Ten Common Themes

Ten Common Themes Table

1) Adversity leads to personal growth – Adversity may lead to the loss of wealth and status but lead to inner growth that would not have happened otherwise.

2) Crime does not pay – No matter how smart a criminal is the perfect crime is impossible. This may not necessarily be due to a hero but due to accidents, lack of honor among thieves and internal flaws that are part of being a criminal.

3) Death is part of the life – Literary works with this theme show how death and life and intricately connected.

4) Family comes first – Family is more important than wealth, career advancement, personal happiness, nationalism and/or other important things.

5) Good always triumphs over evil – The good guy always wins no matter what resources the villain has at his or her disposal.

6) Love conquers all – Love conquers all despite economic circumstances, geography, family objections and other obstacles.

7) Relationships requires sacrifice – This is the idea that you can’t have friends if you don’t act like a friend.

8) Revenge is poison – Revenge ultimately destroys the person who pursues revenge.

9) Sacrifices brings reward – Sacrifices and hard work pay off in the end, despite the challenges along the way.

10) Truth and happiness are not the same thing – Sometimes you have to choose between the truth and happiness. Oedipus finds out the truth about his father and mother but at the expense of his happiness.

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