Able2Extract Professional 11 Review


The PDF format is not editable by nature, thus the need for PDF conversion software has been growing a lot over the years. Nowadays, you can find numerous tools to help you convert your PDF files into a desired editable file format.

One such tool is Able2Extract, whose latest version (version 11) was released on December 5. Able2Extract Professional 11 is a powerful, all-in-one PDF solution designed to address any issues you might encounter with PDF documents.  You can create password-protected documents in just a couple of clicks. Upon PDF creation, Able2Extract 11 provides a complete document encryption and decryption toolkit, designed to keep your documents safe. This is a new and much needed feature that helps you configure passwords and share your documents more securely.

With Able2Extract’s 11 upgraded PDF editing engine you can quickly edit text, remove sentences, change font size, color and much more. Now you can add images to a document without converting it to other file format. In this latest version, you can also add vector shapes and even your own images. Some of the supported file types are: jpg, bmp, jpeg, png, gif and more. Another brand new feature is the redaction option which will permanently blacken out sensitive information from your documents, allowing you to securely share it online.

As in all previous versions, with Able2Extract Pro 11 you’ll be able to convert your PDF documents to a wide range of editable file formats. The tool is empowered with an improved OCR engine that enables you to convert scanned PDF documents with ease. Simply open your PDF, select the area of the content and click on the desired format. Able2Extract 11 supports more than 10 file conversions.  One of the biggest features in the latest release, PDF annotations allow you to more easily collaborate on PDFs. Easily add various annotations to your existing document, using an intuitive annotations panel.

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