Fox Garaigo Rap

Japenglish Rap by Hugh Fox III  The rap consists largely of “garaigo” or loan words from English.  There are many words in Japanese that have their origins in English.

Japanenglish — English Dictionary

Bato – Bat

Carto -Car

Cheato — Cheat

Coato — Coat

Cuto — Cute

Dato — Date

Foodo – Food

Geto — Get

Haircuto — Haircut

Hodo — Hoodie

Interneto — Internet

Lefto — Left

Lipo — Lip

Mato – Mat

Peto — Pet

Pointo — Point

Rato — Rat

Receipto — Receipt

Righto – Right

Separato — Separate

Shorto — short

Taroto — Tarot

Testo — Test

Toileto — Toilet

Tosto — toast

Worsksheeto — Worksheet

Hugh Fox III - Harry Potter

WereVerse Universe Baby!

WereVerse Universe at Google Drive Link

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