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AdornPic Web Site Review

AdornPic Helmet Sticker Hugh Fox

AdornPic is a new free online photo effect website.  The site will paste your photo into an existing online photo.  You could probably do this pretty easily with a photo editor and this effect is all over the web.  If you like this effect then you should try Funnwow, Funphotobox, JPGFun, LoonaPix, Pato.pl, Pho.to, Photo 505, PhotoFaceFun, and Wishafriend.  On this site, the effect is not particularly varied or impressive and includes character pictures, nature pictures, indoor pictures, magazine pictures, and outdoor pictures.

1) Characters

1AdornPic Characters Hugh Fox

2) Nature

2AdornPic Nature Hugh Fox

3) Indoor

3AdornPic Indoors Hugh Fox

4) Magazines

4AdornPic Magazines Hugh Fox

5) Outdoor

5AdornPic Outdoor Hugh Fox

The nature effect is probably the most interesting of the standard stick your photo into an online photo effect.  The face-in-the-hole effect in which your face is substituted for that of a celebrity is done very poorly since there are no easy to use mouse controlled alignment and resizing tools. You can move your portrait a bit but not much and the resizing is difficult to do and again not mouse driven.  For example, FXMagic does a much better job of the face-in-the-hole effect than AdornPic due to the use of mouse controlled tools.  I played with this effect for a bit and skipped the effect in the end due to the poor results.

AdornPic has online filters.  Rollip does the same sort of thing and has more filters than AdornPic.  BeFunky, Tuxpi, Phixr and fotor also have lots of online filters.  Lomo filters seem to be especially popular online.  However, the colorful “light filters” on AdornPic are a new addition to this sort of effect online:

6) Filters

6AdornPic Filters Hugh Fox

AdornPic has tons of stickers which are photos stuck onto your standard photo and does this better than any other site online including Ribbet.  Ribbet might have more stickers but AdornPic has better stickers!  Doing the sticker effect would be incredibly hard with a photo editor.  You would have to cut a complex shape out and paste it.  You would have a hard time doing this with a mouse and would probably need to use a drawing pad and even with a drawing pad this task would be very hard to do and time consuming.  AdornPic does use stickers in an impressive and unique way.  The special stickers include crowns, glasses, hair, hats, helmets and masks.  There are lots of other stickers but they are not as impressive and I skipped applying them.

7) Crowns

7AdornPic Crowns Hugh Fox

8) Glasses

8AdornPic Glasses Hugh Fox

9) Hair

9AdornPic Hair Hugh Fox

10) Hats

10AdornPic Hats Hugh Fox

11) Helmets

11AdornPic Helmets Hugh Fox

12) Masks

12AdornPic Masks Hugh Fox

You might want to skip the standard effects and play with the stickers instead!  A survey of older and more established online photo effect sites at:


Hugh Fox III - Blinkie

You can also download my autobiography of my struggle with a bipolar condition on  Am I Kitsune on my Google Drive.

WereVerse Universe Baby!

WereVerse Universe at Google Drive Link


Pho.to, Flames of Fire, Mosaic, Neon, Photo Effects

Pho.to has the usual photo effects that you see in other similar websites but some special ones are Flames of Fire (shown above), Mosaic and Neon.

Pho.to Album

Hugh Fox III - Dracula

WereVerse Universe Baby!

WereVerse Universe at Google Drive Link


Photo Effects, MessMyPhoto, Cyborg, Fish Eye, Golden Engross, Black & White, Inkify, Night Vision, Old Photo, Sketch

MessMyPhoto is a web-based tool to apply different kinds of artistic effects to your pictures including Cyborg, Fish Eye, Golden Engross, Black & White, Inkify, Nationalize (seen above) Night Vision, Old Photo, Sketch etc.

MessMyPhoto Album

Hugh Fox III - Dream

WereVerse Universe Baby!

WereVerse Universe at Google Drive Link

Blingee Photo Special Effect Site

This was done at Blingee.com!

WereVerse Universe Baby!


I made the collages above using Photovisi at:


In the case of the first ten pictures, I combined
photos that had laready been altered with the special effects site Lunapics.

More photos at:


Online Photo Editors

WereVerse Universe Baby!

Photofunny Animated Special Effects

More pictures at:


You can make your own animated pictures at:


Online Photo Editors

WereVerse Universe Baby!

Photo Effects

There are various websites that allow you to do some amazing photo effects

The photos below were altered using Befunky .

More examples at:


Another site is Wishafriend.com.

More examples at:


Dumpr  has less photo effects than the other two sites but some good ones.

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Tuxpi is at http://www.tuxpi.com/

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Loonapix at:


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Photo 505

Examples at: