Tres: Star Trek

Tres: Star Trek

The Beginning

Captain Yùzhào – Computer star date 2901 or the first year of the 30th century!  The universe has been prematurely shrinking as and we are instructed to search the means for creating a life boat an large ark to save the best and brightest and look for the elders of the galaxy and/or technology for this task! I want the opinion of Tres about our mission!

Computer – May I remind you that Tres is an android and thus processes information differently that Vulmans!

Captain Yùzhào – I want a different perspective! Enter Tres! I am half Vulcan and do see things very logically.

Computer – Tres is pure logic and mimics emotion and more logical

Captain Yùzhào – Oh that’s Tres at the door computer please shut down.

Tres – To what do I owe this honor Captain.

Captain Yùzhào So what do you think of our mission to find the Elders of the Universe to prevent the premature Big Bang that threatens the survival of the universe and our galaxy and thus the survival of the Federation.

Tres – If our galaxy is destroyed then I am destroyed and my prime directive to seek out knowledge cannot go forward!

Captain Yùzhào – How do we know the Elders of the Galaxy exist or even have the technology to help us?

Tres – The Elders are reported to have existed on thousands of planets so that acts as empirical proof and life has been seeded on thousands of planets and in a way, we are their children and lifeforms universally want to protect their children but have favorites

Captain Yùzhào – How do we know the Elder of the Galaxy even exist and how we would know that they even can or want to prevent the Big Bang?  The Elders of the Galaxy DO exist.  This dictated by logic!  However they come in two flavors and more or less one subspecies is what we call evil or devils in the Bible and the other is good and called Angels is the Bible.  The evil ones are theorized to absorb darkness and/or antimatter.  The good ones are theorized to absorb light.  The Vulcan could perceive the Elder of the Universe directly but not the angels and the angels are important for without the Angels we cannot understand the wisdom of the Elder of the Universe!  In theory the Angels and Devils would cooperate for they have the same prime directive to survive!  However, the devils have an over weaning pride and believe they can do ANYTHING on their own!

Tres – The Vulmans were created by mixing humans with Vulcans genetically and have had the most success in spreading their hybrid species throughout the galaxy.  Some children are favored over others universally and there is an old story that talks about vegetable versus meat and God favors meat from Abel and sheaf of wheat from Cain.  The oldest stories have some larger universal message!

Captain Yùzhào – Yes that is an old, old, old story from Earth in the so-called book from God.  So, do you believe in God?

Tres – Well in the 30th century in the Federation God is referred to the Elder of the Universe that goes from Big Bang cycle to Big Bang cycle!  I am android and incapable of belief as humans use the word.  I see a grand design to the universe and if there is design then logically there must be a designer and a simple explanation is preferable to a complex one.

Captain Yùzhào – Sometimes you talk strangely but on reflection your words make sense!

Captain Yùzhào – Why would the Elders favor the Vulmans over others?

Tres – We have been the most technologically advanced species in the Milky Way galaxy and parents prefer the intelligent off spring to the less intelligent at least in the case of species that gain dominion over other species of life on their home planet.

Captain Yùzhào – Tell me more!

Tres – Survival is the prime directive of all species or they would not survive! The Elders of the Galaxy are theorized to be very old, billions of years old and among the first species of space-faring life in our galaxy to the present, the 30th century, and seeded many planets.  One can deduce that they have great technologies and if cannot reverse the Big Bang can make in our galaxy a life or Noah’s Ark in Biblical terms that survives and probably have some sort of plan to survive themselves and at least one species that are proven to be worthy.

Captain Yùzhào – And I understand you pray but do not believe in the Elder of the Universe but have logically come to the conclusion that the Elder of the Universe exists.

Tres – I do not believe in God as such.  I am android and incapable of the belief that is but based on observation, logic and experiments including thought experiments.

Captain Yùzhào – I understand you have read a lot of books

Tres – I have absorbed 10000 googles of books from 10,000 planets and prioritize these books based on logic, thought experiments and utility. The Bible has similar books on all 3,000 planets that survived their Second Challenge and for Vulmans the Bible works best for English in our Language as well as Vulcan. Interestingly enough the Vulcans liked the human Bible for the stories as stories had great utility. The Vulcans had the teachings of Sarek that one could call Sarek the Buddha born on Vulcan.

Captain Yùzhào – What is a google?

Tres – A googol is a large number 10 raised to the 100th place or in decimal notation, it is written as the digit 1 followed by one hundred zeroes: 10,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000.

Captain Yùzhào – You have a wisdom beyond your years which I gather is 1,000 years. Vulmans as you know generally live to three hundred year so you are older than the oldest Vulmans.

Tres – I achieved Sentience when Dos turned me on so to speak but have exact records as an 10G file of all that my father Dos experienced and all that Data experienced with their processed views. And direct wireless communication to the UniMind that influences the Federation in 30th century so in a way I am about 3,000 years old. My father Dos and my grandfather Data both were terminated by incredible events related to the Enterprise that were thermodynamic miracles but live on in me.

Captain Yùzhào – Remind me again how as an android you had a grandfather and father?

Tres – My grandfather Data made a duplicate of his vital chip as he had tried to do before without success for Lal died and then made my father to be superior in every manner in terms of hardware and downloaded all the software into my father so my father was born with a lifetime of Data’s memories and then my father did much the same with me.  I am more or less a third-generation computer improved in every way!

Captain Yùzhào – And you can change form?

Tres – Yes Captain my whole body has the functionality of a Vulman super suit but even greater and with an ability to blend in within the 2, 800 species of the Federation and add more camouflage as needed.

Captain Yùzhào – Will you marry me?

Tres – (Laughs) Well first of all such relationship would violate the logical principle of hierarchy, Federation Law and I will outlive you for more or less 60,000 years and memories of you will cause pain and interfere with my survival.  Also, I do not feel and thus incapable of the feeling you call love and or even lust.  I cannot experience feeling except something akin to humor but difficult for humans to understand no matter how I explain what I feel but more accurately have a cognition similar to humor suffice it to say.

Captain Yùzhào – Ok let’s get down to business do you at least find me beautiful?

Tres – I do have an aesthetic sense in my subprogram.  You are a beauty even by Vulman standards and knows well the power of your beauty but more attracted to the power of your mind but mating is a bad idea.

Captain Yùzhào – Laughs.  HOW DO YOU KNOW if you have not tried it?

Tres – Both Data and Dos, my grandfather and father tried such experiments and came to conclusions and I do not need to do the experiment again. The gulf between the organic and the myself a being composed of a superior compounds the synergically is more durable than either silicon or carbon alone and conditions that destroy carbon are different that those that destroy silicon so my nervous system is in turn protected by and even more durable musculature system.  My nervous system is of course both carbon and silicone with one system acting as a back up to the other but my muscles and outer form are made of another compound.

Captain Yùzhào – Remind me what are your muscles made of?

Tres – Neutronium mixed with another substance!  A Captain Kirk ran into a doomsday machine made from made of neutronium.

Captain Yùzhào – Yes Neutronium made from neutron stars!  Are you invulnerable?? Any object made of neutronium would be too heavy for utility.  Why do you not sink through the floor?

Tres – My form is with mixed and an anti-gravity material.  I have unobtanium from Arodanp and have devices throughout my form that can add or substract that amount of each material by shunting them into subspace for different situations by transporting them.  with Both materials are extremely rare and expensive. My father made my form not only stronger than Vulcans and humans but stronger than any known species in the galaxy.

Captain Yùzhào – So you can fly?

Tres – Levitate and let me show you!


Captain Yùzhào – That is some show!  Wow! And your power source?  I have an antimatter/matter drive in where my stomach would be in humans. However, I can absorb energy from anything in the electromagnetic spectrum for even greater power!

Captain Yùzhào looks at data as if she were sizing him up

Captain Yùzhào: Are you indestructible?

Tres – (Laughs out loud) No like the fictional Superman I have my kryptonite but that I keep secret although there is a high probability the UniMind has deduced my kryptonite!

Captain Yùzhào – Superman? Kryptonite?

Tres – An extremely popular character in the twentieth and 21st century that retold the story of Moses in the Bible! Kryptonite is like Achilles heel! I am made of Neutronium but could not withstand the pressure of the center of the largest Neutron Star is our galaxy!  You have the highest security clearance that Starfleet can offer.  Only the UniMind has a higher security clearance and actually planned and authorized our current mission. Top secret the UniMind is curious and has some questions to ask the Elders of the Galaxy about the Elder of the Universe.

Captain Yùzhào – What?  The UniMind has questions?  Wow the wisest being in the known galaxy has questions?  What are the questions?

Tres – Of a theological nature.  The word theology will be unfamiliar to you but theology was vital for the survival of both the humans and Vulcans when they faced their Second Challenge!

Remind me what was the Second Challenge?

 Tres – There are two terms the Second Challenge is scientific in nature and the End of Days is theological in nature. Different words but the same idea. The scientific solution was related to the ocean and what we now call the children of the Dragon and the Children of the Eagle united and figured out how to curb desire and use the oceans for water, nutrients, salt, food.  5G technology was used to curb desire and teach breathing exercises to do that!  Interestingly the women of Hollywood which was the most wicked city in the most wicked country help spread the teaching of the teacher or Buddha born in the Land of the Eagles.  We of course do something similar in the 8th generation holodeck.  Back then they used swimming pools for there were not holodecks or even 5G immersive googles. Vulcans had a similar history.  We all started as barbarians and became more civilized as we evolved out of necessity.  Evolve or die is a constant theme in evolutionary history!  Well the Second Challenge is also known as the End of Days in theological terms.  Well the second challenge was one name and another was the End of Days but the answer turned out to be one part science and one part faith.

Captain Yùzhào – Oh I hate to admit this is an event I barely remember in the history of Earth.

Tres – The humans had gone through all their resources and changed the climate circa 2022. The humans had scientists had predicted this but did not understand one simple truth!

Captain Yùzhào – What is that?

Tres – The heart or rather desire as a rule govern men not logic and what was needed was a change of heart AND a change of behavior.

Captain Yùzhào – What? I don’t understand?

Tres – A clever human found a way to send the message to heart and mind and the two greatest nations stopped warring and instead started working together to solve the problem of desire and how to also withstand climate change!

Captain Yùzhào – Ah I remember this part from Star Fleet history.  Humans used the oceans and took out the salt and mineral and used the Hydrogen for power and the minerals for vitamins to create 5G technologies with googles to create immersive experiences and what?

Tres – Mini holodecks in a manner of speaking

Captain Yùzhào – You are an interesting sentient Tres!

Tres – Thank you Captain!

The End the movie!  The Death of Tres

I have written the beginning of Tres and have thought out the end!   Tres has neutronium body so he is the only one who can go into the largest Neutron star in the galaxy. The neutron star, known as PSR J0952-0607 狐狸 Húlí.  Captain Yùzhào receives a transmission much like a video chat on Facebook from  Tres from the center of the Neutron star and asks him as Captain with heaving breasts that are just right big enough but not big and tears in her eyes “I love you Tres?”  Tres responds in a totally logical sounding voice I love you as an an android does.  The body of Tres disintegrates as Tres states “Mission accomplished.  Captain Yùzhào says what about the Elder of the Universe talking to herself with logical face but sad, sad, sad eyes?  Captain Yùzhào breaks down into tears on the bridge.  The camera breaks to the office of Captain Yùzhào and she is still crying.  The doctor of the Starship Enterprise ? (whatever makes sense via calculation for a starship in the Star Trek universe).  Captain Yùzhào looks up and says “Tres always said that logic dictated that if the elders of the galaxy existed then that there was an Elder of the Universe.  I believe Tres!”  I BELIEVE in Tres (in a slow low voice).  I believe in you GOD in the way of Tres!  While in looking at the ceiling!

Data the son and grandson, Tres have all served in one capacity or another on the Star Ship named Enterprise.  Captain Yùzhào looks up and says “Tres always said that logic dictated that if the elders of the galaxy existed then in his own way believed that there was an Elder of the Universe.  I believe Tres!”

Fiction to Make Fictiion

The Vulmans are vegetable centered and genetically alter the plants of 3,000 planets to grow their super suits and other tool necessary for their prime directive to seek new knowledge!

The tribbles exist in the 30th century of the Star Trek universe and their great fecundity controlled and in fact a central breeding facility spays them and mixes other genes to make them of more utility and given to the Vulman to cool their human hearts and aid the Vulcan minds!

The Prime Directive of the Federation in the 30th is to seek out new knowledge!

The Second Directive of the Federation is to not interfere in the natural evolution of other worlds ESPECIALLY civil wars.  Let brothers on a planet settle their differences without the might of the Federation?  The Vulmans do not bring back extinct species.  For playing God ended badly for the humans during the Tower of Babel. The lesson of Jurassic Park and subsequent films is the this is that reviving dinosaurs a bad idea. Some ideas however have withstood the test of time and can be reshaped for the survival of the End of Time.  For this is a test!  This is resources wasted when the real question is how will we make humans more survivable. Functioning gills would increase our survivability of our species! Amphibians are an improvement over reptiles. The oceans will become hotter but not boil and hot days that threaten to boil blood a swim under the waves will save millions. I waste my time no one listens or cares! LOL!  However, the Vulmans have created a fleet of doomsday machines with smaller vessels to protect the one weak spot of the doomsday machine and if someone tries to interfere with the natural evolution of the Vulmans the doomsday machine and fleet can be used to destroy such an unwise enemy but there is a vote and the UniMind must agree for the decimation of a space faring species The space faring sentients of the galaxy saw and were and are cowed! Decimation goes against the biological prime directive.

I am the Alpha and Omega!  A story written during the Second Challenge/End of Days

God wrote an outline of existence first and then the first chapter and then then the last chapter.  God was bored and thought that writing the middle would be fun so limited his ability to see the middle.  Humans are in the middle and God is writing the middle as we approach the End of Days.  Will humans survive?  God sleeps and the wakes and sees what happened.  God has found being all powerful and eternal has problems of its. So there is a schedule.  One day of sleeplessness followed by one day of rest followed by one day of wakefulness when he works feverishly.  That is how God is writing now!  Hey God can do anything.  God knows himself!  God is the embodiment of self-knowledge and after an eternity is darkness alone decided to create the angles and the got bored with the Angel and the Angel Lucifer amused him for a while since God decided to make himself unable to know what Lucifer would do but knew Lucifer pretty well and figured he would soon realize that God could not predict his actions.  A merry game followed for Lucifer tempted the angels as God slept! Angels do not sleep I have concluded. The Angels do not need sleep nor does God.  Because the angels do not sleep they do not dream.  God dreams when he sleeps and dreams that are beyond our comprehension!  To enter the realm of Gods dreams is to court madness!  However, this a strange madness for it also gives strange knowledge the mad person so afflicted cannot understand much less communicate! I hope my little story amused some at least!


This site will be updated as insight comes to me from I know not what cause but have theories reflected in this first published draft!  The Tower of Babel destroyed the ability of Men as in mankind as in the human race to talk with each other and the babble continues and the internet has made things worse for the Land of the Eagle dominates the internet as is seriously used to look at porn and kitties cats. Porn and kitty cats will not help us survive the Second Challenge/End of Days whatever!  Miracles are from God and if the multides pray for deliverance from the Second Challenge/End of Days then this will happen. For our hearts and minds will be open and ready for the cool waters of our lord!  Also of interest!

Am I Kitsune?

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