Orange Werefox Stages

In stage one, the Orange Werefox has fox ears but retains full human consciousness.  The sense of hearing more or less doubles.

In stage two, the Orange Werefox begins to grow a fox face but still has a largely human face but can hear, smell and sense things a human normally cannot.  This is probably the hardest stage for a werefox to bear since fox thoughts enter into the mind of the werefox but human consciousness is still retained.

In stage three, the Orange Werefox has the consciousness of a super intelligent fox.  The fox senses operate at peak efficiency and the sense of smell and hearing is about ten times higher than that of a normal human.  The werefox now has superhuman endurance, agility, speed and strength.  In the third stage, the werefox is quite happy and may stay a full werefox forever.

Hugh Fox III - Maven

WereVerse Universe Baby!

WereVerse Universe at Google Drive Link

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