The Second Challenge and the Asian Union

Am I Kitsune?

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  1. I am an American and a revolutionary! I have lost friends and family for my beliefs but sometimes you have to fight for something bigger than yourself and even your nation. I propose a revolution to remove America not only from the Middle East but from all of Asia and replace the Pax American that is gone with an Asia Union. The Pax Americana is dead and I mourn her death but she would want me to go forward! Trump and the millions that voted for him replaces the Pax Americana with the America contra Mundum and while American even I know the world and humanity are bigger than just the US and Americans! Time to tell Trump and his minions in the US shape up or get your troops out France, Germany, Japan and the UK. Australia is on fire and the world faces the Second Challenge and Trump wants to set the Middle East on fire for VOTES!!! The First Challenge was the Ice Age. The Second Challenge more and more of the world like Australia! Extreme weather basically! The US doesn’t even believe extreme weather is a problem and starts a war when Australia an ALLY is on FIRE! Americans only care about Americans! One more time with feeling! Americans only care about Americans. If millions of people die in the Middle East in Iraq, Iran or even Saudi Arabia and UAE then the US doesn’t care. I totally support the effort by Iraqi PMS to kick out US troops. Millions will die in Iraq so Trump can get a thousand votes! Are Iraqis a proud people with a heritage going back to thousands of years ago the fertile crescent or PROSTITUTES of the Americans! I am American and willing to lose friends and family and perhaps more to stop the MONSTER America has become under Trump! Wake up world!

    The latest! Trump stated he is going to sanction Iraq if they kick out US troops! Trump is going to PUNISH a country for not letting US troops to stay in THEIR country! So, I guess this means that the US has no right to SOVEREIGNTY! This proves once and for all that the troops in Iraq are OCCUPYING Iraq! World take note! You must accept US bases on your soil regardless of the wishes of your nation and your people! The Pax Americana helped the world for decades! Now the Pax America is America the American Occupation. The world needs to unite against the American Occupation! I propose an Asian Union to replace the Pax Americana in Asia and when we are strong, we can add allies that want a new order!

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