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Orange Werefoxes Meet Magical Beings

The Werefox Kingdom had decided that Hugo should introduce a young female werefox to the various magical allies of the werefoxes.  The young girl could only achieve stage one of werefoxness.  Hugo decided to be in stage two of werefoxness. In stage three the young werefox would have difficulty understanding his fox speech and in stage one the magical beings would not understand him.  First stop was the Akashic Recorders.  The Akashic Record was  a record of everything that had ever happened but needed recorders to film the record.  Next door was the Reality Puller.

The Reality Puller pulled reality out of the great ocean of possible realities.  Pulling a reality out of unreality is hard work and the young werefox helped him pull the latest reality out.

The Capacious Crab was happy to see the werefoxes but was angry that humans were still eating his crab children. Hugo felt guilty since actually he enjoyed eating crabs as well.

The Happy Dragon suggested the werefoxes have some lunch with him before going off to meet other magical beings.

Sir Horse gave the young werefox some advice about moving about during combat.

The Sublime Geisha gave Hugo some lessons on how to handle a fan.

The Sumo Brothers continued their eternal match while the werefoxes helped the one they liked best.

The Maneki Neko wished the young werefox good luck.

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