The King of Thailand – Eight Areas of Accomplishment

King of Thailand Eight Areas of Accomplishment

This article was published on December 5th 2015 which is the 88th Birthday of the King of Thailand.  The King of Thailand has accomplished great things in eight areas, organized alphabetically, including (1) art, (2) economic development, (3) history, (4) international recognition (5) length of service, (6) national unification, (7) philosophy and (8) science:

1) The King is a man of many skills in the arts, including jazz, musical composition, and writing.

1King of Thailand - Art

2) The royal development projects have helped countless Thais economically in many areas including crop substitution, distance learning, drought and flood alleviation, farming, irrigation, and public health.

2King of Thailand - Economic Development

3) The King of Thailand is the main reason that Thailand historically has been stable while communist strife cursed its neighbors including Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam.

3King of Thailand - History

4) The King has received international recognition. The King has been given over 30 foreign honors, over 40 international awards and over 30 international academic degrees.

4King of Thailand - International Recognition

5) King Bhumibol Adulyadej has served the Thai nation tirelessly and unselfishly since 1946. The Kling of Thailand is the world’s longest-serving head of state.

5King of Thailand - Length of Service

6) The King of Thailand has been a symbol and touchstone of Thailand that has created a nation that is united. As a symbol of unity, the King has protected Thailand from external enemies and internal strife!

6King of Thailand - National Unity

7) The King is a philosopher that has promoted the idea of a sufficiency economy. In an era of mindless and ecologically destructive consumerism, the promotion of a sufficiency economy is a welcome choice for national development. The Thai people love their King in a way that I think is difficult for foreigners to understand.

7King of Thailand - Philosopher


8) The King is also skilled in the sciences and has numerous patents including patents for rain making.

8King of Thailand - Science

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