Plan for Survival of the Chosen and Creation of a New World

This is the first edition and there will be future editions in the text edition labeled as such but with details that only some care about!  The wise must unite and make many Arks like Noah! Some in the Americas. And many in Asia.  The many Arks in Asia will become one state! The many arks in Asia will unite over a period of three hundred years after much trade using the principle of multiple systems, localized and one state! Much the same as the empire of Ancient Rome. The Big China and the Little China united long ago using a combination of blockade and help by holy men of the cross organized like an army but to save souls not conquer territory and lastly a lawyerly solution improving on the two system and one nation idea used for Hong Kong. Mistakes were made and the mistakes corrected with laws. For the brothers agreed that brats should not rule!  LOL! Elders should rule!  The dog must wag the tail not tail wag the dog. There is a correct order in all things for success!  One does not put the cart in front of the horse and expect to get anywhere!  The father advices the son. The son does not impose the tyranny of discord on the father which is what happened in Hong Kong.  The violation of the spirit of the law not the word is still a violation of law!

There is a hierarchy even in Heaven and Hell. The cherubs are everywhere!  The cherubs have older brothers that are fewer in number but wiser and more powerful and the older brothers are in turn ruled by the arch angels the wisest and most powerful angels such as Gabriel in the case and at the top sits God the creator of Earth. In hell we have the king of Hell Lucifer and the arch-demons and below them the demons that can tempt men and bring their souls to hell.  However, for a great king the Lucifer himself will intervene for Lucifer gets hellish joy from his work.  Kings bring many souls with them to hell in an infernal net!  The mortal Trump will die in a cage or outside of a cage but Trumpism that will transcend the body of Trump will continue to bring souls to hell itself.  What circle of Dante’s version of hell?  Well traitors and the followers of Trump are traitors to the law of the land pay a high price. Trump will be in the ninth circle and not so arrogant!  LOL!

Even a hierarchy in the jungle.  For example, the lion is the king of the jungle.  The fox advice but carefully for the lion can kill the fox with a single swipe of great claw.  When the universal law of hierarchy is broken then chaos rules the land!  The basic law of Taiwan was changed so that the riotous children could not disturb the peace and the elders ruled via law.

The children who breathe chi in abundance and have parents that lead a nation and even the state will be taught how to open the third eye.  The genes will be much changed after the billions die EVERYWHERE! The human race reborn will be more empathic, more spiritual and have greater team work in their very blood.  The me, me, me people will have killed themselves or each other long ago!  For example, and who can predict, Thailand will be where the children who have much energy but like monkey move it here and there for utility. Cambodia will be the place where the children who can make things grow and talk to fellow humans with mind and feed the Asian Union! Vietnam and Thailand will have arks and negotiate price.  The dollar will be used not for trade with the US now faraway but for large transactions. Like English the old universal ways will be retained.  Cambodia?  Humble Cambodia?  I respond with a simple answer even the stray cats are happy in Cambodia!

ALL the leaders will be taught how to open their Bindu Chakra and rule in an enlightened way. The Bindu Chakra lies beneath the cowlick that most people have at the back of their head. Anatomically it is located where the bones of the back and sides of the skull meet (the occiput and the parietal). The direction of the stream of cosmic energy flowing into the Chakra can be seen quite clearly by those with open third eye and the ability to see auras. Some people have two cowlicks, indicating the existence of two energy centers. These people often possess exceptional vitality and creativity, but on the other hand can also be inclined towards hyperactivity and extreme nervousness.  The Bindu Chakra is not mentioned, but in Tantra Yoga great importance is attached to the healing and rejuvenating effects of this Chakra.

Whilst this energy center “sleeps” it is similar to a dot, but when awakened its energy begins to flow or to “drip”. The Bindu Chakra produces truly astonishing effects. It is a “health center” that brings about improved physical, psychic and spiritual health, and is therefore a valuable aid on our spiritual journey. It also helps to quieten our emotions and brings harmony and a sense of wellbeing. With the help of the Bindu Chakra we are able to control hunger and thirst and overcome unhealthy eating habits AND slay the demon that is intoxication AND connect to the crown chakra and the universal unconscious and perchance God?

Concentration on the Bindu Chakra can also be beneficial for depression, nervousness, feelings of anxiety and an oppressive feeling within the heart. A slight pressure with the fingernail on the site of the Bindu Chakra gives rise to a spontaneous feeling of happiness that spreads to the heart. When a child is restless and will not go to sleep it helps to gently massage the Bindu Chakra with soft circular movements for a few minutes – the child will soon become quiet and sleepy.  The most outstanding effect of the Bindu Chakra is the production of AMRITA, the nectar of immortality.

There will be hierarchy in the Asian Union but a soft hierarchy but a harsher one in China. The one in China will be the hardest leader of the many states. China will be reborn with around a half a billion but still more Chinese than all the rest of the world combined! China will be the brains of the space ship Earth and rule the world not with coercion but influence.  The United States reduced to100,000 will use the 11 aircraft carriers to wander the world like the Flying Dutchman and convert decks field and grow crops but with no oil to power the mighty aircraft carriers will find spots to settle their ships and use rifle to find women, settle and then forget they were Americans after three generations and become this and that depending on the tribe of the women. The great grandchildren of the last Americans in the Philippines will talk of the USA as a legend.

The one in the Americas or Union of the Americas will also be harsh! The Americans of the USA will flood across the border and pick through the ashes that are filled with treasures no one understands but place is warehouses with the other junk of the last age for future utility. The leaders of the world will know my words difficult to understand even now and almost like dead language. Some will understand the spiritual side of my language and some will understand the scientific side of my language but only the Buddhas of the Earth reborn will understand all my language!

The local leader in Thailand will be soft and hard as circumstances dictate. The Thais are already masters of the middle way in this world and will become teachers of the middle way in the world reborn. Korea will be united by the hand of survival.  Japan will see that the USA is far away and China near and join the Asian Union based on one union with many system pragmatically the Japanese will need trade and the Chinese will control trade.  Australians will have a great debate but the desert grown will make them more pragmatic and have the final vote of Australia before using a system of elders in which only the elders vote after much debate but in the way grandfathers debate not the hot blooded way of young men.  The Asian Union and the Union of the Americas will meet in Thailand to decide the faith of the world in more or less 3,0022 and set a time table for a global union in 4,0022!

The Cambodians will be the place of plants that talk to humans and man and animal coexist and a SANCTUARY, a Garden of Eden, word reborn in a world reborn, where the leaders come to die giving wisdom to each other as they meet their maker and commune with their maker! In 4,0022 years, humans will be fully awake and get the old technology in pieces and rusted and corroded but placed in vaults and begin again great technologies now guided by great wisdom, cosmic consciousness so to speak but will be careful for lesson will have been learned! Too much technology without wisdom is a curse.  Too much consumption leads to the destruction of planet Earth and this is our only space ship. The Earth now filled with ashes and life adapted to new conditions will start to breathe again and holy men provide a nervous system for travel of goods and knowledge. How to consume just enough is taught via meditation, books and the example of the elders.  The eternal problem of desire above need is handled by shared virtual realities to a limited extent.  Food will become abundant but fat men will still be rare for people will eat enough but not too much.  Work in the day and sleep at night and use sparingly.

Let the wise become wiser and plan not to make four arks. Three in Asia and one in the Americas. The arks will be castles of the outside and palaces of the inside!

Now is the time the wise withdraw and let the mad dogs tear and rend each other. Murder and suicide will abound. The US will not have to worry about external threats but internal threats mightily. All arks will need GUARDIANS in the way Plato used the word!

Plato divides his just society into three classes: the producers, the auxiliaries, and the guardians. The guardians are responsible for ruling the city. They are chosen from among the ranks of the auxiliaries, and are also known as philosopher-kings. WORD REBORN! World reborn!  The words of the many Buddhas will be gathered and stored and reused! Books will replace computers and cell phones and the knowledge of all things will be restricted. Idle life times spent on Facebook will be replaced by books that teach people how to do things and for the leaders books that teach how to do things using men as tools for the greater good.

General Design of All the Arks

The Center contains the humans that handle data. The people monitor water usage, temperature, can read in English and live to solve things with their minds.  They read books and sparingly use old computers to figure out problems.  The brain of the society determines how to maximize crops and five years plans for growth.  Their diet is sparse and healthy and conducive to thinking.  The people in the center are the brain of the society.  These are the philosopher kings.

The next ring is the people who do things and farm and fix things these are the hands of society.  For what use is a brain without hands?

The third ring is the guardians who protect the ark and also go forth to other arks to share books written and books that will be written for new conditions and new problems and exchange this for that for material evolution. The Guardians need food and depend on the people in the second ring and if they kill the brains of the ark, they have to go through the people who make the food and those people will die in numbers because they fear and love and the center.  The center provides knowledge of crops and gives the guardians strategy.  The guardians also go forth and find things of use and allow them to be used for growth of the three centers.  The now old technology is found and stored along the road for future use.  Most of all books are found and carried from place to place for this is the Second Middle Ages!  The USA empire has fallen and is more legend than anything.  The grandchildren of the citizens of the USA look at the destroyers rusting and the decks used for crops and wonder if men or gods made these hulking pieces of metal.

The many arks are connected by a covered road that allows travel despite the hellish heat and desert storms and other conditions dangerous for life. This road is the nervous system of the state of three arks.  The ark centered in China trades knowledge, generally practical, for supplies.  The ark centered in Thailand is the great middle man.  The ark in Cambodia has people that understand the rain and grow food in abundance.  This covered road is the nervous system of the multi ark state. The fourth state in the Americas will eventually figure out mind to mind communication. The population of the world will be much reduced due to the Second Challenge, End of Time or whatever the name for this end is given different names by scientists and theologians.

In time there will be Second Renaissance when the knowledge before the great catastrophe is combined by the ideas of sacrifice and control of desire will unite to create a new human race! In thousands of years solar power from space to power the great arks and then in 6,0022 years we make a second global ark on the moon. The Moon is populated with robots that in turn create more robots. The bodies of the humans frozen are taken apart and studied by the robots.  Cyborgs will be born on the Moon.  The cyborgs can feed on solar energy directly.  Their brain augmented by computer circuits and the ability to create a primitive UniMind as need arise.   A third celestial body ark network in six thousand years on the moon of Saturn known as Titan. Mars does not pass the test of cost/benefit analysis! The cyborgs send a message to the cosmos “We have learned and we are ready to join as brothers the galactic brotherhood”. We will be judged yet again but likely judged as true brothers and yet again we will evolve!  And in the 30th century we will meet the elders of the galaxy who are in contact with the elder of the universe with an android named Tres the son of Data!


We will evolve or die for this is the universal truth of all sentient beings throughout the Earth and even the cosmos! The Omega?  The end or just the beginning of yet another story in the evolution of the human race?  Time will tell not I! The text below will change! The text above will not!  For there are billions and time is short those who play a role will find.  I care not for those who use social media to create confusion.  Facebook!  This a place for idle entertainment and to inflame the passions not reasoned discussion.  LOL!  This is the first edition and there will be future editions in the text edition labeled as such in the document not in the text above but with details that only some care about! As the worst one said what is untrue to show of her visage and I feel for the trap!

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