Matrix vs. Terminator

The Terminator is sent back in Time to kill John Connors.  Instead he finds himself in an alternate Earth were machines control humans via The Matrix. The terminator downloads crucial data about the matrix world and returns to his Earth.  The terminators decide to attack the matrix world and will have crucial advantage since they have first strike capability and knowledge of all the strengths and weaknesses of the matrix machines but not the other way around.  The terminators attack.

The machines of the Matrix Earth are losing and make a desperate deal with Neo.  If Neo will help them halt the terminators then they will free the humans.  The matrix machines will be detected if they visit the terminator world but they figure Neo can work with the human resistance on the Terminator world.  The matrix machines send Neo to the Terminator world with software that will create a virtual reality that will fool the Terminators into thinking that they have won the war.  Neo agrees but makes a backup of the software and gives it to Trinity.  Neo meets John Connor and together they infiltrate Sky Net, the central computer of the terminator machines.  The plan works.  The terminators halt all operations on both worlds.

Neo goes back and asks the Matrix machine to keep their part of the deal.  They refuse.  Trinity pulls out a switch and presses it.  Trinity has guided a group of human computer scientists to modify the software to defeat the terminators and now this same software traps the matrix machines in a virtual world. Neo contacts John Connor and the humans on both worlds celebrate.  Plans are even made to free all humans throughout the multiverse, the infinite Earths on infinite dimensions.

WereVerse Universe Baby!

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  1. Interesting. A little complicated, but I like complicated plots (one of the reasons I loved The Matrix). I’m also a sucker for time travel stories so combining the two…pretty nifty. I know a regular studio wouldn’t touch this, nor, I’m sure, the original Matrix team. For me a cartoon would just be frustrating. I’d want to see live action. You know, the cost of CGI continues to come down…isn’t there an independent director or two, just out of film school, that would want to make a name for themselves with this? Sounds like it would be fun to figure out. But damn you would need charts to keep track of all various timelines. Then sell the charts on the web site! :o) Clifford Young

  2. The problemis copyright for any serious project. I just do this stuff for fun. I think it would be a great anime series and freely offer my ideas to the parties that control the copyright for both these franchises. Thanks for your comments.

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