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American Way Mandala

The American Way is a viral self determination meme synergically linked to memes related to veracity, equity and freedom of action propagated via nationally based economic, cultural and military infrastructure.

How to make your very own personalized American Way Mandala with your own face in the background!

1) Go to Tuxpi and use their Flag Collage photo effect at:

2) Go to Wishafriend.com and use the Earth photo effect at:

3) Use the Nationalize Effect at MessMyPhoto.

4) Go back to Tuxpi and use the Photo circles photo effect at on all the other pictures.

5) Use an animated gif maker to create the back and forth effect.  I like Picasion at:


Spread the American Way Mandala meme and send the link to this page to all Americans everywhere!

WereVerse Universe Baby!

WereVerse Universe at Google Drive Link