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Prezi Map Layouts for Education

The following are some Prezi layouts that teachers might find useful:

Geographic Map – If the topic is geographic then an actual map of the place you are talking about can be used.  Prezi is far superior to PowerPoint for a presentation with a strong geographical component.  The following two examples illustrative examples are provided:

ASEAN: Cultural Landmarks

South American Tourist Attractions

Graphic Organizer – In my opinion, the Prezi use of the term map layout is a misnomer and Prezi really revolves around graphic organizers rather than map layouts.  A map, mind map, pictogram, timeline and visual metaphors are all examples of graphic organizers.  A complete list at:


Mind Map – A mind map is a diagram used to represent ideas, words, and tasks around a central concept.

Pictogram – A simplified picture of an object is often more effective than an actual picture of the object you want to describe and can act as a map layout.

Slide:ology – Provides an excellent system for classifying graphic organizers (more information at Slideology Graphics).

Timeline – In addition to a timeline any sort of graphic showing time such as a schedule, calendar or clock can act as a graphic when the main point of the presentation is a sequence of events.

Visual Metaphor – An excellent article about creating effective visual metaphors is at:


Word document at:


PowerPoint vs. Prezi

Prezi in the Classroom

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Star Trek Timelines






WereVerse Universe Baby!

Doctor Who Timelines

WereVerse Universe Baby!

Batman Timelines


WereVerse Universe Baby!

How to Create a Relationship Timeline

A relationship timeline is a timeline of your relationship with someone you love.  This is the age of Facebook, and with the advent of their Timeline interface, interest in timelines in general and relationship timelines in particular are at an all time high.  Relationship timelines take a lot of time but make a great valentine or anniversary gift for the one you love.  This is a unique gift that is super romantic!

A) Gather Data

This is the hardest part!  You need to find out information about the important events in your relationship.  At the risk of sounding sexist, this is fairly easy for women but incredibly difficult for men.  Most women will get suspicious of a man suddenly asking all sorts of questions about their relationship history and information about dates in particular.  I enlisted the help of my sister who was in on the plot.  If you don’t have a sister then good luck men!  Below is a list of some common relationship events:

1) First meeting

2) First date

3) First fight

4) First sleepover

5) First place together

6) First weekend together

7) First meeting of his parents

8) First meeting of her parents

9) First meeting of his friends

10) First meeting of her friends

11) First break up

12) Going steady

13) Date of engagement

14) Date of marriage

15) Honeymoon

16) Children

17) Wedding anniversaries

B) Select Software. 

Most online timelines you to share the time line on the web but do not allow you to save the timeline as a graphic file!  Good luck handing your lover a computer screen. Also, the graphic capabilities of these online programs are paltry!

Timeline from ReadWriteThink allows the timeline to be printed but not saved as a graphic file.  Timetoast can only be shared online and your timeline cannot even be printed!  Tiki Toki, Timeglider have the same limitations as Timetoast.  These are the good online programs!  Precenden only allows five events and this is after you sign up!  Time Line Maker only allows six to nine events and again the timeline generated cannot be saved as a graphic file! Timeline Maker only can generates an html code rather than a graphic file.  WhenInTime generates a timeline that also can only be seen online!  Thinkport adds the indignity of a password to your project that is “saved”, well online and on their site!  I guess their definition of saved and mine is very different.  OurTimeLines.com allows you to print but not save but hooks up to all sorts of historical data!  I suppose you could scan the page printed.  So if you are doing a historical report great but not so great for a relationship timeline.  Timeline Generator creates a fantasy kingdom timeline, hmmm not sure how that works for a relationship timeline!

I would recommend using JGraph instead! JGraph has tons and tons of icons that are designed for industry purposes but can easily represent events in your relationship and add a cutesy dimension to your timeline and since you can save the timeline generated as a jpeg or png, this means you can add pictures or other touches to the timeline.

Plain old Microsoft Word can make a pretty good timeline and is worth considering by less computer savvy types and the YouTube below takes you through the process step by step:

C) Horizontal or Vertical Timeline?

A horizontal timeline is more impressive looking graphically and is more of what people think when they think of a timeline.  A horizontal timeline is also harder to make technically.  Some horizontal timeline examples:

Vertical timelines work better than horizontal timelines, if your timeline is wordy.  Some vertical timeline examples:

Mickey and Minnie Relationship Timeline

WereVerse Universe Baby!