BEST Zombie Gear by Category

BEST Zombie Gear by Category Blood Spatter

The focus of this article is to identify the BEST gear by category to survive Z day regardless of cost. This article is not about the best value. A lot of the gear listed here is extremely expensive but that’s often the case with the best product of any type! Looking at the best is not a bad idea even if you are going to get something less expensive. You become familiar with the specs of the best and then search for something that has similar specs but is a better value.

1) Backpack

Eberlestock X3 LoDrag Pack is designed to carry your long gun around better than any other backpack in the world! Unlike a soldier, much less a camper, you might be roaming for months or even years in a zombie world and if you lose your rifle and/or shot gun then you lose your life. I have been a nomad my whole life and have learned the hard way that if you are on the move and can’t pack it well then you are you are going to lose it! In the pre-zombie world this applies to your passport more than anything else (Passport Pocket for Cargo Pants).

Eberlestock X3 Low Drag Pack with scabbard

2) Clothing

If you in a zombie world then you are doing lots of things that damage your hands including gathering wood, chopping through brush, breaking into stores to get supplies and punching out people that don’t understand English. An injured hand means you are severely incapacitated so you need to protect your hands with gloves. Also, I am pretty sure a punch to the head of zombie can do the job in many instances but you need the right gloves for the job! Punch that zombie with Blackhawk Men’s S.O.L.A.G. HD Glove with Kevlar.

Blackhawk S.O.L.A.G. HD gloves with KEVLAR

Zombies don’t shoot! Zombies bite! Guess who else bites? Sharks! A shark suit is designed with bites in mind and is light weight compared to anti-ballistic body armor.

Neptunic’s NeXt Generation Sharksuit

Neptunic Sharksuits tests 2006

The Sharksuit is well suited for zombies but not for a non-zombie world. There are some interesting variations in body armor including Dragon Skin and Liquid Body Armor.

body armor dragon skin

Liquid body armour proves to be bullet proof

3) Communication

Ham radio is the best way to communicate with the world when the phone cell towers go silent. However, there is a lot more than just gear involved and Ham radio requires an investment in time to learn how to use and maintain the equipment. Also, Ham radio flunks the portability test.

The second route is focus on communication with friends and loved ones using a Walkie Talkie. However, until the cell phones go dead you want to use your cell phone! Why choose? The Motorola i355 (Nextel) is both a cell phone and a Walkie Talkie.

Emergency Communications: Motorola i355 Review

4) Fire Starters

When it comes to zombies you can never have too many knives! Maybe the zombies attack when you are making a fire! The Tool Logic SL3 Tactical Folding 1/2 Serrated Knife with Magnesium Fire Starter is a fire starter and a knife in one package!

Tool Logic SLP2 Tactical Folding 1/2 Serrated Knife With LED Flashlight, Magnesium Fire Starter and

5) Fishing Gear

I am assuming you already have rifle and/or shot gun so you have hunting game covered. However, there are an awful lot more fish in the world than game and fishing makes a lot less noise than shooting game! What needs to be understood is that your fishing to survive not have fun and nets allow for passive trapping unlike fishing poles and take up a lot less space so throw out the fishing pole and go with a fishing net. The Survival Gill Net Best Glide ASE is compact and durable!

Best Glide Survival Fishing or Gill Net – Scout Prepper

6) Light

The MPOWERD Luci is an inexpensive solar charged lantern that can produce 80 lumens of light for a 15 square feet area.

MPOWERD Luci Light Review

7) Medical Kit

I think gear needs to be related to your overall strategy. The number one plan should be to get to a beach and head for an islet. Hopefully you identified the islet and prepositioned your supplies. The Adventure Medical Marine 300 Kit deals with many scenarios you would handle on the seas and also deals with wounds.

Adventure Medical Marine 300 Medical Kit mfg#0115-0300

8) Multi-Tool Kit

One big division between multi-tools is big ones that need fit on your belt and little ones that fit on your key ring. If you are going to go big then go all the way with the Power Tech Fire Talon. The Power Tech Fire Talon is tough and most of all has two LED lights so you can work at night!

“How To” Video for the Power Tek Fire Talon Multi-Tool

The best small multi tool is the Titanium Utility Ring because it doesn’t look like a multi-tool and lets you play James Bond when the bad guys take you captive. Additionally, a punch is all the more effective with any ring on and this ring, with one of the blades out, will do even more damage.

Gear Review : Custom “Man Ring” Multitool

9) Survival Tent

There is no sense surviving the zombies but dying of exposure to the elements. The Trango 3.1 tent from Mountain Hard Wear is portable and extremely sturdy.

Mountain Hardwear Trango 3-Person Camping Tent

10) Transportation

The zombies arrive and you need to get out to an unpopulated area fast! Cities are great pre-Z Day but Z-Day means all those people in the cities are just going to be thousands of zombies that will soon be millions of zombies, if you wait too long! The problem is the roads are bumper to bumper. If at all possible then your plan should be to go to the sea shore and get to an uninhabited islet from the sea shore. As mentioned before, you had this strategy all alone and prepositioned supplies on the islet so you can travel light. If only you had a boat that fit in your small garage or cargo area of your truck, is easily transported to the seashore and is easy to use! WoKart does the job!

Hugh Fox WoKart Resized

WoKart YouTube

Not all of us have the luxury of being next to the sea shore so you are going to hit the road. Redundancy is good especially when it comes transportation. I would start with a truck to get me out of the city for starters because I can fit plenty of supplies in the cargo space but I would also like some sort of off road vehicle in that cargo space if the road becomes impassable. That’s where the Defender HD8 XT comes in handy.

Introducing the 2016 Can-Am Defender HD8 and HD10

11) Water Purifier

You can only really last a 2-3 days without water. There is a theory that the reason there are so many Chinese is because early on they boiled water while the West did not boil water.   If you drink bad water then sooner or later you will get sick and even die and people need to drink a lot of water. There are several excellent products out there but I would go with the Sawyer Mini Water Filtration System because the system only weighs two ounces and most of all the product can filter 100,000 gallons despite the low weight. In contrast the very popular LifeStraw Survival Water Filter only filters 264 gallons and is also about two ounces.

Sawyer Mini Water Filter Kit – Preparedmind101

12) Weapons (Melee)

Sure you can get a cheap machete at Walmart but don’t go crying to mommy when the handle shatters and the wood shards cut your hand in the middle of a zombie fight. You need sturdy equipment that isn’t going to break and that’s what the Gerber Apocalypse Kit promises.

Gerber 30-000601 Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit

13) Weapons (Ranged)

You did your research and realized that the best fire arm is a shotgun. You need to hit the head and might not have time to aim carefully. If price is no object then the Beretta 1301 tactical shotgun is probably the best tactical shotgun out there.

Beretta 1301 Tactical – Overview

Suddenly you are surrounded by fifty zombies! You aren’t going to shoot your way out of this one even with a tactical shotgun! I bet you wish you had a flame thrower and guess what you can turn your shot gun into a flame thrower with Dragons Breath! This is one dangerous weapon and you will burn a lot of zombies but if you aren’t careful you might burn yourself as the video below shows:

Dragons Breath Shot From Saiga-12 BE SAFE WITH THIS UNIQUE 12GA SHELL!

The shot gun is great but boy it’s noisy and sometimes you want to take out the zombies from afar quietly and that’s when the PSE Tactical Crossbow comes in handy!

PSE Tactical Assault Crossbows TAC15, TAC10, TAC15i, & TAC10i in HD

What do you think? I welcome comments from readers!

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