Passport Pocket for Cargo Pants

Passport Pocket for Cargo Pants Captioned

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and in this case I think this is absolutely true! If the picture above explains the topic then just move on! Generally I carry my passport around my neck in a passport holder but sometimes I don’t want to look like a tourist. Stolen passports are worth a fortune so you want a little extra security for the pocket that holds your passport. I came up with a clever idea for upgrading my Molecule classic cargo pants and adding a snap hook to one of the pockets in order to put my passport in a safer compartment.

I use cable ties to attach snap hooks to things like backpacks all the time.

Snaphook on backpack

The challenge here was adding a “thingy” the snap hook could clip onto. It is more convenient and cheaper to cannibalize key rings for both the “thingy”, which is actually a double-eye swivel ring, and snap hook than running around town trying to find these parts separately. I really like the classic cargo pant model because you have two pockets per leg. There is back zippered flat pocket that works for flat objects such as passports and also front button-close, bellow pocket you can use for bulkier items which is a foldable reusable bag in my case. I attached the double-eye swivel ring to the back of the button-down flap of the front pocket.  If you cut a cable tie then there is a sharp edge which I get rid of by using a barbecue lighter to melt the edge.  The pull tab of the zipper of the back flat pocket has a large hole that makes it super easy to attach the snap hook using the cable tie.

Molecule cargo pants zipper pull tabFinished Project!Finished project

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