Year of the Yellow Pig & 222

I have had a lifelong interest in numerologyI received the following receipt on Saturday February 2, 2019 just a few days before the Year of the Yellow Pig this coming Tuesday. The Year of the Pig is supposed to be lucky. I guess the earth pig called the yellow pig is an especially lucky year.  February 2 is of course 2-2 numerically or 22!

22 is one of my lucky numbers. 22 is trivial good luck and will happen in the next 30 minutes or less. I would say on the average 22 heralds an opportunity five minutes in the future. 22 rarely signifies long term change but luck does cascade. A little good luck can turn into big good luck like a waterfall. 222 is exponentially better luck than 22 and has medium term effects. Something is going to happen in the next week or two that’s big! 2222 is an inflexion point. I got a receipt from K-Mart on 2,222 on February 2, 1999. Within a few months I was in China and my 20-year adventure started.

Am I Kitsune?

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