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Using Safari Ltd Miniatures in Dungeons and Dragons

Lair of Dragons Tube 1

Safari Ltd makes a wide range of plastic miniatures some of which are well suited to Dungeons and Dragons.  Their line of Fantasy Figures includes Dragons, Days of Old, Fairy Fantasies, Mythical Realms, and Knights and Horses.  This looks like a lot of selection but upon closer examination one quickly realizes the figures of Days of Old, Fairy Fantasies and Knights and Horses are the wrong scale for D&D.  They are far too large for Dungeons and Dragons.  However the “miniature” version of the fairies could work in D&D.

The best line for Dungeons and Dragons is the dragon line.  This line includes a three headed fire dragon (D&D elemental drake), horned Chinese dragon (D&D red dragon), ice dragon (D&D elemental drake), forest dragon (D&D green dragon, arboreal dragon), midnight moon dragon (D&D purple dragon, shadow dragon), krystal blue dragon (D&D crystal dragon ), mountain dragon (D&D brown dragon), purple Chinese dragon (D&D purple dragon), cloud dragon (D&D purple dragon), swamp dragon (D&D green dragon), dragon hatchlings, and a blue Chinese dragon (D&D blue dragon).  These dragons are large or huge in D&D terms.  The best deal by far is the Lair of Dragons Bulk Bin which includes 48 pieces for 90 dollars.  The dragons in this bin are 3” H or 7.5 cm. which translates to small to medium sized in D&D.

Lair of Dragons Bulk Bin

Mythical Realms has several pieces that would add something to a D&D campaign.  The mythical realms line includes a Pegasus, griffin, mermaid (D&D sirene), Poseidon (could be a D&D merman), minotaur, phoenix, chimera, centaur, Cyclops, Medusa, hydra, unicorn, a baby unicorn and an Arion.  The Mythical Realms are medium to huge in D&D.  There is an eight piece miniature version of Mythical realms tube that is a better deal price wise and the size of the figures would be medium which makes more sense for more game scenarios.  Below is a picture of the figures included in this set.

Mythical realms tube

Hugh Fox III - Burning

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