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Should Maglevs be Upgraded to Vactrains?

Should Maglevs be Upgraded to Vactrains Table

There has been a great deal of discussion of whether the future of high tech transportation will be maglevs or hyperloops. Hyperloops can theoretically travel around 600 mph. Maglevs can theoretically travel around 300 mph. However there is a third alternative that is being ignored. Theoretically if you build a vacuum tunnel around a maglev system then you create a vactrain and can achieve theoretical speeds of up to 8,000 mph. Vactrains could more or less ten times faster than hyperloops! China, Japan and Germany have already invested billions of dollars on maglev lines. Can maglev lines be retrofitted to be vactrains? Instead of replacing maglev, a proven technology, with a new technology that is only twice as fast, maglevs can be upgraded and be made 20 times faster! The following points provide a starting point for this discussion.

1) Pipeline Design

If maglev upgrade is the purpose of vactrain design then the pipeline probably needs to be designed to be more modular to fit around an existing maglev.

2) Pipeline Fabrication

China is facing an industrial output surplus. Can any existing factories be modified to make vactrain pipeline instead?

3) Pipelines and Solar Power

China is a major user of fossil fuels. China is also a major manufacturer of solar panels. Can pipeline be fitted with solar power panels in order to cut down on fossil fuel use and also provide a market for Chinese solar panels?

4) Pipelines as National Nervous System

The world faces growing terrorism, more extreme weather and nuclear proliferation. Can the pipeline double as a hardened nervous system of the nation?

5) Pipelines as Robotic Project

The next big space project will be a city on the moon. The next big rail project will be creating pipeline that can link continents via underwater pipeline. Humans are not designed to operate underwater or in a low gravity vacuum. The conquest of inner space via robots can be a precursor of the conquest of outer space with robots. Sooner or later robots will be needed to build in space on any sort of large scale. Building pipeline underwater with robots is a technical challenge that naturally leads to technological advances that prepare China to create megastructures in space.

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WereVerse Universe Baby!

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Orange Werefox MBK Center The All Adventure 2016

Orange Werefox MBK Center The All Adventure 2016-01 Orange Werefox MBK Center The All Adventure 2016-02

The Orange Werefox decided to upgrade his military skills at MBK Center The All Adventure 2016.

WereVerse Universe Baby!

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Orange Werefox Thailand Toy Expo 2016

Orange Werefox Thailand Toy Expo 2016 1

The Orange Werefox continues his search for the perfect pop culture icon that will save the future. Last week the Orange Werefox went to the Bangkok Comic Con 2016. This week he searched the Thailand Toy Expo 2016.

WereVerse Universe Baby!

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Nick Wilde of Zootopia has a Beer

Below is a picture of my very small home bar before I decided to Zootopia it! The small bar includes Kahlua and Baileys for drinks for the girls. Whiskey and coke is the drink of choice for most men in Asia. I am a Chang beer guy myself. The Gilbey’s vodka and gin are there more to frame the composition than for consumption. The small home bar was practical but not very exciting visually.

Nick Wilde of Zootopia has a Beer 1

I bought a Nick Wilde action figure for half price at the Isetan toy department in Central World in Bangkok. Whiskey really should be in the freezer anyway so putting the whiskey in the freezer, opened up a space for the Nick Wilde figure. My last name is fox and there is no way I was letting this impressive fox figure get away! I do collect small PVC miniatures and do have a place for the Nick Wilde and Finnick mini character pack that I bought at the same time.

Nick Wilde of Zootopia has a Beer 2

I don’t really have a place for an action figures in my small studio apartment and never will. I like minis not action figures. I remembered that lots of stalls in Bangkok sell key chains with various miniature beers. The cans are made out of paper and not the same scale as the bottles so I skipped the cans. The bottles and cans include Leo, Sinha and Chang and are made of plastic and there is attention to detail in their production. They come with a miniature bottle opener.

Nick Wilde of Zootopia has a Beer 3

The bottles do have hole in them where the key chain part is stuck on. The holes were used to insert a small cable tie and attach a Heineken bottle and bottle opener to the hands of the figure. Better but still not all the interesting visual.

Nick Wilde of Zootopia has a Beer 4 Nick Wilde of Zootopia has a Beer 5

I remembered buying some toys at 7-11 a while back and they came in chests. I bought the toys for the chests not the contents since chests are usual for any sort of diorama involving minis. I put the bottle is the chest which is acts as a miniature cooler visually. The best part is I now have an excuse to buy miniature beer bottles of brands around the world as souvenirs in the future! The chest can be replaced with a miniature bookcase(s) down the road. I stuck an extra mini bottle in my coin purse in order to keep future additions more or less to scale. The finished project below:

Nick Wilde of Zootopia has a Beer 6

WereVerse Universe Baby!

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