Revised Batman versus Superman Chess Set Proposal

Revised Batman versus Superman Chess Set Proposal

Current Batman chess pieces:

  • Batman – King
  • Batgirl – Queen
  • Robin – Bishop
  • Nightwing – Knight
  • Commissioner Gordon – Rook
  • Gotham City Police Officer – Pawn

The current Batman chess pieces are just fine and do not need revision.

Current Superman chess pieces:

  • Superman – King
  • Wonder Woman – Queen
  • The Flash – Bishop
  • Steel – Knight
  • Hawkman – Rook
  • Green Lantern – Pawn

This is not really Batman vs. Superman but Batman vs. the Justice League!  Below is my revised Superman line up:

Revised Superman chess pieces

  • Superman – King
  • Supergirl – Queen
  • Superboy – Bishop
  • Comet the Superhorse – Knight
  • Krypto – Rook
  • Jimmy Olsen – Pawn

The set can be bought at Amazon:

Hopefully the set will be revised someday.  The creators of the revised set might want to read my comparison of the Batman and Superman families at:

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2 responses to “Revised Batman versus Superman Chess Set Proposal

  1. My ideal lineups:

    King: Superman
    Queen: Lois Lane
    Bishop: Perry White
    Knight: Supergirl
    Rook: Jimmy Oleson
    Pawns: Superman Emergency Squad

    King: Batman
    Queen: Batwoman
    Bishop: Commissioner Gordon
    Knight: Batgirl
    Rook: Robin
    Pawns: Crime Analysts of Gotham

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