Ukiyo-e Noren Curtains at Daiso

If you are person with a small budget that wants to add a little practical art to their living space then may I suggest buying some Ukiyo-e Noren curtains at Daiso.  I use a lot of utility shelving (Turn
Utility Shelving Into a Great Clothes Rack
) as a space multiplier for my
small place in Thailand but this shelving gives my place a warehouse feel that I
don’t like.  I flirted with various solutions but ran into these Daiso curtains.  The Daiso curtains cover the shelving, keep out the dust and add an artistic touch to my place.  The curtains are 83 cm (32.6 inches) by 149 cm (58.6 inches).

I spent about 100 Hong Kong dollars at The One in Hong Kong at the Max Valu in the LG 1 floor which is kind of a 12 HK dollar store that sells mostly Daiso goods.  100 HK dollars is 12.88 USD!  So for around thirty bucks I radically changed the look of my apartment.  Below is “A Fine Breezy Day” by Katsushika Hokusai and is no. 4 in the Daiso product line and is one of the Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji collection.

1Daiso Noren Curtain A Fine Breezy Day by Katsushika Hokusai

The next one is “Woman Playing a Glass Toy” by Kitawagawa Utamaro and is no. 3 in the Daiso product line.  The Japanese name is Bidoro o Fuku Musume and literally means a Woman Blowing a Vidro.  The vidro is a glass toy that makes a sound when you breathe through it.

2Daiso Noren Curtain Woman Playing a Glass Toy Kitawagawa Utamaro

The last one is “The Great Wave of Kanagawa” by Katsushika Hokusai and is no. 5 in the Daiso product line.

3Daiso Noren Curtain The Great Wave of Kanagawa Katsushika Hokusai

Below is the before picture of my apartment shelving.

4Before Ukiyo-e Noren CurtainsBelow is the after picture of my apartment shelving.

5After Ukiyo-e Noren Curtains

And the same set up after tweaking:

Ukiyo-e Noren Curtains at Daiso 6

 And the same shelving system but used as a coat rack below and of course you don’t want to enclose wet stuff with curtains.  As you can see hats and sundries can go on the top.  You can put footwear in the bottom shelves.

Ukiyo-e Noren Curtains at Daiso 7

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Ukiyo-e Noren Curtains at Daiso

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