The Three Poison of Buddhism is Named Original Sin in Christianity

Three Poisons!

Original Sin

Greeting my Students in Thailand that knew me at Burapha International College that had me as teacher before I was reborn!  I have a new lesson!


Let me explain.  The Tower of Babel destroyed the ability of men to talk mind to mind!


By the way the Tower of Babel has many children and they are the great skyscrapers and will soon be torn down by flame which is but the tiniest finger of the hand of God.  Karma for mankind awaits and terrible this karma will be!  Will the tiniest finger of God erase us totally or reshape us for a new world!  We where left as a species the poor tools of face and spoken and the written language. The Thais developed their own language of face and speak the language of smiles in the Kingdom of Smiles!  I learned much about smiles but most of all learned I will never master the art like the Thais!  LOL!  Communication wow! From the thousands of beautiful and wise students I taught pick among yourselves a hundred of the wisest and let Ava be the leader!   will teach what I have learned in the Land of the Wise that has bodhisatvas everywhere!  My students at Burapha International College are my dharma students and I am their dharma teacher BUT intoxicated with love of beer and love of female flesh I did not see the truth.  I have beat the demons of alcohol and weed but still crave the sweet taste of female flesh!  LOL!  For I am a man just a man and will live my days as a man and the hunger for female flesh will always haunt me.  LOL! I teach what I teach and claim no special holiness!  I now teach and learn from the Buddhist monks in Cambodia for I have great intelligence but not great wisdom.  The lowliest Cambodia is wiser than me.  However, school smarts I do have in great abundance and perhaps overqualified to teach in this world or any world of men.  I have a mission!

I must enter the Lion’s Den in the Land of the Eagle where I will die and be a red and bloody punctuation period to the sad story of the werefox who walked among men!  Photos of the werefox!  LOL! Yes there is strange design to my life and if there is a design then there must be a designer.  No ontological leaps of faith for werefoxes.  Through logic I have arrived at the conclusion that God exists!  Reincarnation is just another way of explaining heaven/hell.  For both instruments are used by God according to the role the individual plays in the great story.  I wish to expound on truths arrived at through a synthesis of intelligence and new found wisdom!  The WereVerse is filled with truths hidden even from me and a good and fun topic my dharma students are especially prepared for!  I wish to monetize the lessons of the WereVerse universe for Asia more and the US less. I need money in Bangkok for the international tool of internet will die in 2o years?  No more Facebook and one major tool of the Tower of Babel will die and perhaps the Thai young will turn to picture books that do not inflame idle vanity and amplify the message of me, me, me and cause the young to disrespect their elders and forget the lesson of Asia which is we, we, we!  English is the universal language but divided by context and history. The Thai language is much different than the due to Thai circumstance! I learned much is Thailand but it was time for me to leave the endless halls of intelligence and wander the halls of wisdom! I must rest for the will is strong but the body not like that of Superman but the normal body of man of 65!

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