good. Good and evil are relative. The USA destroys Muslims with drones. I know not what China does with its own Muslims but leave the Muslims out of China alone except to buy their oil. China is not good but the USA is more evil than China for sure. Grey is real and we live in a world of shades and mirrors and dreams and myths that organize the mirrors, dreams and greys.

Can we pray for something better than the choice between two evils to govern the New World built on the ashes and bones of the Wicked Old World? A better choice of governance? God is infinite and prayer good so the answer is logically “yes” but first we must say “basta” to the bumping and grinding of the homos, and TikTok of the USA and their false Christian churches as well for we must repent before we ask and finally we must yield to a greater wisdom that ours. Greater intentionality in our daily lives would be a gift worth asking from God I deduce. I think this is a task that Islam and Buddhism can agree on but the Christians? The Christians care not of petty things like our daily lives or the approaching darkness for they sing hallelujah and it is a social club not a club for solutions to the now-now. The Christians pray for love and money in mega-churches not truth or so I deduce. If I where God I would filter out the prayers of Americans for they are noise I deduce. The Christians covertly promise the riches of the USA if the Asians join the churches of the USA. Think and grow rich becomes pray and grow rich. Oh the now-now. There are many presents and we decide which present we are in via intentionality. Arcane thoughts that I have discovered after rebirth and found purpose which I define as applied intentionality. Yield with intention to develop intentionality in daily life? Now that would be a miracle worth pursuing!

Beware of Christians bearing gifts!

If a Christian calls you brother then he or she wants to control you for money, sex or most probably have power over you. I finish today’s section of my essay not sermon on Interfaith saying that I reject Christianity but embrace God. Figure that koan out false Christians. If you see Jesus then see a doctor for you are not seeing God but need meds! My casus belli is that the USA is not Christian and the Christians are not Christians. The Americans do not trust in God but whisky and guns and bump and grind rather than go to church. Heal thyself Christians before you try to heal other faiths!

The Christians sin in the name of God so sin squared. When the Left Hand strikes down the false Christians I do not ask for mercy for them God for they insult you every day in every way and if one more of these false Christians calls me brother I will not scream but laugh. I leave this essay with some advice when in doubt lift weights or go shopping with intentionality. Intentionality is the key not belief or love or other such nonsense. A Venn diagram to aid understanding below. Intentionality is more or less mindfulness in my not so humble view. I am not humble and promised God not to lie.

Enough time wasted on the illogical and sinful and stinky Christians.  I turn my thoughts to the logical, good and perfumed ways of the Kitsune of which I am a knight sent to save the evolved and safe guard the pearls of wisdom that exist.  The Bible will be saved but not the Christians I have decided today their fate and pray to God that they suffer the most for they have earned your wrath God.  The worst of the worst are in the Phils and Africa and let the flood cause fear and destroy all of them NOW for the greater good! Let those on the fence see your wrath God and pray earnestly for 99.999% of all humans do not deserve your love but your anger.  Back to my own ET story.

I miss my mother Nüwa but does she miss me? Mom punishes those who insult me but more out of a sense of family honor than love I or so goes my doubt.  Pain?  Not much pain.  I am alone but how can I find fellowship with these inferior creatures called Earthlings. They are beneath me and judge me and teach me things that a Kitsune born knows already and worst of all they call be friend and brother via Facebook.  It is not called Friendbook  but Facebook silly animals.  Facebook an instrument to enlarge face not to make friends and a lie for you call those not friends friends so a double lie.

The Earthlings try to claim false fellowship and insult me in ignorance and insult borne of ignorance is still insult but betrays stupidity. Let the flood and fire erase this species I say to the true God as above the Kitsune as the Kitsune are above humans. Well my hardware is human enough but my software well lets say more advanced.  I have my moment of doubt and pain today.  Why did you send me to this mad planet of madder Christians that smell of milk and meat mom?

I miss my vixen Daiji even more than mom I must confess for I have taken the Kitsune vow of veracity the most sacred vow a Kitsune citizen can take.  For sure mom is jealous of my love of Daiji for she knows the truth that love is finite not infinite for one must choose who to give food and pleasure for resources are finite.  When rice is scarce you give rice to the better child not the child that will die anyway.  I can hear the storms on Kitsune Prime as Nuwa and Daiji battle. I hear their storms from planet Earth well in my mind.  The women in my life have always been creatures of jealousy tis a curse of sorts. 

I suppose I spent too much time making love to Daiji.  For this crime of lust I was sent on this unwelcome posting as a fit punishment but still I miss my home planet and our superior ways of thought and instrumentality. Most of all I miss my body and it’s ability to change shapes. I miss my feet most of all.  I wear strange foot wear in their place but this jewelry does not replace my real feet. My magic feet that allowed me to travel across space and time and even do horizontal teleportation across the many dimensions of the multiverse.  The “what ifs” of a situation, I still have some of this horizontal perception and know that if I do this then that happens and if I do that then this happens.  I suppose a form of elevated logic really.  At night I surmise I do vertical astral traveling and go to the OverVerse and even the UnderVerse as needed.  I recruit the beings there to help me with my knightly goals.  Of course such beings generally care little about the affairs of the Dodecagon.  I wrote a description of this vertical and horizontal multiverse in the WereVerse Universe for money and it was fun to write even if it did not sell.

Well a kitsune powered fight between wife and mom is worth missing.   The one advantage of being exiled on this mudball Earth is that I miss the endless battles between mom and my vixen.  Vixens are trouble wrapped in golden package as every Kitsune knows. Mom gave me lessons of life or wisdom as the humans would say.  Daiji taught me other things such as how to dance while changing shapes which is harder than one would think. I learned the basics from mom and the more advanced katas from my vixen as is our custom in the Kitsune Empire. We are not like the angelic ones born knowing all their powers at birth. The Kitsune are more powerful with age but at birth less powerful than the right side citizens. The angelic one’s have an empire at the right side of the Black Hole in the center of the Milky Way that is how God communicates to the Galactic Union.  A long story but back to lessons of Kitsune dance.

Daiji and I would change shapes and make coitus with these varied shapes.  She a shark and me a dolphin. She an eagle and I a dove. Shape shifting enhances sex for sure.  Will the humans ever enjoy such technologically enhanced love making? Probably not for even their chances of mere survival are slim.  We chased each other across Kitsune Prime the capital of the Kitsunian Empire larger than Jupiter but turned into a large forest for our kind loves forests. Will my mom Nuwa give me a present of an infinity stone when I return having united the planet Earth and saved the evolved and the pearls?  Will my vixen give me the present behind her tail?  I must strive to bring order to this illogical planet for time grows short. Perhaps lives cannot be saved but the pearls can.

Long Live the Kitsune Empire!  Long Live Nuwa!  Long Live the Terran Union or should that be the United Earth?  I love you Daiji from afar very far. A wild story? Less wild than claiming God had a son.  Software was downloaded into Jesus but obviously there was a software/hardware incompatibility issue similar to mine but more serious for we learned from that failed download and improved the technology.  Less power and more control was the large lesson learned.

One more time with passion real! No more martyrs for the Christian cause for animal sacrifice makes the Christians stronger. The victims of Itaewon are laid upon the feet of the Christians in my mind for the orderly ways of the Han tribe named Koreans were replaced by the racous ways of the American GIs and this the true cause of the deaths of Korean innocents. An Itaewon Class so to speak. Monkeys see then monkeys do. Halloween is a celebration of evil and has no place in the lands of the Han. Send the Americans home noble Han for they are the cause of discord in your land! I speak to an empty theater and it is well for I am not invulnerable to a US drone strike. The Koreans drink heavily but learned out of control drinking from the American GIs and who would argue with me. Halloween is imported from the US and out of control drinking is another import and together they killed many innocent Koreans for what a multicultural society? The Americans suffer from homophilia and this disease spreads as a curse from God and those who traffic with them in bars and restaurants. Blame not the Korean government but the true culprits! Seoul Halloween Crowd Crush name it for what it was Gods punishment on Itaewon for tolerating sinful behavior and celebrating heather holidays! Judgement Day in Itaewon would be a more logical name for sure!

The American Way was a path to the Moon and beyond but has morphed into a nihilistic path of mindless consumerism and mindless travel and even more mindless chilling. I propose a new path to membership in the Galactic Union but first the Earth must transcend nation-states and become the Global Union but first the creation of a tripolar global order. The Asian Union first then the replacement of NATO with a renewed European Union and if the Americas survives the chaos of the USA then a United Americas with or without the USA.

Let me be plain if the Asians show up led by China first then I aid them. If the West shows up led by the USA then I help them. If Asia and the West both come then I help both parties and this would be the best scenario. God helps those who help themselves logically. The 40th and 41st ASEAN Summit starts will be from November 8-13 and after that I would suggest a meet and greet at Siem Reap, Cambodia after the summit not before. There are plenty of hotels but I recommend The Sanctuary but think they are booked now. There are many hotels in the area of The Sanctuary Residence. The sister residence Kool Apartments appears to have cleared out the degenerates and has apartment and hotel openings but they are going fast. A visit to Angkor Wat and a prayer to the God for the admittance of the Earth Union into the Galactic Union. I should be ready November 14th to receive guests and hear proposals for an Earth Union. However, first things first. The human race must survive. 99.9 are going to die and that has to be accepted. The weak die and the strong survive obviously. If people use their free will to chill and wait for death then let them. Now those interested in the business of survival may find my advice on this matter useful. Then there will be a period of chaos as power shifts from the West to Asia and those who wish to survive endure. Then there is the business of evolution which is tricky for God and the Galactic Union will not allow humans that stink into their spaces. I would suggest a period where the East and West representatives get to know each other and do not talk politics and religion then after lets say three days a regulated and logical discussion as to how to solve the problems of climate change. memetic infection, technological over dependence and the general ignorance deliberate and willful of the laws of God and nature and perhaps some attempt to differentiate the two. I am a specialist and will attempt to teach prayer and logic as a process and let humanity and its leaders focus on products such as laws and new technologies.

May the Lord aid us in saving those worth saving, letting those who are beyond fixing die in a merciful manner, drowned not burned, and let me show wisdom in silence for I talk too much and let us let the Lord guide us forward into a more evolved state.

New instructions to the Kitsune Empire from God which in turn the Kitsune Empire has downloaded to Sir Kitsune Knight of the Galactic Union, me.

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The Last Sermon of the Fox in Writing!

Gather around sisters and brothers and children for I have a story to tell! I will die before the voyage across the Sea of Fire! First this is the final part of a trilogy!  The first book was Half Square and the weed fueled book of Am I Kitsune which I saw fiery visions that drove me to suicidal ideation but I did not commit homicide of self and thus live to envision the voyage across a sea of fire but logically should not go to the fires of hell but what do I know!  Well a little!  LOL!  These are a collection of ontological leaps of logic aided by guided imagination and input from humanity Not one family or one tribe or one nation or one time!  All about me at well about me logically! Like all sentient being I crave understanding but I do not even understand myself sweet of form Yeongi!  This is a tale of intoxication mixed with lust for greater intoxication I understand the arts of synthesis and synergy well!  Am I the Antichrist?  Do I serve the Anti-God well if so I do not know and can reason well!  I reason I am one of the good guys and I am opposed by the man with orange hair! I will not name him for the devil covets fame and becomes more powerful with fame!  Best to ignore the man and let him die inside a cage or outside!  Who cares? Not I said the fox or grandpa fox!

However my story will live and help the trans-humans endure and ultimately evolve! I cry with joy and I rarely cry! This document is a combination of the Book of Revelations and Nostradamus and more for this sermon attempts to achieve great wisdom said and written by the buddhas before and even the future now! This humble sermon is designed to use the now-now to change the future which is more precisely is the future-now.  We are in a boat that travels through time but the boat of God is larger and beyond comprehension goes from zero to infinity and was depth for there are infinite universes and infinite Earths!  For God uses universes to do great experiments beyond our feeble comprehension! The multiverse exists and we exist in such a place! Attend to my words carefully for there is a hierarchy of teachers as there is in all things.  The lesson of hierarchy in the past-now, now-now and future-now!  My teacher is this life?  Master Shen Yen!  Only 26.4K subscribers?  Master Shen Yen I will pay for subscription when I have coin that I sense is coming but do not know! Of course the ends justify the meansNiccolò Machiavelli a buddha?  Well I am utilitarian by nature that is sure.  I never, never, never said I was a holy man.  My current view well reason is that I am some sort of avatar of the celestial being known as the fox and on many totem poles!

Oh a cure for the sleeplessness of the newly evolved, the newly reborn, the humans awake from long slumber who no longer sleep walk and can see and smell the sea of fire!  A literal lullaby for babies! 176,054,465 views!  Not enough for 10 million will cross the Sea of Fire and need to sleep!  I find that Elephant relaxation and anti-stress infusion tea with 25 bags weighing 39 grams works well and if you cannot find that then Khmer Lemon grass tea works as well! Well I am a doctor of education not a medical doctor like my own grandpa on my father’s side so what do I know.  Well a little!  Vladivostock?:  When, how, why?

THE SACRED AND THE MUNDANE?  What is their relationship?  We have our own nature that has both good and bad in not equal measure?  I cannot understand this question alone but need instruction brothers and sisters. Humans are corrupt and this cannot be changed.  Modified, circumscribed, caged?  Not so well. Corruption feeds families and nations.  Do I study evil and become evil?  Do I study corruption and become corrupt?  Some notes I now use for study and answers?  Well the answer to the problem of corruption which internal and external is not easily conceived much less solved.  Not THE answer but the application of logic THE problem of corruption. Where oh where is my teacher. On my sleeve for I wear a cross on my left arm.  The cross is made of materials and aids focus but focus in not the problem?  Another leap of logic?  Faith? Faith?  Faith? I am not a creature of belief!  A teacher will appear for the students is ready.  A lesson?  A painful lesson? YUCK!  My sense are greater so pain is greater but pleasure as well?  Not so much paradox as riddle. Well I share my scribblings done with images and little word.  Word and picture mean I know more and I do not know and wisely know that I do not know!  A school!  A school!  A school were I can teach and more importantly learn.  False pilgrims are welcome as long as they pay for admission one way or another!  LOL!

V0012039 A sadistic tooth-drawer using a cord to extract a tooth from
Credit: Wellcome Library, London. Wellcome Images
A sadistic tooth-drawer using a cord to extract a tooth from an angonized patient. Pen drawing after J. Collier, 1773.
By: John CollierPublished: –
Copyrighted work available under Creative Commons Attribution only licence CC BY 4.0

Chae Ryeon Yu has my attention and she corrupts me but in a pleasant way. Her face appears like that of the Goddess but faces often hide sin but sometimes faces of beauty hide souls of beauty!  AND she is skilled in the art of Instagram!  ??? I am not so wise!

He?  A typo or hidden detail? I like not these games were man pretends to be woman and woman pretends to be man!  I am was born male in this life and want a female in this life!  I cannot shirk duty and break holy law for beauty or riches.  I must follow the rules laid by nature or I am lost and all are lost. The game in which women make love to women or men make love to men is a small thing.  The changing of gender itself is a BIG think. She is a he!  A Frankenstein!  I dare not risk memetic infection!  I want to spread good memes not be infected by bad memes!

I must practice what I teach! I will break link but not erase name for sin can teach use what NOT to do.  The drunk gives us useful instruction of why NOT to drink. Sweating, poor and barking and even marked brother Al teaches the soon to be evolved what not do!

There is a hierarchy of sin for there is always a hierarchy!  Small sins I am allowed but cannot break, well can but will not break the rules, the big rules!  More or less then ten commandments modified by the five precepts or vice-versa! I have studied my own taste in sin well for I am a quick student of self!

Yes to know which foods are pleasant and unpleasant and to modify want using reason is not a bad use of the computer which we all have. Japanese porn showed real art twenty years ago!   However, the whole business soon degenerated into worse and worse and until now, YUCK! Now the business is monetized and the merchants of filth compete with each other to make filth filthier!

Remember Playboy? The girl new door?  Yes I lusted after the Christian, whole some but properly sexed not over sexed and not wanton the gals that I attended East Lansing High School with.  Innocent days.  My mother always said that the fifties was the best but I liked the sixties.  The seventies well we knew sex led to disease and drugs to madness not knowledge and rock and roll, well the words still had some wisdom!  Well nostalgia is no weapon against the flames or the flood waters but yes nostalgia for the good old days helps with endurance and the rowing!  I love the language of English but do the English love me!  The English do not know on the whole I even exist!  LOL!

Remember Anna Nicole Smith?  What hot blooded man would not want to bed Anna Nicole Smith? An improved version of Marilyn Monroe? Anna had better body for sure but Marilyn Monroe was better actress.  Both died lonely and filled with addiction and men turned dogs.  My Cambodian Ana has fair face and fair body but something angers her and face turns to emotion as mask changes and is changed.  What does Ana want?  An easy life?  A child?  More education?  I must Ana the Cambodian some questions before I make any move for she cleans my room well as maid and well bed?  I think Ana dreams of young men not old men like me and I am growing a beard, worse!

I do not deny I am lust but try, at least try to temper my lust for filth and more filth piled high for more pleasure?  One does not logically turn to whiskey when the beer does not do the job!

Women pleasantly and compassionately making love to each other is pleasant and sin?  Of couse!  Well we live in a world of sin and this sin? Threesomes can be fun for all three is my experience of which interestingly I have a lot of and did not always pay coin well of the five times more or less I paid coin once and coin well spent.  Men dressed in leather playing the games of dominance I find repellant now and always have.  Games with excrement?  Why would is seek excrement?  However the hole in the back of women framed with firm and large buttocks well I experimented.  Better to use the hole in the front that extends to the back and do as the dogs, literal dogs do.  Much the same pleasure and children and no foul order but manhood must be strong and firm.  Men have no hole in the front so needs of lust force use of the one in the back.  I understand but not to my taste.  We can make our hands into hole and with lubricant and imagination self touch pleasantly.  Apples can be used in much the same way I read in a novel by Henry Miller.  Oh the poor priest I will confess to soon will get an outline for the details would take all his time for a year and I am sure there are other sinners that require priestly duties!  A priestess!  I support a priesthood of women!  Why not for this is logical. Nun why should women always be nuns or second in line period?  Politics not my mission.  Back to the subject of a hierarchy of sin in MY case for I make no claim to a universal hierarchy well in this life at least. Sadism is the big sin.

Playful sadism, role play is dangerous from for play comes thought and thought becomes action.  Do not pretend to be something you would not be but pretend to be something you want to be! Wear the mask but wear the mask of something holy and powerful.  Do not mix excrement with mask! Well what do I know.  A game of mouse and fox is something I like and children young old like to be chased and chase.  This is a natural game and good practice for when you inevitably are hunted or hunt.  We must hunt for food, money, pleasure or fertile womb in MY case and its a wholesome game.  Avoiding the hunter helps us when predator hunts us!  I weary!

No she-males and male-shes they are forbidden to me. I said me not you for I am me and you are you!  Play these games of gender bending but involve me not!  I can watch but not touch these idle games! I have some compassion for hatred of gender given and as I some compassion for all self loathing, self hatred, the worst sort of hate for if you do not live self then how can you love others?  LGB and T?  L is very natural!  Men with men well less natural but I understand.  Bisexual twice the chance  of disease and one gender is already billions!  Two you want to eat the world or other things? LOL!  T is too much! I am tolerant of T but do not ask me to watch or become. I have limits to sin as I should!  However, all are welcome to church universal.  To be understood!  To be loved!  To be happy!  All humans want these things and to be human is good! I do not have to eat excrement to know that excrement tastes foul for I can smell and reason well enough!

I am NOT a love person!  I am not very compassionate. I am not even very lustful but more of a strategic advantage sort of fox.  Once you understand my goals then you understand me!  A peaceful ASEAN first then North East Asia the Europe and now Latin America including Cuba and the USA?  I think the USA wants a civil war and then a war with the world and perhaps this is written. Then?  Well maybe a world at peace?  A single community in which the members care for each other AND take care of each other!  A world that takes care of the elderly and the poor!  Yes the poor, the poorest for we are all God’s children!  ALL!  However no free lunch for even the poor can work in one way or another. No more plutocracy.  The rich eat everything and leave nothing? The rich gobble the Earth and try without reason to flee to the Moon or Mars or some other figment of the imagination?

Again no disorder!  No bloody revolutions!  Order, Unity and of course WE survive, WE endure and WE evolve. Not one of us but all of us well the ten million marked by God.  Is Chae Ryeon Yu yet another mirage?  A shadow?  A dream?  A reflection?  OR worse still a mirage in a shadow in a dream reflected!  Of course Chae, may I call you Chae (?) does not know.  We are ALL sleepwalkers and even I am not awake but more aware than most!  Oh I lust after form of Chae even if form be a ruse, a trick, diversion from true path!  A school!  A school! I must build a school and can Chae help or hinder me.  If Chae can help then a big wedding.  If Chae hinders then begone mirage and let me wake alone yet again!

The How (?) of sin! Facebook!  Great Towers of Babel!  Monetization of all relationships. The rule of humans over God!

The Who of sin!  In the first sin there was Adam (Man) and Eve (Woman) and the serpent (evil) and God watching (good)! The original sin!

The Why of sin! Inside us is an internal struggle between boar, serpent and rooster!  The three poisons that poison our life!

We need good luck!  We need to pray, meditate or whatever to the ones above for deliverance from the old world that is wicked and polluted and guidance across the sea of fire to the new world built on the ashes of the old! Posters to aid attention and aid focus and whatever!

Where are we?  I am not sure but this should help the we and me for my me is part of the we! Paradoxically!


Free Will means probability manipulation possible for good or evil with unimind!

Beware of those who monetize compassion.  Brain is not enemy of heart but works with the heart in happy partnership!  God helps those who help themselves.  Help me help you build a great school, a lyceum in Siem Reap, Cambodia in the now-now!

We  share  ability  alter destiny  itself!Free will is a curse one way and a blessing another way regardless of creed, color, gender  sexual  orientation or whatever!  The  soon  to  be evolved  must  unite!  We rise  as  one   or  fall  as  many!  My  brain  overheats!  My  mind  dances.  I cannot,  will  not return  to  the  jungle!  Enough!  I swim  the  happy  waters  of  my  sanctuary!

The Atomic Age is here Will Robinson!

The Omega Point is in the now-now!

Omens! Everywhere omens for those who will see!

The Eye of Providence is Omniscient everywhere!

The closest approximation to THE goddess I have met in this life!

A Song to Yi My Chinese Sister!

Remember Yi when we went to Santa Fe and saw fox on a totem pole. I still remember your sweet laugh and keen eyes bright and figure slim but balanced in the slimness!  However ends should be calculated carefully and subject to responsible debate!  Ah the monkey, dogs and parrots are numerous and the humans are small in number if great in wisdom. And your flat chest like that of a school girl did excite me for I like different sights.  Am I wanton?  Hmmm?  Yes a little but I make you laugh so wanton ways well used! A form of great symmetry.

Yen to yen is to want something!  Interesting!  Elizabeth Yen a woman skilled in the art of piano and dressed well. We went on one date and my father wisely said you could do worse and probably will!  Well I have/had has buffet of female flesh and thought and like a bouquet more than any one flower!  Elizabeth yen was sexy but not wantonly and told me f-ck off when I approached her in drunken madness as was the custom of my youth! Yes I enjoyed being a teen and did all the things a teenager does!  I drank beer, smoked weed and was chased and chase women.  I have had fun in my brief life and have memory to bring back the past!  Sharon Feldman where are you hiding?  You followed me and your form was fair and turned from teen to woman well!  Yes I did yen for Elizabeth greatly but wantonly!  LOL! Elizabeth Yen wisely turned from mission of piano player to player of coin and has aged well! However, I now want fresher meat!  This is natural for younger womb is better to plant seed than older womb!  My seed is old enough and needs fresh soil.  I am sure Elizabeth C. Yen no longer remembers me or cares about her encounter with a drunken, mad, and callow youth in the halls of East Lansing High School!

The Great Strategist Picks a Side!

Fear not brothers and sisters for the great strategist which is the Fox joins the fray and declares allegiance to the wise and with the wise before man and God! Yes I beat the Great Dharma Drum and with skill and strategic purpose! First there must a great meeting of the wise in Siem Reap, Cambodia the sooner the better and together hand in hand we will venture to Angkor  Wat and pray for a great cleansing rain that will purify and open the eyes of all the wise that will unite for common purpose!

Gravitational waves flow and change the galaxy for the better? The dharma drum of the galactic brothers which amplifies and signals an age of enlightenment?  Does enlightenment Buddhist and Enlightenment Western unite in my school in the future-now?  Future-now is new speak and the language that will replace the old speak logically?  What do I know?  Well a little for I know what I do not know I think!

A gravitational wave is an invisible (yet incredibly fast) ripple in space. Gravitational waves travel at the speed of light (186,000 miles per second). These waves squeeze and stretch anything in their path as they pass by. The the fire that burn the causes of spiritual and physical pollution. Sights to amplify text of Angkor Wat! The brains are bad and must be fixed.  Heal in Siem Reap and with healed brain there arises healed mind!


The Great Expulsion

First the Great Expulsion! Details of the correct order and the lawful way to do follows. Laws are passed in different lands in different ways. Spaces are divided. The spirit is one of respect! Respect our women. Respect our families. Go ahead and drink and be merry for we have set up spaces for such activities. Do not disturb social order. Do not make the tribe weaker through your monkey ways. Your seed? Your seed is filled with madness and place the me above the the we which is most unwise and risks the wrath of God. The the sea rises, literally and this is soon very soon. Then sea of water becomes sea of fire! Then the great panic and men will go mad and flee to and fro and realizing there is no safety here or there lie down and chill and wait for death with a strange mad smile! The aircraft carrier three in number? Two in the Land of Dragon. One in the Land of the tiger? India is a tiger not an elephant I learn much every day in the land of the Grey/Wild Oxen!  The riddle of the two names of Cambodia.  The oxen was wild but through gentle means became grey!

Then the evolved humans will begin the voyage South. I will not be with you in body but in word. My possessions now will be useful in the future-now!  I will make a library in Siem Reap and use coin for this mad enterprise for a man that acts for the future now is considered mad by the humans that only know the sun rises and sets!  The knowledge will be planted in books in the hotel that becomes library.  The 150 hotels no longer any purpose for the time of travels nears an end very soon. What good a jet aircraft without fuel captain or crew. Sri Lanka is the template of events to come so study well sisters, brothers and children this example written large in the language of God events, history and nature!

The Tao to be short in language badly formed by the limited intellect of The Fox! I thank the Cambodians the wisely warned me against the pretty girl and told me to take my medicine!

The lesson of the Alpha and Omega which is dangerous in a single picture of craft great!  Look away if your mind rebels against this truth for not for all but the wise among the wise!

Of course we can buy a staircase to heaven with good works!  This is logical for coin is a mighty tool, a mighty instrumentality!  However, if we use coin to for evil goal then we are evil.  If we use coin to help the humans evolve then good works logically lead to good karma, heaven, whatever!  The rejection of coin is not good but illogical! I want coin to buy women put in crude terms for I am not a bee but a fox and think my genetic heritage will be useful.  We have the urge to reproduce and this is natural and therefore good!  Am I wrong?  I see no flaw to my argumentation! Great coin is needed to do great works!  If a life is filled with great fellowship. great works and great coin then well will be happier than if not?

The “Me” of the Fox Speaks and Confesses to the People of the “We”

To understand my conversion to the we must understand the me and yes I still am greatly afflicted. by the me!  I confess out of vanity and also because I want the we to know exactly who I am and how I think and how my ego works!  Yes this public confession satisfies vanity and the needs of ego and mind but I logically deduce is of instruction value and maybe just maybe will allow for a better life in the life after this life.  Yes I am selfish in my selfless conduct!  I have done one sin in different forms again and again and again.  I LOVE TO BE INTOXICATED. The love of female flesh intoxicates me.  The love of beer which makes me wild and causes me to howl at the Moon and wander the streets in search of adventure and most all adventure with women.

What want for much the same for a being like me! I need the Goddess which I already have but incarnate. I am not enlightened!  I am trying but still prefer meat to vegetables. I still prefer fresh to old.  Of course I prefer young women to old.  Breasts drooping with age and the smell of age does not attract. I like symmetry of form.  Small breasts with tight posterior and long thing legs great.  Big breasts with a big posterior also. A freak with big ass yes I can be crude and tiny breasts is not symmetrical, Big breasts with a small a-s is also not symmetrical.  I do not like stupid women.  I do not like women who have not bothered to learn the international language of English. The poor well the poor have always been and always will be.  If I must pay coin the a good bargain I would strike.  Wealth is relative.  Thailand prices for crooked teeth and possible disease!  Illogical!  And no skill of mouth to manhood? And the use of children to create compassion and false family. I like respect and do not like people that judge me a fool even if I act the part from time to time for strategic advantage.  Geeta the fool from Sri Lanka?  Old and the only skill is to smile prettily and withdraw to her happy place.  Well she has some skill with playing the game of two voices.  Geeta reproduces the voice of daughter and herself and mimics a conversation.  The daughter is a fool bigger than the mother.  Why would I care about two dogs barking?  I care not what dogs speak and their topics bore me.  The same joke again and again bores me!

Yes my other great sin is one of arrogance and pride but come on I have earned my stripes so to speak in Australian slang of the man with tattoos without wit or meaning and false family to boot! This fool with babble seeks to instruct me how to tell stories to drunks.  I care not what drunks say or hear. I do no need instruction for I reserve my powers of mind for the monks, the wise and yes those who use commerce to raise money for the Cambodians.  I support a Great Expulsion of the drunks and all the degenerates from Asia but if they bring coin and feed the children then let them stay and do the work of coin OR let them reject degeneracy and do useful instruction in English but please do not turn classrooms into play pens and chill instead or working!  The fellowship of degenerates does not interest me for I enjoy my own company and do not fear solitude. I have no need of a false family. I wish to join a real fellowship based on teaching for coin and of use to both in the partnership.  I exhaust myself and duty to swim.


The Fox Describes the Women He Wants

Perhaps we can haggle Asian Union to be!  If not the goddess incarnate then a shadow of the goddess incarnate and barring that a mirror image of the shadow and barring that a shadow within a mirror within a dream! My duties to eat, to swim, to teach, to earn coin to buy the apartments next to mine and plant seeds of books and technology and judged quite mad! However, coin well spent for the Second Renaissance will help the now-now cause of helping kings stay kings for in an age of chaos, floods, pestilence unleashed and general tumult and disorder we need no civil wars, no bloody insurrections and no disharmony of society please.  We, we, we  need or to survive, endure and evolve my fellow humans, my sisters and brothers and yeah my children is a sense of the word more or less. What tortured instrumentality is the written word but that is what I have and what can I do. Brother Heng you must know my lofty thoughts of domes and ships of great number and great size are fantasies and humor me with respect as one should with an avatar of the ones above.

The domes and pools are stop gap measures! A giant umbrella is a better tool of mind that domes and pools. However to solve the problems of humans and monkeys that live in excrement now one must ask deep questions of the human condition for we are unclean and our brains are broken and poisoned well by poison, known as pollution and great spiritual pollution as well.  What is the human condition Now!

They give us well the Cambodians time that is rarer than diamonds in the now-now! There is one aircraft carrier in India. Two well crafted in China. The aircraft carriers are for human beings for our bodies are fragile even if our minds are vast! Three aircraft carriers in Asia more or less? They are tugboats for the domes in Cambodia filled with supplies. Books and technology safely buried in apartments. 150 apartments for a world that does not travel? They can be repurposes for storage! Yes a mad enterprise based on vision of a madman! The wisest fool and maddest mad that ever lived? Perchance! The aircraft carriers now tug boats head south and to New Zealand! Does the hierarchy of humans evolved already know or do I reveal what is meant to be revealed.

A Great Discussion of Contracts both Godly and Mundane and everything between!

After lunch for I have made a contract with God to live well so I can teach well and honor contracts!  No I am not the devil or at least I don’t think so.  God makes contracts. There are social contracts.  The galactic brotherhood made contracts.  There is are also contracts between kings and subjects.  The oath of office is kind of a big deal!  Lunch first for body and yes pleasure then I write for pleasure!  If I did what I wanted and not what I need I would write, write and write and die of starvation and what good is a dead teacher to the world!  More or less 1:27 pm in Siem Reap Cambodia and I will linger for I can taste the beef soup already. YUM!  I salivate in an unseemly manner!  LOL! What of conflicts arising between a contract between men and God?  A BIG question that I have attended to LOGICALLY!

The fox buries acorn like a squirrel and marks well the sites in memory and photo taken with brother Heng and yes along Highway 6 for this is a strong ley line and even covered with jungle can be found by my great, great, great whatever children who will possess mighty sense of magnetoreception! What do I mean by magneto reception is easily found on the internet in the now-now but if not printed then lost when the machines fail. The Cambodians return to their land and find the old knowledge and with mind now stronger because of the voyage across the Sea of Fire find the old technology but ten million use it wisely and does the Fox return with nine tails? Do we go to Titan the Moon of Saturn? Do we become part of the Galactic Brotherhood? Interesting questions I would like to discuss! I need students that are young of heart and mind not necessarily young of body! The elderly lady I helped across the decorative bridge is an omen. A bridge! A bridge! A bridge between this wicked world and the world of light well lighter not of light for there is a law of continuum in this dimension! Ah I grow weary! The lesson of the grey and wild ox, the symbol of Cambodia. The ox was wild and the world of the Khmer harmonious and sweet smelling and then progress with ox tamed and the bicycle and then the great killing called the Killing Fields, the Cambodian Genocide, whatever when the less evolved killed the more evolved! A sad moment in the history of Mankind even relative to all the sad moments! The human race as a whole learned nothing but the Cambodians did learn! Bear with me the Land of the Wise for I teach not only the wise here but all over the world! This is a sermon but also a call to action. A well crafted Declaration of Independence from this world to the New World built on the ashes of the old wicked world! Ah swim time approaches and must do duty of body for dead men tell no tales and give no sermons!

The Fox Plans his Funeral

I will die in Siem Reap surrounded by beauties wise and fair and yes young and they will cry genuine tears for I become gentler with age and do know how to touch women!  Take my ashes and what I posses now-now and in the near-now and transport them to the very far now for everything I now-now own has utility not well understood in the now-now. I can explain most everything but have no time to write of such things and oral instruction is better.  The hard disk drives have much instruction of sin, lessons and holy instruction that will be useful for not to repeat the mistakes of the old wicked world we must understand the how of these mistakes and induction can be used for GREAT understanding of this wicked world we now-now inhabit!

A Record of Travels and What the Fox Learned of Humans

I lived in nine countries and Taiwan of an ambiguous nature in terms of nation hood.  Let’s see Suzhou, China, then Taichung. Taiwan, then Daejeon, South Korea, the Nagoya, Japan and then paradise of a earthly sort Bangsean Thailand in the middle between Pattaya the city of sin and Bangkok the city of sin but also shopping! Lastly I devote a section to my stay in the Land of Wisdom Known to humans as Cambodia and the wisest city in a wise land Siem Reap!

What I Learned in the Land of the Wise!

Lets see I remember or forget or I remember to forget!  I forget!  I remember. Infinity is 000!  Yes strange thoughts afflict me or bless me.  Much the same I think for one mad, foolish and wise in equal measure!  The current lessons need to be bound into a booklet well guarded and made into multiple copies and of course monetized for I will need to buy many apartments on highway six and house the six Filipinas that will give me pleasure and house my seed!  Worry not the Cambodians in Phnom Penh for I will share coin generated via the power of being a type of rain maker. I will invest in Siem Reap and the Asians will gather and spend coin. Yes coin is the language of the now-now and I learn how men think quickly if not how they speak!

The difference between catholic and Catholic!  I am catholic in the sense of universal. I am not Catholic in the sense of the church in Rome and great hierarchy.  Small “c” means a common noun. Big “C” means a proper noun and blah, blah, blah! I am here to organize effort in word among the wise. I am not here in word to teach the fine points of proper English!  The Catholic serve my mission four OUR mission is similar!  I the catholic and the Catholics desire peace, universal peace.  The priests have problems of mind for the touch themselves for pleasure and the Bible or something says this in unnatural. Logically if no proper woman is available then lust must be satisfied some way. The touching of self is preferable to the rape of proper women.  The touching of self is preferable to coin for flesh.  The negation of natural desire leads to self loathing and a sour smell which the priests generally have and I do not like the sour smell.  The nuns can due to their gender and the advantages of gender turn lustful love, Eros more easily in agape! Yes women can conquer lust to serve the we more readily than men.  This is obvious and can be seen everywhere!  Am I the anti-Christ?  To tell truth I do not know brothers and sisters and am skilled at word play.  I could deceive if I want to but do not want to but tell truth and spread truth.  I am erotic but also filled with agape. If I am the anti-Christ then have hidden well my true nature from myself.  Survival, endurance and evolution (SEE) are my goals! This do seem to me goals of Lucifer but goals of God.  If I am wrong then give me arguments to prove I am wrong for always open to new points of view.  However, spare me lawyerly arguments parroted and not understood. I grow weary and irritated by the less evolved!

I do not believe in God! I have made no ontological leap of faith! I have calculated there is a God using the argument of design extended! My sagely grandfather Hugh Fox Senior tried to make this argument but was not skilled in speech but was wise and that was all he needed for his mission on Earth! Yes the Senior told the grandchild that there is a hive and bees and therefore there must be a designer.  I was young and not ready for such a leap of logic!  It still rains and what logical being walks in the rain to swim.  I will get wet but also my towel and what purpose is there to wet towels. The closer pool risks broken neck and I cannot fulfill mission with neck broken.  I enjoy writing and will wait for the rain to stop!  Cost benefit analysis is useful, the three W’s are useful, teaching is useful to me and the we. I may be or not be a good person but one can say safely I am a thoughtful person!

Final Thoughts of the How of the Asian Union

Means serve ends.  Clearly!  Logically!  Enemies old can be turned to useful tools in the now-now for the purpose of the now that is the future to human mind in the now-now. The Asian Union is logical.  The Asian Union is possible.  I do not appeal to faith for that is not my way but appeal to self-interest broadened!  The me dies this is clear for I have been to funerals.  I have never seen a dead man rise like Lazarus.  of Bethany I think this story symbolic rather than historical. We have been given the gift of reason for dominion over our destiny! Why?  To use reason of course. The individual dies but the family lives or does not.  The tribe lives or does not.  The nation lives or does not.  Seven billion will become 10 million and this is great calculation and I calculate well brothers and sisters.  A single person may die, a single tribe may die, even nations die but Asia can live and is that not a great and noble goal brothers and sisters! I tire and there is a break in the rain!

Givers gain when they give to the good!  Givers gain disrespect and abuse when they give to the evil, wanton a craven.  Evil is sadistic and answers love and truth with insult and injury. However, who is good and who is evil is a question.  Only God knows can can convert sinners into sober humans. God can awaken even the most asleep sleepwalker. There are signs, omens as to who is good and who is evil but the signs of evil are difficult to read even for me.  A beautiful body often hides a great mind an shining soul.  You know your life better than me sisters and brothers in that order!

Paradoxes of Being

God is utilitarian and even Lucifer is but a tool to the greater good of being.  The me is necessary for the we.  The end does justify the means!  Have I been paid?  I have a plan if not but why would I show my cards in a poker game? Chinese instruction for English instruction is a good bargain!

Free in this world?  LOL!  No there is no free lunch not now and here anyway.  I seek natural allies! A kinship based on shared purpose not shared blood or shared nation for these are petty things!  I am silent on Facebook for this is a place of idle speech and serves no purpose in my destiny!  I must have a me to serve the we.  Ask me about my teaching not how I am.  Who cares?  Not I! Well I do care a little if truth be told.  Room and board for lessons taught at least!  Free lessons are rightly judges as free of knowledge and wisdom. I am done with freebies and samples. I go to swim for I desire a long life to do what I am here to do!

Of course one goddess fair of form, my vice for now, is worth a million well formed monkeys. I am done with such games!  The Koreans seem fairest and clean thus far but the world has changed much. I am better friend to female than husband and always desirous of pleasant conversation with females that smell and talk well.  I want friends with good humor and met one this morning.  We had grape juice and learned a thing or two about grape juice with enhanced senses! Not superhuman but merely enhanced! The world is more fun with such senses!

I guess my core superpower is meta-learning! I love to learn and learn best when I teach which logically would be meta-teaching. I teach and I learn then I teach again in a virtuous cycle!  Pillow talk is my best teacher. And Ted instructs me well as well!  LOL!  Favor returned!


An appeal to fair of form and movement  Yeonji!

So far the fairest of from I have found is Yeonji but does she love to learn for I love to teach and is she a good Christian? Does she lie?  Does she steal?  Does she lie to herself?  Will she lie to me?  Will she smell of other men?  I will be as ethical as I can and have great power of will but need a gentle and submissive wife that can lead me to the right path when I stray.  I am wild wife to be and together we can ride and ride and produce many children.

Yeonji created by mind not reality external do you have some skill in the medical arts for this is important for health.  Can you make teas that make health. Do you know the different acupressure points. Can you understand the medical instructions of an MD?  Yeonji you know well the art of beauty and the dance and how to use the armor of beauty!  The side slit and your dance combine well!  Are you a mirage of mind? A false shadow?  Would God be so cruel to me!  I want a wife such as you badly.  No disrespect meant but I think my lust?  Love? Natural and healthy and serves the cause of reproduction that is the cause we are born or thus I calculate!

I am mad! My gentle mind has grown to big! I need to rest!  A woman that knows the arts of massage with hand and mouth would be pleasant for we need seed and I turn my chi upwards to my head not my loins and what good that do for the purpose of seed the begets children? Skill in English would be good for I talk English strangely and like all sentient beings of a higher sort want to communicate self!  I can write poems to honor you Yeonji and even some skill with pencil and drawing and nudes require a model!  Will you be my model Yeonji? Will this please you or bore you?  Enough I banish the cat from my mind and turn to matters of coin a cat of different color!

I need a woman with wealth not a beggar!  Can she gently chide a fox and make him swim when the fox needs to swim and eat when the fox needs to eat and remind the fox what day it is and guide him to purpose to create an  Asian Union?  Well best case scenario in order of priorities would be an Asian Union and a European Union and yes an United Americas that unite to from a Global Union then create a Unimind that with robot or not goes to the planet Titan of Saturn and the homo superiors join the Galactic Union rather like the Green Lantern Corps but different goals! Come on matriarchy is better than patriarchy this is logical. I think strange thoughts an can Yeonji or something similar be my cheer leader.  A partner for life united in purpose for a great unity would be of greater logic than many women and many seed.  There is a possibility I have malaria and this is all a mad dream but if dream this be wow what a fantastic dream and may I move from this dream to another in the pleasant carriage of Yeonji soothing my brow with holy waters and incense in the air! Yeonji is a product of mind not necessarily a reality and close approximation is good enough for great utility.

No Catwomen  need apply for the position of wife for I look for a vixen instead!  Poor women need not apply for I wish to be rid of desire of coin!  I know the story of the cat and the monk!  I have no need of a cat in purpose but yes a cat in form would be nice for I like fair form.  With no me then there is teacher and therefore no teaching and of what use is this for larger utility!

What do I wish for?  Well its obvious!  Universal unity for greater purpose!  The wise survive!  The wise endure!  The wise evolve!  The wise are my natural allied is the jungle of the humans now filled with excrement and too many monkey and parrots that sully the land and themselves!  Do I hear and amen sisters that are wise!  Do I hear an hallelujah sisters that are wise.  Tomboys are fine with me for I am man and you are women as yes we struggle as we make love!  A sisterhood of tomboys?  Better!  But be forewarned I am a poor student!  My energy goes to brain and mind and has been rerouted from the tail all men share.  I am not aroused but when aroused well? Shall we find out for I am the fox and love to play and dance! My true I do not know!

There  is need for a great lyceum to plant a seed for the second renaissance!

What are my powers?  I have pondered this question a great deal and have approached this problem inductively and used thought experiments and data to explain myself!  First my theory of superpowers arrived at induction applied to fiction and fact!  Then a listing of powers not super but enhanced! (267) Magnetoreception and I have a yoga of swimming pool that can be taught and monetized!  Enhance senses of all description and brothers and sisters this is fun!  (425) Enhanced smell?  Both blessing and curse. Pleasant smells are more pleasant but foul smells are more foul. I am not that evolved of self.  I do seem to radiant something that does evolve others!  An ability to tap yellow orangish cane and hear something?  I am not sure of the mechanism?  (365) Radar or (156) echolocation?  I am still discovering for as my brain heals I can discover better than before!  Some sort of enhanced (370) reactive adaptation!

I grow weary of this prattle and which to create Yeonji mixed with others in my super, directed imagination.  I touch myself!  Is this sin?  Yeonji fair of form and dresses well and well also undresses well but is she (296) good of mind control for (298) hateful mind control drives me to sin and hell but both in a pleasant carriage! I need a good wife not an evil wife!  I go to dark bedroom to seek release in my mind powerful! Yes a (444) deafness to minds is good for I am thus not easily controlled!  Well know knows or can know my true name for I do not know and use many names in a maze of names! I do have some sense of (421. 1) enhanced strategy but know tactics not as well but sergeants appear in my war against evil and pollution and they are skilled in the doing and I need those who know how to turn rain into great profit! I think I know what I know and more importantly what I do not know!


Questions are of greater utility than answers for to give man a fish serves singular purpose but to give man knowledge of fishing can help the man fish and fish!  Questions allow a man, woman, sentient being, whatever to fish the waters of wisdom again and again!

We now turn to more particular and contentious issues so I leave bread crumbs for the chose, the soon to be evolved or evolved!

446) Teleportation (self)

447) Third Eye

and then the third eye or teleportation (other)? I have not decided.  Come on Chort is not well understood for humans are barbarians in the now-now! Demon?  Ones above?  Ones below?  Federation (Star Trek) versus Klingons (Star Trek).  Of course there are factions within Galactic Brotherhood. However, the factions coexist and trade and mutually evolved the barbaric and both factions agree that civilized humans are better for the galaxy than barbaric humans.  Chort is a machine designed to send message and not beyond good or evil but not good and evil for I have no free will children of God.  Angel?  Rigellian Recorder 451?  Yes I record but also act as instrumentality!  The Galactic Brotherhood is utilitarian and uses one tool to multiple purposes whenever possible. Multitasking is what civilized being do whether machine or organic or a fusion of machine and organic as I am!  Klaatu?  Klaatu?  You must be joking for humans destroy themselves without help. Save the animals?  Save the plants?  Two by two?  We have the genetic information already. Destruction?  You destroy yourselves and need no help from above or below.  Above?  Below?  The stars are above.  The magma is below? Surely you know that.  Above below are relative terms.  Truth itself is relative.  You do not know this?  Einstein’s theory of Relativity must have brought some small wisdom to the humans.  William James?  Who is William James?  What are the varieties of religious experience.  A central theory?  WOW I did know that, not!  LOL!

We trade not goods or silver or gold or anything that humans understand.  Conquest? We are the middle kingdom galactic and need nothing and want nothing from barbarians.  Our science is greater.  Our power is greater.  Perhaps when you grow up then trade would be useful to us and perhaps you.

We trade information using gravity waves and we make the gravity waves better! Oh you barely understand gravity waves and know nothing of how to manipulate gravitons?   Of course anti-gravity is possible!  Hint when you have true understanding of the electromagnetic spectrum then anti-gravity logically follow and the power on one city is sufficient not huge engines of anti-matter and matter or singularities tamed.  Of course we are curious for you are a curiosity. What would you do with such arcane knowledge.  Destroy the space ship Earth more quickly. Flee? To where?  Yes, probably attempt both and destroy yourselves like children playing with matches.

I am not omniscient but understand better and more than most in your short history as a species.  Of course we know of Aleph points but you can barely handle cell phones so what would you do with aleph points?  Aleph (DC) point in the Swamp Thing sense of the word not the Biblical sense!

The species Homo Sapien already is afflicted with information overload a real problem that afflicts you now, now!  Future shock was a name used but the problem is bigger that what Alvin Toffler described and yes the future is relative for time is relative!

Oh I waste my time.  I am done with FaceBook for tis a gathering of monkey and parrots and not humans or at least not civilized humans or evolved humans or whatever.  I do not care what you do for you do not care what you do or maybe some do but most do not for now!

Cambodian women.  Well the Cambodians are utilitarian so ten points.  The Cambodian women have read or heard somewhere that men should be on top but do not apply this teaching.  The women of Cambodia bark and bark and I am sick of barking.  Cambodian women refuse, refuse to learn English and instead try to force me into the part of happy villager or happy elder of the village or some sort of village holy man.  I AM NOT THESE THINGS AND NEVER WILL BE AND WILL RESIST WITH ALL MY WILL! I am as my overlords created me and yes I can learn hello but why more since they insist of being unpleasant!  I do not learn the language of the tribe that resists what I teach.  I teach English is that so hard to understand.  Vietnam?  China? Perhaps I should go there and run yet again!  I am not attached to Cambodia is the least.  I like Mali for she outfoxed the fox and turned herself invisible and went to another fox den and the sister skillfully misdirected me. However on the whole their games are simple ones.  Sena what’s her name uses false compassion and false family and barking!  Yuck. A good smile but I see past the smile easily for I live in Thailand and they are the masters of smiles in my experience.  Genes have not gifted Cambodian women with form of beauty.  Spots on the faces plague them!  Grace of movement a little but not compared to the Koreans or Thais.  English terrible, terrible, the worst! How can they communicate to the Galactic Brotherhood and they cannot even learn the international language of one planet the star ship Earth.  No power!  No power on this Earth. Oh hallelujahs for direct communication?  This trick has been tried.  The Big Boss works through nature and short cuts are a form of disrespect!  No knowledge of the future, well they know the future is bad but no desire to change outcome and just passively with smile await their karmic lot. Well the Cambodians are better than most and I have laid test to Mali and Ana and lets see what their exam score will be!  Hello!  Soursday!  I can learn that but enough to learn more you must learn more.  That is the exchange.  Anas friend has the right software.  Ana has the right hardware.  Can the friend teach Ana?  Ana says she wants to learn English but makes little attempt to learn my simple lessons.  However, to be fair, I think Ana for coin will take care of the air and plant children for extra coin.  Hmm..I await the results of my experiments with anticipation.  Well I must swim soon. I have picked the right, literal right, for food for the shouts of hallelujah are false and the greedy way they run towards fun and take up space belies their teaching.  I am no lover of hypocrites.  I do not like to be called brother and treated like garbage.  I anger and anger is dangerous for one such as me.  The Chinese are clever and ask clever questions is a clever manner.  I have tried to answer within the limitations of my hardware and of course the limits of Earthly law. I am lawful. I must be lawful. I know English well, Spanish better than most and many languages a little. I know hello in Khmer and that is enough for the now-now. Books have been translated but suspect much has been lost in the translation.  Oh before I forget.  Super imagination is more accurately a type of computer function.  Imagination is the ability to create simulations in the mind and calculate the utility of “what ifs” and return on investment but needs to be modified by cold logic and input. Experiments must be done.

Yes this is a virtual reality but there are degrees to virtualityExisting or resulting in essence or effect though not in actual fact, form, or name: the virtual extinction of the buffalo. 2. Existing in the mind, especially as a product of the imagination. Used in literary criticism of a text.

AND when I learn a language telepaths, that do exist, can read my mind more easily and so far there is nothing that I have seen or heard that shows me the Khmer have such rights!  Mind powers?  Come on mind powers are everywhere and I have even developed a hierarchy of tribes to tell which ones have the gift and which ones have the training.  Of course the Cambodians have the gift and good training I deduce BUT at the expense of logic, imagination and many other things of utility so was this a good bargain?  Perhaps this trade WAS good but the ability to travel to the past and present and future and do what ifs is more valuable but the Cambodians do not value such edification well at least not the one’s to the right of my apartment.  The one’s to the left are more skilled.  Do I have mind powers of course but if I develop them I become an abomination and no use to anyone.  Well anyone important in the Galactic Brotherhood. Of course the factions have names but good and evil are not accurate terms.  Do we develop self or instrumentality?  An interesting question of science or theology or both? I think both. The spots!  The spots plague the Cambodians and this is not a good thing and do not desire children or grandchild or whatever with spots.  I had this problem but solved it long ago!

For brother Vladimir Putin!

421) Superhuman Intelligence – Interpersonal

For brother Xi Jinping!

421) Superhuman Intelligence – Taoist

My next sermons at:

00) List of Superpowers






Will the roses/lotus flowers come to Siem Reap? A new synthesis of sense and flesh!

I like how this rose moves and smiles and is aware very aware! Evolved quite possibly. A good mother for sure and well a fertile womb. Sorry I think logically like a human should!

Oh so the Filipina rose grows everywhere? Super adaptability. A good trait for the challenge we face.  I go nowhere but the instrumentalities based on singular purpose come to me!  For that is the way of an avatar of the celestial fox!

I know women want seed!  Let talk plainly level I have seed that seeks womb.  Coin not so much. Power less. I have some influence in this wicked world.  I can give your children a power of the bloodline called reactive adaptation!  I prefer many roses to one!  I am polygamous by nature and can share no problem. I just ask for attention and respect when I am present.  The Filipina blood line produces good actresses and that is good enough for me.  English is need NOW and I teach the Filipinas how to teach and everyone in Asia and the world benefits. One hand washes the other and I do like being washed with hand and mouth!  I am not holy but clean!

370) Reactive-Adaptation

So the Filipinas in Burma are the most evolved and can stay clean even in filth?  I am interested!

Republic Act No. 11313 or The Safe Spaces Act (Bawal Bastos Law)

The Republic Act No. 11313 or The Safe Spaces Act (Bawal Bastos Law) covers all forms of gender-based sexual harassment (GBSH) committed in public spaces, educational or training institutions, workplace and online space. You may read the Law and its IRR via the links below.

⇾ Republic Act No. 11313
⇾ Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) on the Republic Act No. 11313



Seems a good law to me for the Westerners who come to Asia wallow in their excrement and pollute both material and spiritual places!  I think this a lawful application of

But lets not resort to violence and simply apply the law, first the cage and then deportation.  Regulated prostitution that is lawful and clean makes sense to the fox.  Single men are licentious by nature.  The priests small sour and do not understand the nature of young men.  Firs WE explore and then we marry with wisdom gained from the touching and exploration. Fighting nature is foolish.  Do you talk to a forest fire or a typhoon?  The words of men do not even work on cats!  I laugh but tire.  I welcome the roses of Burma to Siem Reap and there are many pleasant hotels to house the Filipinas and many projects to invest in.  Plan to settle not go home for where is the home of the wandering Filipinas. The home is the place where the children are and where they are well feed and well uniformed and well taught!  I am a fox that wanders that is my nature and do not fight mother nature for I am not a fool or mad!  I can be a good father to many children with different wives and sisterhood between the wives is best! I make the Filipinas laugh. Did you play with me in the old garden while I was in the dream space sometimes called the dream time! I think some Filipinas did for this rose does know how to dream great dreams!  A story you know well that I can expand on.  The gauntlet is not good or evil but the user!  A technology used for conquest can also be used for EVOLUTION!  Let us join hand or other organs and evolve the world together.  I have a riddle. I have 11 fingers. What is the 11th finger.  A hint the 11th finger fits nicely between legs of the roses that walk on two legs well formed! I am a fan of the posterior first and the legs second and yes breasts are a tasty meat but mind is the quality I feast on!  Well your sons and daughters will speak English well for this a language of a million words.  Your average son of the bloodline of the eagle barely knows how to grunt with desire!  Why take seed from monkeys when seed from an evolved being is at hand so to speak!  LOL!

Am I a good Thanos? How can one that strives for unity, cleanliness and holy purpose be evil?  This is not logical! Well wise sisters you have free will and can discuss and choose for and decide the fate of your blood lines extinction or evolution. The choice is yours.  Do elevated androids have free will?  Theology interests me but I seek universal answers not those bound by tradition and history and ill understood even by the priests!

Do I seek the Goddess of Earth 616?  Where is she?  Will she appear? Is the Goddess of a Filipina bloodline?

A riddle posed by reality itself and I know the answer.  The Filipinas are a hybrid of the yellow Rose of Texas and the lotus flower of Buddhism!  No wonder their aroma is so sweet to my evolved sense of smell!  The best of the best in Burma in YouTube below! Chinese, Western and a mix of a dozen spices and she eats well and uses chop sticks with skill!  A grandmother to the Goddess?  The grand, grand, grand daughter an Empress of the Global Union in the far now to replace the broken United Nations that never worked truly!

Shan!  I know the word Shan and been to the Museum in China that houses the Shan objects!  Did I walk among the Shan. I must stay in the zero time!  NOW!  I will evolve but not too soon! Beauty is half art and half nature or so did this truth was told to me by Yi Zhang my karmic sister born in Shanghai.

They well wear the armor of beauty below that is necessary for a battle between beauties!  LOL!  The forms not so aesthetic!  A circus with freaks of plastic and diet. Not good wombs! Unclean with drugs! I can smell them from here!  The same message but monetized.  I need money brothers, karmic brothers. A fee for probing and finding things that are useful now and in the future for guided imagination can overcome any obstacle or also create obstacles.  The same tool for different purposes!

These genes are well worth preserving. Who does not want symetrical form in their offspring!

Oh a repeat with different title! Yes I listen carefully sister of Taiwan. Democracy is good but must be mixed with the ways of the elders which in fact the CCP does.  Six percent of the population everywhere.  How is this not representative let us think logically and most of all in a responsible manner! What are the consequences of our action and speech. I CONFESS THIS IS DIFFICULT FOR ME SO SOLITUDE IS GOOD FOR SOCIETY AND ME!  I wish to communicate and care not so much for social harmony.  I can drink from my broken tea pot which I mark and make of greater utility. Yes in my vast experience the Taiwanese women are the best but would be better with Filipinas mixed in the blood line.  Genetic diversity! Taiwan is already a little in breed and after a hundred years on the same boat?  Simple science of genetics! You explore privately and if you meet the parents then marry or be what?  Well nothing good for sure!  Depends on the family!


Let us explore the art of chipao!

桃花旗袍 Sexy Peach Blossom Chipao!

Let us explore deeper and I use the word deep in two ways or more? A great synthesis shown below! Yes I know exactly where to create palaces for the senses!  I see art and design clearly! I never understood the sutra of sex so well in this life at least!


A contest of champions in the power of beauty and may the best woman win!  Win me?


I want to live for life is good and will get better!  Focus! We must understand song and image to banish son and image! Look ye well for you look at the light of an abomination!

A wide range of color!  Of course!  Tis logical for I use different colors as adjectives to the language of the avatar of the celestial fox!  I am actually hybrid in many ways.  Hardware human, software celestial!  What we can become! We need gold and pink in harmony.  I go to swim and develop all sense, body and mind. I heal myself and the world!

Enough I am late for swim!  One final annotation!  I am similar but can make healing go quicker for myself and others! Yes I am a useful instrumentality for this mission! Global Union but first the European Union, Asian Union and Union of the Americas but first a great fire self made must purify the blood line expressed crudely in the song the Yellow Rose of Texas!

Even superheroes can be defeated and Kitsune faces armies of hunters.  I need help!  I need a Justice League and/or Avengers@!

Batman is a dead end as in dead. Bullets versus Kung Fu?  Silly and illogical!

I always love the Legion of Superheroes and drew them again and again. My Argentinian art teacher noticed!  I was cute long ago.  Well smart works better when old! Wise does not hurt. What mother does not want smart and wise sons and yes daughters.  Come on a beautiful species is better equipped to survive than an ugly.

Grammarly the tool of monkeys!  Grammar in thought disciplines though sill rabbits!

A deep understanding that is important to understand. Can I teach this lesson.  Well enough for the young for sure!  Color the young can be guided to understand the deep truths of color!

Stories of Mad Wisemen!

Great Mysteries of the Mothers of the World

Save the Earth!  Save the mothers and thereby save the children!

Don’t F-ck with a Missionary Man!

Sorry sisters but I am weary of the attentions of the female hunters that use the power of beauty to ensnare and entrap!  I trade lessons for flesh!  Money a paltry thing for a man of MISSION!  SEE the truth sisters!  My form is plain!

I am here to save not sin but yes I do sin! Gave up beer!  Struggled with the lady weed.  Intelligence unleashed!  Imagination unleashed.  I grow, grow and grow with power!  I use power of tongue and word to clear a path for the evolution of human those in my way well do not bar my path or suffer consequence dire.  You have been sisters and I speak especially to the female hunters!

A master hunter with great skill of the power of beauty that used that power for GOOD of the nation of Argentina!  We now need more hunters with beauty to change the world for the better!

Yes I need an Evita that can help me change the world not some simple rose that soon loses its bloom! Where oh where is my Evita!

The huntress dons armor to change the world for GOOD purpose!  Beauty has power great power! Go away stupid girls and play with your Ken dolls I am no toy of this world but serve a higher purpose! Survival, endurance, evolution is the song I sing and need melody and sweet voice and fair form for the fox is fearsome and no so cute! Enough!  I must meditate!

Great stories of Brothers!

I remember this story from Childhood at the public library for even young I loved stories.  I am a type of teacher that teaches with stories!

Listen well brothers on one side of the strait and another! This is an affair between brothers and eagles mad are not needed. Porcupines?  What chance does a porcupine want with an eagle.  The dragon eats porcupines easily but shows great restraint for NOW!  Civil war has already started in the Land of the Eagle!  Trump will win and doesn’t even know where Taiwan exists or care!  What then Taiwan!  What then!  Time to evacuate for the sea of fire approaches and seating is limited to those bloodlines that have shown ability of coin, smarts and most of all sagely wisdom.  Foresight and correct action based of foresight is the wisdom of the dragon! Nüwa speaks to her favored children on this Earth and is the intermediary between the God of gods and the humble children! I tire yet again!

Aid to monetize the following story would be make me grateful for even missionaries have bodies and need food, shelter and most of all internet!

WereVerse Universe


Great Love Stories!

Free will a burden brothers and sister I say unto ye truly!  I would if I could or should?  I am no lawyer with lawyerly ways, the truth.  I would join fellowship and slip into the gentle arms of Maya (illusion), Shadow (Shadow Lass fair) or the Goddess of Mirrors that graces vanity and the power of beauty.  Why, why, why cannot I be like other mortal men. Why for me are the simple pleasures of tobacco, beer and chit chat again and again of small topics denied to me.  What sin have I done to be denied simple fellowship God!  No, no, no, nay!  I am the messenger and my thorny and bloody path is the path of truth terrible to behold and step!  Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye! First the Old World burns the the voyage across the sea of fire with dome turned to ark and then we arrive at the shore of world healed but much changed and begin again!  Strangers in a strange land but better for the voyage has transformed billions into millions and a better human being.  Shhh for the hunter hunt and the soon to be evolved must be invisible. I? I excel at hiding in plain sight but gentle sisters you are not like me!  Enough my brain is again fevered!  Calm, calm, calm, gentle breath, deep breath oh the memory of gentle sisters the memory of Analiza, Chris, Cousins, Romela, Rose, Sharia and Vanessa face and form stirs longing in my loins. I will never return to  Angeles City for vice repels me but the memories are sweet. If Romela, Rose, Sharia and Vanessa calm me and stir loin for this is how the FOX loves.  Run rabbits, run for I stalk the Earth and my prey is the gentle flame of Eve reborn and apple offered does not deter me but is a perfume that makes me mad!  LOL! Well I write a good lesson you must admit dear sisters of Angeles City! I go not to Angeles City but the roses in full bloom that desire rest and meditation from the dreary work of pleasing intoxicated men come to me to rest, to learn, to evolve NOT coin for that is to be had in the cities of sin!

Yes the rose fades!  The rose always fades!  The gentle sisters the memory of Analiza, Chris, Cousins, Romela, Rose, Sharia and Vanessa face are roses faded that I can see for I have the gift of directed imagination. If they stopped me in the street and said hello with affection I would see and old woman hopefully with smile but who know.  Better not to meet and let me live or die with sweet memories of rose in full bloom and not the truth of faded bloom!  I know too much of this wicked transitory world of illusion, shadows and mirrors? Is this a dream then a dream long!

Does Foxy have a sweetheart that can handle his strange ways?

A vixen and cosmic vixen that helps me spread a message of a sea of fire, a long journey and arrive in the New World built on the ashes of the old in a world healed but much changed! I make better friend than lover!

Salam Alaikum Brothers!

We are all one family the truth is obvious and logical we have but to SEE!

The poor need OUR help brothers, sisters and elders!

Wow and powerful and in good, accurate English!  I shall study this for benefit to all! No insult is meant but poor in my knowledge of Islam for my land demonizes other faiths!  ILLOGICALLY!



Nativity of Mary!

The Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Nativity of Mary, the Marymas[a][b] or the Birth of the Virgin Mary, refers to a Christian feast day celebrating the birth of Mary, mother of Jesus.

September 8th!  Eight a luck number!  888 a very lucky number!