Use Johnson’s Baby Shampoo for Shaving!

I am an American who has lived in Asia for the last 20 years. If I am out of shaving cream then I would use shampoo which I think produces a slicker lather than soap. I looked at the price for a replacement shaving gel can in Cambodia after a week living in Cambodia. What I pay in Cambodia for the exact same can is 50% than what I paid in Florida. I had lived in Florida for three months prior to coming to Cambodia. Prices in Cambodia are in dollars and in local currency so price comparisons are easy.

I have lived all over the world and have found that generally Gillette products abroad are more expensive is Asia than in the US but not 50% more expensive! Enough is enough! All the competitors of Gillette are huge, international companies that charge prices that are even more outrageous. Perhaps competition or the lack of it effects the price of Gillette products!

I have lived and visited many countries and have had to replace many a big bottle of Johnson’s Baby Shampoo while teaching English as a Foreign Language (EFL) all over Asia. My observation after 20 years in Asia is that Johnson & Johnson consistently turns out shampoo that competes head on price wise with local products. There are local and regional brands of Shampoo. A crowded market, so perhaps Johnson has to be competitive price wise compared to local brands. Johnson’s Baby Shampoo is a family tradition. I like that the shampoo is so gentle I can give my eyes a good washing now and then since many parts of Asia have extreme pollution and such action is needed now and then for health reasons.

I never did buy that replacement shaving gel can in Cambodia after all. I used Johnson’s Baby Shampoo for the three-months. After all, I came to Cambodia to save money not pay fifty percent more for a product from the US I might not even need! I decided after a month that I actually get a close shave, closer that soap that’s for sure, but not as good as one with gel. However, I found there is much less irritation to the skin with Johnson’s Baby Shampoo than with shaving gel. Less irritation means I can feel the stubble in the shower and go over those areas a second time without fear of redness and/or blotching later like I would if I shaved twice over an area with Gillette.

Finally, a big bottle of Johnson’s Baby Shampoo costs a little less than the little can of shaving gel and lasts a lot longer. I would guesstimate you get at least twice as many shaves with a bottle of Johnsons Shampoo that costs less than the can of Gillette gel in the first place.

I am dumped the Gillette shaving gel and switched to Johnson’s Baby Shampoo for a close and less irritating shave!

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