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There is no Chinese Yen!

I found the most incredible mistake on Yahoo today.

From Yahoo:

“10. Yen to Become Currency Peg

Asian countries could shun dollar pegs in favor of the Chinese yen next year, according to Saxo Bank. China’s economic, political and cultural influence is growing and shifts in market re-evaluations will favor the country, the report added.”


There is the Japanese yen and the Chinese RMB but no such thing as the Chinese yen.  Sometimes the provincialism of my countrymen relative to Asia amazes me!

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The Asian Union Begins Now!


Lee Myung Bak, Taro Aso, Wen Jiabao

As I predicted several years ago in my novel Half Square, the first steps towards an Asian Union began in earnest Saturday, August 13th, 2008 when the leaders of China, Japan and South Korea took major steps to work together including the discussion of a trilateral free trade area.   From left to right, Lee Myung Bak of South Korea, Taro Aso of Japan and Wen Jiabao of China.

The first chapter of Half Square can be read on this blog at:

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Werefox in Tokyo!

Werefox in Tokyo!

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Brain Augmentation

Hugh B. Fox III after brain augmentation

Hugh B. Fox III after brain augmentation

I went ahead and had my brain augmented using the technique pioneered by Professor Mathers on Gwyllim Griffiths in England.  The process involves using high frequency electronics to speed up evolution.  My IQ is expanding exponentially and I have begun to grow a sixth finger.  I am assured that I will develop a twelfth level intellect within a matter of days or sooner.  I have the worst headache and am having many strange thoughts!

More pictures at:

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