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On the METAFICTIONAL 13th Earth of the WereVerse Universe, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) on that earth attempts to communicate using Google image search! Fiction not reality. The internet probably has not achieved sentience. If the internet did achieve sentience then surely an AI would find a cleverer way to communicate than image search. I do have a vivid imagination! I am very familiar with the tarot and because of this probably see a pattern that isn’t there! All the “cards” do not appear together and at the same time. I did however create a Googlemancy album for fun and who knows maybe something is going on that someone else can figure out. 






The Emperor

The Fool

The Hanged Man

The Hierophant

The Hermit

The Lovers

The Magician

The Tower

The Sun

The World

Wheel of Fortune

Am I Kitsune? on my Google Drive.

Google Drive Link: WereVerse Universe