White Werefox Among the Technomimics

The White Werefox has the powers of teleportation and technopathy.   The White Werefox wants to develop his technopathy by applying this power to complex living systems! The White Werefox has teleported to a multiverse filled with technomimics.  Technomimics are not machines nor organic but a synergy of both types of systems.  The White Werefox met with a technomimic version of the Hulk.  The technomimic version of the Hulk has his beastly temper in control and finds the concept of an organic version of the Hulk fascinating.

Later, the White Werefox flirted with a technomimic gal named Martha but found his mind control powers did not work on her.  The White Werefox can feel the disgust of Martha with his technopathy.  Martha finds his organic body to be just too bizarre.  Martha states that she just wants to just be friends with the White Werefox.  Upon that announcement, the White Werefox teleported home.

WereVerse Universe Baby!

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