Prezi Map Layouts for Education

The following are some Prezi layouts that teachers might find useful:

Geographic Map – If the topic is geographic then an actual map of the place you are talking about can be used.  Prezi is far superior to PowerPoint for a presentation with a strong geographical component.  The following two examples illustrative examples are provided:

ASEAN: Cultural Landmarks

South American Tourist Attractions

Graphic Organizer – In my opinion, the Prezi use of the term map layout is a misnomer and Prezi really revolves around graphic organizers rather than map layouts.  A map, mind map, pictogram, timeline and visual metaphors are all examples of graphic organizers.  A complete list at:

Mind Map – A mind map is a diagram used to represent ideas, words, and tasks around a central concept.

Pictogram – A simplified picture of an object is often more effective than an actual picture of the object you want to describe and can act as a map layout.

Slide:ology – Provides an excellent system for classifying graphic organizers (more information at Slideology Graphics).

Timeline – In addition to a timeline any sort of graphic showing time such as a schedule, calendar or clock can act as a graphic when the main point of the presentation is a sequence of events.

Visual Metaphor – An excellent article about creating effective visual metaphors is at:

Word document at:

PowerPoint vs. Prezi

Prezi in the Classroom

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