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Dr. Fox Discusses Gender Orientation in the WereVerse

Gender Orientation – Gender is a phenomenon that pervades the WereVerse. The gender of the Creator is unknowable. The gender of the abstract ontologicals is unknown. The WereForce is male. The VixenForce is female. The Zone Gods are male or female. The monads have no gender. When a monad becomes an angel of the story then the monad stays genderless. The exception is the super-monad which was given a female gender by the creator. The super-monad destroyed a universe. The angels point to the super-monad when arguing against choosing a gender. When a monad becomes a demon then the generally pick a gender. Most demons chose to be a male. Chort one of the few demonesses.

The Cephaloids have eight genders i.e. they are octo-gender and find human bigender so interesting that they often kidnap humans and do “experiments” on them related to their sexuality. Most life on Subtopia reproduces asexually or with two genders. The Sapphire Vixen was prejudiced against the octo-gender of the Cephaloids. The Sapphire Vixen herself is bisexual. The Astral Exiles have two genders. The Quantum Zone Ophidians have two genders and the current leader is a Queen suggesting matriarchy. The dark ones of the Black Zone have two genders. The ghosts have two genders in the Ghost Zone and the generally the gender orientation they had in life. The Hot Zone has every gender and combination of genders imaginable. The astral beings that inhabit the White Zone have two genders. One gender is composed of continuous numbers. The other gender is composed of discontinuous numbers.

However, ONLY humans have the concept of gender orientation! No other species, not the Cephaloids, the Subtopians, the Demons or the various zone beings have rules making one gender preferable to another species legally or by custom. Gender orientation with all other forms of being but human is considered purely a matter of personal choice. Even the angels admit if they had gender then their gender orientation would be a matter of personal choice. The reason why humans are so irrational in the area of gender orientation is a mystery to all the other species of the Dodecagon including the hyper-intelligent hyper-entities. The earths of the Dodecagon have a dizzying array of laws and customs regarding gender orientation.

The Red Earth is a strict patriarchy. Marriage between men is legal. Marriage between men and women is illegal. The Orange Earth is conservative and heterosexuality is the norm. Homosexuality is tolerated if kept in the closet. The Yellow Earth allow accepts experimentation with the opposite sex is socially acceptable. In some cases, heterosexuality is allowed for breeding purposes. However, test-tube babies that are genetically engineered are the norm. However, marriage is reserved for same sex couples. Heterosexual marriage is not illegal but discouraged. On the Pink Earth women can marry women. Women cannot marry men since men are considered subhuman and sex is tolerated but marriage to a man is a degree of bestiality that cannot be tolerated. On the Green Earth computer technology is done with biogenetically engineered plants. In the swinging sixties the gestalt of the planet known as Gaia created an interspecies network so that all life could communicate with all other forms of life. While cybersex in the Blue Earth is limited to humans, green cybersex allows for interspecies sex online. On the Blue Earth, cybersex has replaced face-to-face sex and people switch genders online all the time. Any type of sex imaginable is possible and legal for a price on the Black Earth. However, marriage is only allowed if “the friends of Earth” get their monthly marriage license fee! Basically, free sex is illegal on the Black Earth. On the Brown Earth all types of sexual orientation are allowed as long as there is no exchange of fluids during coitus and this includes even saliva. The White Werefox of the White Universe is totally confused since he is a combination of the totally contradictory belief systems of the other werefoxes about gender. How the other gestalts in the White Earth handle gender is unknown.

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